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Allergy Defense Kit

Allergy Defense Kit

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Contains Allergy Escape, Thymuline, and Detox Escort. Use Allergy Escape to relieve allergic reactions; use Thymuline to strengthen a weakened and over-reacting immune system; use Detox Escort to cleanse mucous membranes and reduce inflammation.*

Content: 80 pellets each



Allergy Escape  is a natural mouth spray and careful blend of homeopathic ingredients relieving allergy and hay fever symptoms and a multitude of hypersensitivities to seasonal and environmental intruders. Thymuline is a natural immunity booster. Detox Escort is our popular homeopathic cleansing formula that helps clear sinuses, mucous membranes, and the lymphatic system and to lower inflammatory markers.

The 3 remedies represent a complete natural allergy defense kit to help you breathe, feel, and sleep better during allergy season and all year long.

Use Allergy Escape 3 times a day or as needed when symptoms appear. Reduce frequency upon improvement. Add Thymuline 1 to 2 times a week for immune system support. Use Detox Escort in the morning and evening before or during allergy season.


Allergy Escape:
Spray 2 to 3 squirts under tongue 3 times per day or as needed. Children 2 to 12 years of age use half of adult dose or 1 to 2 squirts. Allow liquid to remain in mouth for 15 seconds before swallowing. Shake bottle well before each use.

Turn tube upside down. Twist cap to break the seal, or peel off the small portion of the label along the perforated line. Hold tube vertically and keep twisting cap to release the desired number of pellets.
Using clear cap, place 3-5 pellets to dissolve under your tongue once or twice a week during allergy season or year-round.

Detox Escort:
For optimal results, detox for 6 weeks at least 2 times a year. Take 15 to 20 drops 2 times a day directly into your mouth or mix with a few tablespoons of water in a small glass. Allow liquid to remain in mouth for 15 seconds before swallowing. Children under 12 years of age use half of the adult dose or as directed by your doctor. Shake bottle well before each use.

Take all homeopathic remedies away from food or drinks. To preserve purity avoid touching pellets with fingers.

For optimal absorption, you may consider allowing 15 to 30 minutes between the taking of different homeopathic remedies.


Allergy Escape

Active homeopathic ingredients: Allium cepa 8X, Apis mel. 8X, Drosera 8X, Euphrasia 8X, Histaminum 8X, Urtica urens 8C
Inactive ingredients: Purified water, glycerin USP, ethanol 10%


Active homeopathic ingredients: Thymuline 9C
Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose

Detox Escort

Active homeopathic ingredients: Aesculus hipp. 6X, Antimonium crudum 6X, Argentum nit. 10X, Arnica mont. 6X, Berberis vulg. 6X, Carbo veg. 9X, Ceanothus americanus 6X, Cholesternium 10X, Cinchona 8X, Cynara 6X, Equisetum arvense 6X, Erigeron canadensis 6X, Fucus ves. 6X, Ginkgo biloba 10X, Hamamelis 6X, Helonias 6X, Hydrastis 6X, Lapa major 6X, Lespedeza capitata 6X, Ranunculus bulb. 4X, Raphanus sat. 6X, Robinia pseudo acacia 10X, Taraxacum off. 6X, Viburnum prun. 6X, Vitis vinifera 6X

Inactive ingredients: DI water, ethyl alcohol 20%

Safety Information

If symptoms persist or worsen or if pregnant or nursing, consult a professional healthcare provider. Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

More Information

See Allergy EscapeThymuline, and Detox Escort for more details about each doctor-formulated remedy and additional information about natural allergy relief, immune system support, and our homeopathic organ and tissue cleanse.

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