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Spring Detox - Natural Homeopathic

Posted on March 15, 2016 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

How to Detox your Body Naturally? Discover an Excellent Way to Cleanse and Strengthen your Body's Core Systems!

Poor eating habits, physical and emotional overexertion, and environmental pollutants may exhaust our body's innate detoxification system. A homeopathic drainage formula together with healthy foods and regular exercise offers an enjoyable way to shed toxins and waste and bring back strength.

External and Internal Toxins

Natural and holistic Homeopathic remedy for cleansing you body of toxins

A toxin is any substance that can create irritating or harmful effects in the body. We differentiate between external and internal toxins. External toxins, such as poisons occurring in nature as well as man-made chemicals and synthetics, find their way into our water and air and ultimately into our bodies. Internal toxins, including intestinal bacteria, yeasts, and parasites, produce metabolic waste products that must be handled efficiently—a process becoming more difficult as we age and as the total load of toxins in our environment increases. In addition, an unvaried diet, physical and mental stress, and an overconsumption of drugs and stimulants may contribute to deposits of waste causing irritation, inflammation, and the blocking of normal cell, organ, and whole body functions.

Signs of Toxicity

When our body gets overloaded with irritating substances, it loses its balance and develops diseases. First signs may include increasing fatigue, excessive sinus problems, recurring headaches, skin problems, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, menstrual disorders, and more.

However, it is possible and invigorating to identify and eliminate harmful substances and habits, avoid life-threatening diseases, and find our way back to a healthy lifestyle. A 6-week natural detoxification or cleansing program is especially beneficial for women preparing for pregnancy and all adults 35 years of age and above. Spring and fall are ideal seasons to embrace new beginnings and a return to natural enjoyments.

Steps to Eliminate Waste, Toxins, and Destructive Habits

This spring, let's get your healthy life back with the following 10 steps and a little help from HomeopathyStore.com:

  1. Slow down for 6 weeks this spring.
  2. Practice a fun, 30-minute exercise routine 5 days per week, preferably outdoors.
  3. Drink at least half a gallon of clean, filtered water every day.
  4. Keep your bowels moving with a tee- to tablespoon of ground flax seed in your morning cereal.
  5. Eat fresh, if possible, organic food including lots of fruits and green vegetables.
  6. Add some garlic, too.
  7. Eat your favorite healthy foods, and finish your biggest meal before 6:00 pm.
  8. Eliminate stress, and make a point of seeing your friends more often.
  9. Avoid or limit your consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.
  10. Sleep a lot.

HomeopathyStore.com's Detox Escort

HomeopathyStore.com's natural homeopathic Detox Escort is an excellent companion during your 6 weeks of cleansing. Detox Escort's homeopathic ingredients stimulate your body's emunctory organs (organs that remove waste from the body) — liver, intestines (large intestine or colon and small intestine), kidneys, lungs, skin, sinuses, and more—and help them carry off waste and stored toxins. For best results, take 15 to 20 drops of Detox Escort's natural liquid formula 2 times per day during your 6-week detoxification period.

Detox Escort supports your

  • liver in filtering waste and neutralizing toxic substances,
  • intestines, large intestine/colon and small intestine, to transport waste out of the body and avoid the re-circulation of toxins into the organism also called auto-intoxication,
  • kidneys to filter the blood and remove waste as urine,
  • skin in disposing of toxins via sweat and sebum,
  • lungs in supplying your body cells with fresh oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide waste,
  • sinuses and mucous membranes to improve their filtering and moisturizing function.

You and Homeopathy

Here is a special detox tip from HomeopathyStore.com: As often as your schedule permits, add a 20-minute afternoon nap to your 6-week cleansing program. Naps relax, improve mood and alertness and performance.

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