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Combination Remedies

Active homeopathic ingredients have first been combined into one remedy as early as 1813. Since then, doctors and homeopaths continued to blend single remedies into highly effective combination formulas.

Homeopathic combination remedies, also called complex remedies, have proven very successful when treating recurring and chronic conditions. In addition, modern lifestyle choices and an increasingly polluted environment have led to a more complex symptom picture for many cases of illness. When more than one body function has been derailed, combination remedies using numerous ingredients achieve amplified action and bring fast relief.

HomeopathyStore.com specializes in finding and creating combination remedies that blend and balance several ingredients for optimal effect. All formulas benefit from Homeopathy's 200 years of practice, and many target modern-day ailments. Each remedy is tested for safety and effectiveness so it can serve the entire family and be taken as soon as we need it on empty stomachs, behind the wheel, and during performance situations.

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