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Bone & Teeth Health Cell Salts - 60 ml
Bone & Teeth Health Cell SaltsNEW LOOK! 1 b...
Peacefulí Anxiousness Spray
Homeopathic Anxiousness Spray For the natural r...
Mushroom Master Blend Liquid Extract with Ashwagandha
Powerful Mushroom complex with fresh Ashwagandh...
Dental Health & Emergency Cell Salts Kit
Dental Health & Emergency Cell Salts KitNat...
Fatigue Fighter Bundle
Fatigue Fighter Bundle
$74.69 $79.69
Beat fatigue with adaptogen blend Mushroom Mast...
Cell Salt Magnesia Phosphorica #8
Cell Salt Mag Phos #8 Content: Lactose-free ora...
Virus Defense
Virus Defense
For natural support and to increase your body's...
Cellergy - 12 Cell Salts Combination - 60 ml
CellergyNEW SIZE! 60 ml bottle or 2-month suppl...
Whole Body Detox Kit
Whole Body Detox Kit
$62.85 $66.85
Full body detox kit with homeopathic remedy Det...
Liquid Vitamin B Complex
High absorption vegan Vitamin B Complex with al...
Skin Nourishing Cell Salts Kit
Skin Nourishing Cell Salts KitHomeopathic tissu...
Cold & Flu Bundle
Cold & Flu Bundle
$69.85 $74.85
Contains Virus Defense, Cold Armor, and CoxiFl...
Bone & Teeth Health Cell Salts – Lactose and Sugar-free 60 ml Oral Spray

Bone & Teeth Health Cell Salts – New 60 ML Oral Spray

Get the convenience of 3 cell salts in one bottle. Our Bone & Teeth Health Cell Salts spray combines Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, and Silica to support your bone and teeth health; we've packed all the goodness into one easy-to-use 60 ml spray.
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3 Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

3 Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of wellness with a gift card from HomeopathyStore, combine it with a delicious dessert, and let your loved one know just why you think they are so special.
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The Beauty Mineral: 6 Benefits of Silica for Your Skin

The Beauty Mineral: 6 Benefits of Silica for Your Skin

Help improve your skin's health and appearance with our 6 secrets behind the beauty mineral Silica. Learn the science behind what makes this cell salt so beneficial for your skin.
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Homeopathy Store - Buy Homeopathic Remedies and Schuessler Cell Salts Online
Our Story Meet Anna and your HomeopathyStore team! We choose only the highest quality remedies — made here in the U.S. — for our product catalogue and understand every ingredient in them. We know w...
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Velvety Squash Soup
Soothing and appetizing this delicious creamy soup will truly leave you wanting for more. This Velvety Squash Soup is low on calories but is so creamy that you won’t feel guilty having it. This is...
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Natural Allergy Relief
What are Allergies?  Image courtesy of Alan L. Allergies are are among the most common medical disorders. It is estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from some form of allergy. An allergy o...
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Testimonials from our Customers!

online homeopathic flu medicine

"The Allergy Escape spray really helps. I am more free of tissues and constant nose-blowing than I have ever been before! Thank you."

– Jojo, OR


homeopathic flu vaccination

"I recently was introduced to homeopathy and have been very pleased with the results of the products. I was a little skeptical about these little pellets, but they are super effective. I've utilized the Sinus Relief and the Acid Reflux Relief remedies and have passed them on to family and friends. Thanks HomeopathyStore!“

– Charlotte, MD


homeopathic flu prevention

“I used Sinus Relief this weekend. I had horrible sinus pressure that I was sure was going to turn into a cold. Between Sinus Relief and Vitamin C, I kicked it. I also really like the Motion Sickness Relief remedy. I get light headed / dizzy after driving more than 4 hours. Not a traditional motion sickness to the stomach. The pellets absolutely relieve the symptoms.”

– Jim, GA

Homeopathic Store

Whether you’re coming down with a cold or simply want to boost your immune system, buying natural remedies from a homeopathic store is a beneficial first step. As an area of expertise dealing with alternative medicine, our online homeopathy store prioritizes putting natural ingredients into the body. This way, when you order homeopathic medicine online, you know you’re using only the cleanest materials the planet offers to foster better health.

HomeopathyStore sells natural remedies for the cold & flu, stress, anxiety, headaches, allergies, and much more! We stand by our mission to provide individuals with high-quality homeopathic medicines that you can rely on to ease common ailments. Browse our homeopathic medicine store online, and discover products made in the U.S. with the finest ingredients available to support your family’s optimal health. Additionally, feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our premium remedies and cell salts.

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