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Posted on August 14, 2016 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

Cell Salts — Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments, Increased Wellness, and Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Did you know that Schuessler cell salts include the 12 mineral compounds found in nature that are absolutely essential to our body’s functions? The set of 12 natural remedies is praised around the world and recommended by alternative and complementary health practitioners. By supporting the body’s mineral balance on a cellular level, Schuessler cell salts help with a multitude of everyday health concerns, more energy, and less stress and anxiety.

The 12 Cell Salts by Dr. Schuessler

The 12 cell salts also known as Schuessler salts, tissue salts, or mineral salts were first identified by German physician Dr. Wilhelm H. Schuessler (1821-1898) who studied ash residue of human cells and discovered that human cells contain 12 mineral salts that are key to our health.

Every organ in the body is composed of cells, and healthy cells are the foundation of our well-being. Cell salts include forms of calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, and silica — all necessary for optimal health and ease. Many of the health problems experienced today are because our body is deprived of one or more of the minerals contained in the cell salts. The use of cell salts helps to rebuild organ and tissue cells and works to balance your body while helping you feel more naturally well and energized.

Popular & Safe System of Wellness

The cell salts are a popular and safe wellness system worldwide. They are made with the highest quality raw materials, prepared homeopathically,  and absorbed by your mucous membranes — not your digestive system, which makes them gentle yet effective and their benefits quickly available to the body. This is why they come recommended by natural health practitioners and are loved by home prescribers.

At HomeopathyStore, we offer cell salts as tablets, prepared in the traditional way Dr. Schuessler used to prepare his cell salts. We also offer liquid sprays prepared as dietary supplements for people with food sensitivities and dietary preferences. Our liquid sprays are LACTOSE FREE, GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE, KOSHER, PARVE, AND VEGAN. They are made with steam distilled water and pure organic, kosher alcohol.

The Benefits of Cell Salts

The cell salts can be grouped in 4 segments: 1) 3 Calcium salts, 2) 3 Potassium salts, 3) 3 Sodium salts, and 4) Iron, Magnesium, and Silica. They support — and this is only a compressed list of benefits healthy bones, teeth, and veins; mucous membranes, nerves, energy, and sleep. They are beneficial to the digestive system, pancreas, kidneys, and establish water-electrolyte balance within the body. Cell salts nourish the blood, muscles, skin, hair, and nails.

Natural and holistic Schussler Cell salt remedies for the entire family
Schuessler Cell Salts
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Cell Salts Kit
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Below is a more detailed list, but it is important to know that the benefits of the 12 cell salts go even further:

Calcium Cell Salts

Calcium Fluoride (also called Calcarea Fluorica or Calc Fluor) is recommended for thinning and injured bones, sensitive teeth, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. Also for the development of healthy bones and teeth in children. Prepared like a homeopathic remedy, the fluoride in Calc. Fluor. is safe, gentle, and effective. Calc Fluor also supports the nervous system and combats fatigue, particularly in the morning.

Calcium Phosphate (also called Calcarea Phosphorica or Calc Phos) is the must-have cell salt for all ages. It supports the absorption of nutrients from food and fights vitamin D deficiency. It is excellent for the immune system and helps regain energy after an illness. Calc Phos assists with the recovery from injuries and overuse of bones and muscles and deals with neuralgic pains. Also improves memory and alleviates anxiety.

Calcium Sulphate (also called Calcarea Sulphurica or Calc Sulph) is excellent whenever there is pus formation and speeds the healing of skin conditions — including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. It also helps recover from colds, coughs, and sinusitis. On the emotional level, Calc Sulph supports people who are moody and often complaining.

cell salt Calc Fluor
Calcium Fluoride
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cell salt Calc Phos
Calcium Phosphate
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cell salt Calc Sulph
Calcium Sulphate
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Potassium Cell Salts

Potassium Chloride (also called Kali Muriaticum or Kali Mur) is beneficial wherever there is white, mealy secretion such as a white coated tongue, white discharge from a cold, cough, or sinus infection, and also white blisters and burns. Can be used externally as a first aid remedy after a burn. Kali Mur is important for a healthy brain and helps people who toss and turn in their sleep.

Potassium Phosphate (also called Kali Phosphoricum or Kali Phos) is known as the nerve-supporting cell salt. It alleviates anxiety, mental exhaustion, and depression and helps people who are shy and do not want to mix and talk with others. Kali Phos is great for mental and physical exhaustion and anybody who needs a mental boost. Also helps with insomnia.

Potassium Sulphate (also called Kali Sulphuricum or Kali Sulph) helps clear up severe mucus and skin inflammations including yellow discharge from coughs, colds, and boils. Great for fungal and yeast infections and healthy nails and hair. Emotionally, Kali Sulph supports people who are timid and tend to worry and wake up frequently and too early.

cell Kali Mur
Potassium Chloride
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cell salt Kali Phos
Potassium Phosphate
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cell salt Kali Sulph

Sodium Cell Salts

Sodium Chloride (also called Natrum Muriaticum or Nat Mur) helps regulate water levels within the cells, and a deficiency of this salt or mineral makes itself seen and felt the fastest in the mucous membranes, bowels, and skin. It helps relieve hay fever, sore throat, dry eyes, dry cuticles, dandruff, constipation, and migraines. On the emotional level, Nat Mur helps deal with grief, high sensitivity, melancholia in puberty, weak memory, and all forms of exhaustion from intellectual overwork.

Sodium Phosphate (also called Natrum Phosphoricum or Nat Phos) is an acid neutralizer and helps establish a proper pH balance in the body. Nat Phos alleviates heartburn, gas, indigestion, also baby colic, and acidity in the joints which can result in rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Sodium Sulphate (also called Natrum Sulphuricum or Nat Sulph) is responsible for eliminating waste water from the cells. It stimulates the action of the liver, pancreas, and intestines and is recommended as a liver cleanse and for diabetes sufferers. It helps deal with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, the flu, and also edema and gout. Nat Sulph is the main ingredient in therapeutic waters from natural springs such as in Carlsbad, Marienbad, and the Ilse of Wight.

cell salt Nat Mur
Sodium Chloride
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cell salt Nat Phos
Sodium Phosphate
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cell salt Nat Sulph

Iron, Magnesium, and Silica Cell Salts

Iron Phosphate (also called Ferrum Phosphoricum or Ferr Phos) is the first remedy to think of for any kind of inflammation, including colds, coughs, fevers, injuries to muscles and joints, and wounds. It also helps to recover from surgery and a visit to the dentist. Cell salt Ferr Phos assists people who need encouragement.

Magnesium Phosphate (also called Magnesium Phosphoricum or Mag Phos) is the cell salt for pain, especially nerve-related pain, shooting pain, and muscle spasms. It is recommended for cramps including menstrual pains and leg cramps, tooth aches, and babies’ pain from teething. Mag Phos is the cell salt that is best administered dissolved in warm water.

Silica (also called Silicea) is recommended for healthier skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue. It helps eliminate foreign matters such as a splinter, breaks up abscesses, strengthens hair, and helps firm and tone muscles. It alleviates too much perspiration and athlete’s foot. Silica also supports the nervous system and helps build grit if you tend to anxiety and fearfulness.

cell salt Ferr Phos
Iron Phosphate
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cell salt Mag Phos
Magnesium Phosphate
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cell salt Silicea or Silica

Bioplasma — All 12 Cell Salts in one Combination Remedy

A combination of all 12 cell salts is available and called Bioplasma. It is the “all in one” homeopathic cell salt remedy that is ideal for traveling or during your workout. The convenience of having all 12 cell salts in one bottle comes especially handy while jogging or at the gym. Bioplasma helps keep the levels of minerals in our cells and body balanced, increases energy, boosts the immune system, and makes probably the best natural electrolyte drink during and after strenuous exercise or mental exhaustion.

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Health and Energy Drinks with Electrolytes

Cell salts dissolve quickly in your mouth and in a glass of water. While working out, enjoy an Bioplasma drink! Sip along all day, or prepare yourself a warm drink with your favorite cell salt or combination of salts before going to sleep. Natural health practitioners swear by the benefits of warm or hot cell salt drinks. It may sound too good to believe, but it is absolutely true: Cell salts make incredibly quick, tasty, and affordable health drinks for young and old!

More Cell Salts Wellness Tips

Another great way to enjoy cell salts: Put them in your bath water, and absorb the minerals via your pores and skin. Stay tuned for more cell salt wellness tips in our eNewsletter!

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