11 Healthy Ideas to Make the Most of Your Time While Keeping Up Social Distancing

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11 Healthy Ideas to Make the Most of Your Time While Keeping Up Social Distancing

Homeopathic & Natural Remedies Recommended during the Pandemic

The global pandemic is still impacting and changing the way we live, work, learn, exercise, and have fun. We hope you and your families are staying well and safe. At HomeopathyStore, we are happy we can provide excellent natural remedies that support our bodies’ immune system and help fight cold and flu symptoms. Below, also find 11 healthy ideas to make the most of the time at home, pamper yourself and your family, and see this challenging period in our lives as an opportunity to come out stronger than ever before.

Homeopathic Remedy for Viral Infections

As soon as the new Coronavirus threat was declared an epidemic, we at HomeopathyStore — together with our homeopaths and naturopaths — formulated a remedy to combat and relieve viral infections with the homeopathic remedies best known to deal with fever, weakness, and respiratory tract infections, and a particular focus on coughing and lung health. Our remedy Virus Defense with its natural antiviral properties is recommended at the onset of symptoms as well as several times per week — daily or whenever you leave the house and immediate family — for natural protection.

Virus Defense
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4 Must-Have Natural Remedies to Fight Cold & Flu Symptoms

Infl 9C & Thym 9C are two popular energy formulas made with the energetic signatures of the homeopathic remedies Influenzinum (flu virus strains) and Thymuline (immune system balancer). Each is taken at least once a week for flu protection. During a severe flu season or a pandemic, both remedies are recommended 2 to 3 times a week. The annually updated Infl 9C comes with Thym 9C as Infl & Thym Combo and is highly recommended by natural health care practitioners. 

Influenzinum and Thymuline
Infl & Thym Combo
Influenzinum & Thymuline

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The new virus attacks the lower respiratory tract. Cold Armor was formulated with all cold symptoms in mind, but specifically to relieve coughing and bronchial congestion. It includes Belladonna, Ferrum Phosphoricum, and Kali bichromicum — must-have remedies to support the respiratory system at the onset of symptoms and to help avoid complications. Take as soon as you feel a sore throat or congestion coming on for relief, support with breathing and restful sleep.

CoxiFlu, also known as Oscillococcinum, is homeopathy’s #1 acute flu remedy. It is often recommended for high fever and extreme weakness to be taken as soon as symptoms appear. However, during a severe flu season and especially during a global virus outbreak, one dose of CoxiFlu weekly as a precautionary measure is an excellent idea.

Cold Armot
Cold Armor
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We offer our leading natural flu remedies bundled for even more savings. Our Natural Flu Relief Kit includes Influenzinum 2020-2021, Thymuline, and CoxiFlu, and our Cold & Flu Relief Pack contains all three flu remedies plus Cold Armor. Our 4-piece pack always ships for FREE.

Homeopathic Remedies that Improve Your Overall Well Being

The global health crisis highlighted the need for all of us to become more serious about strengthening our overall health and invigorating our immune system. A homeopathic detox can help with exactly that! Detoxing stands for cleansing, resetting, and revitalizing the body from the inside out. It is like a clean slate. As the holidays approach, consider taking just a little bit more time for yourself and your loved-ones. Rest, cook, eat healthy, and indulge in a homeopathic detox that doesn't affect your daily routine and still provides all the benefits of a thorough organ cleanse, improves digestion, and helps your body perform better overall.

Detox Escort
Detox Escort
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Detox Escort is a meticulously formulated homeopathic remedy that encourages the body’s elimination centers such as liver, colon, lungs, lymphatic system, and more to remove waste and blockages and invigorate vital organs. It improves the 6 basic life processes (metabolism, responsiveness, movement, growth, differentiation, reproduction), increases energy, and sets the stage for feeling better than ever. A homeopathic detoxification is recommended at least two times per year for 3 to 6 weeks.

To complement Detox Escort and use year-round to optimize bodily functions and your overall health, Cellergy is a liquid fast-absorbing mineral formula. It contains the 12 vital cell salts as defined over 100 years ago by German Dr. Schuessler, including three forms of calcium, potassium, and sodium, magnesium, iron, and silica. Cellergy replenished the body with the most important minerals to help it absorb more vitamins and nutrients from your food.

Cellergy - 12 Cell Salts Combination
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11 Ideas to Stay Healthy and Fit While Social Distancing

  1. Try a New Workout

    There is no better time than now to find new workout routines that you can do on your own. Have you been thinking about walking daily or committing to a running schedule? Have you always wanted to try yoga? Now is the time! Join free online yoga programs and begin by dedicating a certain time every day to staying or getting more fit.

  2. Meditate & Practice Breathing Exercises

    Since in some areas, especially in big cities, it is best again to stay primarily indoors, meditation and the practice of breathing exercises are an excellent idea and teach us to remain calm, centered, and positive. Start a meditation practice or work on strengthening the one you already have. Check here for a relaxing breathing practice.

  3. Do Some Walking Everyday

    That fact that we can’t go many places means that we are a lot less active on an overall level, so start walking more! And do it every day. If it gets too boring, change the route and try to seek out some beautiful nature spots. You’ll never know what local gem you’ve been missing out on. Look for a trail that is less popular and stay 6 feet away from other hikers. Here is a spot I found.
    nature photo by HomeopathyStore
  4. Cook New Recipes

    Assuming you can find all of the ingredients you need, this is a great opportunity to really learn new recipes and fine-tune your cooking skills. Find delicious recipes right here on the HomeopathyStore website.

  5. Make Your Own Masks

    I knew right at the beginning of the pandemic that reusable masks, made of a natural and comfortable fabric that can be washed easily, would be an excellent idea and give me and my family more comfort when running essential errands such as buying groceries. In early April, I made our first masks. I don’t have a sewing machine so my neighbor added the finishing touches. It took us 45 minutes to make two masks. That means that you can do it too!

    There are many templates and videos online, but looking closely at our photos is probably all you need to do to start your own sewing project! Not in the mood for making masks? Don't worry. We now offer tailor-made cotton masks that will keep you safe when out and about and make you look good, too. Check out our limited-edition face coverings made in New York.

    make your own masks project by HomeopathyStore

    make your own masks to protect yourself from the Coronavirus by Homeopathy Store
  6. Start Reading More

    It can be easy to fall into the trap of mindless internet browsing during heightened periods of stress. Be mindful of how much time you spend online and spend more of your time reading. You’ll likely feel better and keep your mind sharp in the process.

  7. Start a Detox

    This is an ideal time to do any kind of detox, and homeopathy provides a very thorough yet gentle and effective way to do it. Now more than ever we want to boost our immune system and be as healthy as we can be. If you want to lay off the junk food and want to get ready for when normal life resumes, start a healthy detox. Read more here about a life-changing homeopathic detox.

  8. Get on a Better Sleep Schedule

    There is nothing getting in your way now from creating a healthy sleep schedule. If you haven’t been getting quality sleep or want to go to sleep earlier, make it a point to begin right now! With gentle exercises and focusing on winding down your chores earlier in the day than usual, now — as we are all reminded to take care of ourselves and many have the opportunity to slow down a little — is the time to do it.

  9. Do a Deep Cleaning

    There’s a million reasons to do a deep cleaning before the holidays. Pull out all the stops and make your surroundings sparkle! You’ll feel much better for a long time to come and you’ll wipe out a lot of germs.

  10. Go All Out on Organizational Projects

    It can be near impossible to find the time to really get as organized as we want, till now! Go all out and organize your house as much as you’ve always wanted it to be.

  11. Decorate and bring home plants and herbs

    From your entrance door to the living room, decorate you home and plant herbs and flowers to lift your and your loved ones mood and spirit. Don't forget, this could be the best holiday season with less stress and surrounded by more family members than ever!

    Holiday decoration ideas by

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