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Meet Anna and your HomeopathyStore team! We choose only the highest quality remedies — made here in the U.S. — for our product catalogue and understand every ingredient in them. We know who prepares, packages, and labels each individual remedy and use or research it widely before including and describing it extensively for you at Read more


homeopathic treatment for influenza

Homeopathy combines the power of nature and our body's own healing propensities to prepare effective yet gentle remedies for the majority of everyday ailments. First announced by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, the therapeutic benefits of homeopathy have been proven time and again. Read more

Single Remedies

We offer one of the largest selections of homeopathic single remedies available. Choose from close to 100 frequently used single remedies on our website, or contact us about hard to find and high potency singles. Shop singles remedies or read more. 

Schuessler Cell Salts

Looking for lactose-free liquid cell salts? Dr. Schuessler's popular wellness system known around the world and highly recommended by the complementary and holistic health community is available here at Homeopathy Store in form of lactose-free, liquid, kosher, and vegan oral sprays. Shop cell salts or read more.

Combination Remedies

Homeopathic combination or complex remedies are very successful in treating recurring and chronic illnesses and conditions caused by modern lifestyle choices and an increasingly polluted environment. Shop combination remedies or read more.

Interesting Facts

Read inspiring facts about homeopathy and quotes by famous supporters. Read more

Homeopathy & the Environment

homeopathic flu medicineHomeopathy is a natural, sustainable, non-polluting, and humane system of medicine. A body-friendly and eco-friendly healthcare solution for the entire family! Read more



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