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Anna founded HomeopathyStore in 2010 to offer a beautiful online store and high-quality education platform for natural health enthusiasts.

Today, HomeopathyStore presents one of the largest selections of single remedies, Schuessler cell salts, and exceptional combination remedies. HomeopathyStore also specializes in lactose-free and liquid homeopathic remedies and cell salts ideal for people with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.

Anna’s commitment to homeopathy comprises more than 30 years of using and studying homeopathic and natural remedies and over 15 years of working with natural pharmacies in the U.S. to share the benefits of their pure products and their dedication to people’s wellness and the health of our planet. Read more about Anna.

We work with established, FDA-regulated manufacturers in the U.S. and a team of homeopaths, naturopaths, and homeopathic pharmacists. All remedies use only the highest quality natural raw materials and are formulated with greatest attention to detail and the homeopathic approach. AnnaKare, formerly known as Anna's Remedies, is HomeopathyStore's own brand, compounded in the Heartland of the U.S. in accordance with our homeopathic pharmacy's standard of excellence and three decades of experience in hand-succussing homeopathic remedies.

Every remedy in our store has been extensively tested for safety and effectiveness and manufactured in the U.S. in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). Each remedy has also been used or widely researched by your Homeopathy Store team.

We know who makes, packages, and labels our remedies and can explain every ingredient included in our remedies. We do not stop asking and choose to include only the best available remedies in our product catalog.

We are also dedicated to excellent customer service and presenting first-rate information about the benefits of homeopathy and other natural healing modalities.

When you call or email us with your questions, you can expect a detailed response within 24 hours directly from or reviewed by Anna.

Thank you for visiting our store! More questions? Email Anna now.

All remedies are proudly made in the U.S.