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Are you a practitioner, influencer, or wellness store owner committed to the therapeutic approach of natural remedies? Do you want to share good health with your clients, followers, and customers and get paid for your knowledge and expertise?

HomeopathyStore is known for quality USA-made homeopathic and herbal remedies and highly bioavailable liquid vitamins and minerals. That is why many of our small business clients and wellness entrepreneurs sign up for our Affiliate Marketing and Wholesale programs. Contact us today!

Here are reasons why HomeopathyStore stands out as offering the best homeopathic remedies available.

  • We steer away from excessive additives. From our Schuessler Cell Salts to our liquid vitamins and herbal remedies, you can read our ingredients and feel confident that our high-quality products are something you want to offer your customers and clients. Further, we seek ingredients that are organic, lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan.
  • All our products are manufactured with great care in the USA.
  • AnnaKare products are easy to use and absorb readily for gentle yet effective results.
  • Our prices are affordable. We believe natural healing should be easily accessible and wish to share good health with the community.

HomeopathyStore offers two ways you can offer our quality products to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing: Add links to our products on your website and to your social media posts, and we pay you a commission on sales.

Wholesale Purchasing of AnnaKare Products: Buy our AnnaKare sprays and drops in bulk at a discount.

Affiliate Marketing with HomeopathyStore

It’s a win-win! Share links so that your fans and visitors can purchase HomeopathyStore products.

  • Your customers and followers can purchase quality homeopathic remedies, herbal and nutritional supplements, and digital products. No fuss for you, we do all the processing and shipping.
  • HomeopathyStore will track the clicks. When one of your visitors makes a purchase, we will pay you a commission of 15% of net sales. Payments are made at the beginning of each month and include an analysis report of sales from your links.

You can link to our homepage and/or specific product page(s). The second half of the link can be customized with your company information. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our popular Affiliate Marketing Program.

Wholesale Purchasing of AnnaKare Products

Are you a healthcare practitioner or wellness store owner interested in reselling HomeopathyStore’s AnnaKare products? We would love to work with you!

For a wholesale account, please contact us or fill out a reseller application here. We will get back with you soon!

Call: (888) 405-7551

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