Detox your Body, Renew your Spirit

Detox your Body, Renew your Spirit

Homeopathic Detox & Drainage Formula Helps Reset your Health

Need help with shaking off that winter sluggishness, taking control of your health, and preparing for the change of seasons? Spring is just around the corner. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is the organ that is most sensitive in the spring. This is why now is an ideal time to detoxify the liver and other vital organs and reboot your body to be ready for the fun and demands of the approaching outdoor seasons.

Love your Liver — Why I Detox at Least Twice a Year

The liver helps recycle blood cells, removing toxins from the blood and regulating blood sugar levels. When the liver is congested, we can feel many symptoms such as fatigue, pain, digestive issues, inflammation, seasonal allergies, and skin sensitivities.

Detox Escort is one of the first remedies we added to our store. We researched its ingredients and tried it ourselves. I very quickly experienced how I was able to breathe better, how my skin looked more even, how signs of inflammation started to disappear, and for me — what was most important — how, when allergy season started, my symptoms were markedly milder and more quickly controlled.

Detox Escort — Homeopathic Whole Body Detox

natural homeopathic detoxification and drainage
Detox Escort
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Detox Escort is a complete drainage formula, stimulating and cleansing all key emunctory organs. These are the organs that carry off waste and include primary and secondary emunctories such as the liver, large and small intestine (colon is the more common name for large intestine), kidneys, lungs, skin, mucous membranes, and our lymphatic and reproductive system. The ingredients in Detox Escort assist these organs in purging toxins, acids, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other inflammation causing agents and activate them to work more efficiently again.

A homeopathic detox is the ideal preparation for the challenges of the change of seasons. It helps reduce allergic reactions, sinus infections, digestive problems, joint pain, and more. Take 15 to 20 drops in the morning and evening for up to 6 weeks. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and plan for an increased amount of sleep.

Combine Detox Escort with your Allergy Regimen

The use of Detox Escort 2 to 4 times a year assists with the relief of many chronic conditions. Because Detox Escort is my trusted friend every spring to prepare for the onslaught of allergens in the air, this article highlights how it can be combined with our popular allergy remedies, Allergy Escape and Thymuline.

Start your detox as early as possible in the late winter/early spring when your allergy symptoms are mild or don’t yet appear. Many of us suffer from allergies and breathing problems year-round. If so, detox several times a year for up to 6 weeks. Take 15 to 20 drops when getting up and before going to sleep. It is optimal to take homeopathic remedies at least 5 minutes before or after eating and to put the drops under your tongue for quick absorption by the capillaries in your mouth.

Allergy Escape — Popular Homeopathic Allergy Mouth Spray

Allergy Escape
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Add Allergy Escape as soon as you experience your first allergy symptoms — congestion, sniffles, itching, and swelling. Spray 2 squirts under your tongue 3 times a day or when needed. Allergy Escape is formulated so you can take it as often as needed, but regular use 3 times a day may be all you need. Reduce frequency upon improvement.

Thymuline — Homeopathic Immune System Booster

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On a weekly or, for severe symptoms, semiweekly basis, take 5 squirts of Thymuline, the unique homeopathic immune system support remedy. Thymuline, whose name is derived from the Thymus glad, supports the thymus which is an important immune system organ situated in the neck and fighting intruders. Regular use helps boost your body’s defenses against allergies, cold & flu viruses, and other disease causing agents.

Homeopathic Solutions for your Allergy Problems

Allergy Escape
Allergy Escape
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Allergy Escape & Thymuline Combo
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homeopathic allergy relief kit
Allergy Defense Kit
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Clean Food and Exercise

To complement your detox and spring health program, adopt a 7-10 day clean food program. Eat lots of organic fruits, vegetables, and fiber rich foods. Avoid alcohol, coffee, smoking, refined sugars, saturated fats, wheat, and red meat. Get regular exercise, drink plenty of fluids during the day, and rest up!

More Helpful Info for your Detox

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