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Homeopathic single remedies

The homeopathic pharmacopoeia contains over 1,000 single remedies based on natural mineral, botanical, and biological substances. 

Some of the best known homeopathic single remedies are Arnica montana for injuries and bruises, Arsenicum album for upset stomach and diarrhea, Chamomilla for a baby’s teething pains, Ignatia for stress and performance anxiety, and Nux vomica for heartburn.

Homeopathy Store offers a wide range of single remedies from the most popular polychrest remedies to rare and hard to find singles. Close to 100 of frequently used single remedies are described on our site highlighting their main uses and indications. 

Our single remedies are available as pellets and liquid oral sprays. All are prepared in our FDA-certified and gluten-free facility here in the U.S. Both pellets and liquid sprays are certified Kosher by KOF-K and free of lactose. Our pellets are made of GMO-free sucrose and corn starch. Our liquid sprays are made with steam distilled water and organic, Kosher alcohol. 

Single remedies come in several different potencies. X and C potencies are available as pellets and liquid sprays. LM potencies are only available in form of liquid sprays.

For single remedies not listed on our site or remedies in higher potencies, such as M and CM potencies, send us a message or call us at (888) 405-7551.

Do you have questions about which potency to take? See our potency guide to find out how to choose among Homeopathy's three most popular potencies.

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