4 Yoga Poses to Detox and Cleanse the Body

The main tools your body uses to detoxify the organs and the bloodstream are the circulatory and lymphatic system. Twisted and inverted yoga poses flush out these systems, ridding the body of unwanted toxins. After completing the practice, drink a couple of large glasses of water to help your body expel the toxins.


  • Come into tabletop pose with your arms outstretched beneath your shoulders, fingers spread wide, and knees touching the floor directly below your hips.
  • Press the tops of your feet into the floor and push the crown of your head away from your seat, creating a straight line from your head to your tailbone.
  • On an inhale, arch your back and look towards the ceiling.
  • On the exhale, slowly begin rounding your back from the tailbone up, pulling your navel in.
  • Return to the arch on the inhale, and continue for 3 or 4 breaths.

Three-legged Dog

  • Come into a downward dog position, with your hands and legs outstretched, hips reaching towards the sky and palms and feet in full contact with the floor.
  • Bring your left foot towards the middle and raise your right leg behind you. Remain for two or three breaths, then release on an exhale.
  • Pedal your feet in downward dog for a few breaths, then place your right foot in the middle, and raise your left leg to the sky. Remain for two or three breaths, then pedal your feet after returning to downward dog.

Chair Twist

  • Stand with your feet together, toes touching and a hair of a space between your heels.
  • Inhale and reach your arms above your head, exhale your seat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your back straight, your head and neck long, and your seat behind your heels.
  • Bring your hands together at the heart.
  • Inhale and keep your torso lifted as you turn your body to the right, placing the outside of the left elbow on the outside of the right knee.
  • Keep your hips aligned as you remain in this position for 2 breaths.
  • Return to center on an exhale, then inhale your torso to the other side for 2 breaths on the left side.

Shoulder Stand into Plow

  • Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Pull your knees towards your chest, then push the legs up as you begin to point the toes towards the ceiling. As you raise your legs you can use your arms to support your torso.
  • Take one full breath, then begin to slowly lower your legs over your head, reaching the feet to the floor above your head.
  • Your feet may or may not reach the floor, depending on your familiarity with the pose. Remember to keep your feet flexed and your neck long.
  • To come out of the plow, bend your knees, and use your hands to slowly lower yourself to a bent knee reclining position.
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