Deep Self-Care with Homeopathic Remedies in the New Year

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Homeopathic remedies for self-care

4 Natural Remedies to Help You Create Healthy Habits in 2021

As cliche as "new year, new you" may sound — there is a lot of truth to it! January marks the start of a new year stemming from the Roman feast of Janus, the god of doorways and new beginnings. And new beginnings we long for even more in 2021 than at most turns of the year in the past. That is also why the start of 2021 represents such an ideal time to deeply reflect on our health, lifestyle, and habits. At HomeopathyStore, we are all about defining healthy habits that help us take good care of ourselves and our families, feel stronger and more resilient, and enable us to live a more active and happy life in regular times and during a global crisis.

The insightful quote by John C.Maxwell sums it up perfectly: "You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

That is why we create natural remedies that

  • spark your body’s natural defenses,
  • provide support on the cellular level,
  • restore mineral and fluid balance,
  • aid digestion and the absorption of vitamins and nutrients,
  • support your exercise program,
  • help you relax and sleep,
  • are easy to take and combine with other routines.

Below find 4 key natural remedies that help you practice restorative self-care in a year of a global health emergency and for all years to come.

Detox Escort is a gentle yet thorough homeopathic detox that cleanses, restores, and stimulates the body's most important organs and waste-elimination systems, including liver, colon, lungs, lymphatic system, and more. Ideal several times per year, especially after indulgences, medications, and vaccinations.

Cellergy is a mineral support remedy, homeopathically compounded to provide you with the 12 most vital minerals in the most agreeable way for the body. It helps you absorb even more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from your food.

Virus Defense is a natural remedy combining homeopathy's best-known antivirals to help increase the body's resilience against viruses, infections, and illnesses. 

Peacefulí is a natural stress buster. It relieves muscles tension and calms the brain and nervous system so you can decelerate worried thoughts, relax, sleep better, and enjoy time with family and friends.

How to Take Detox Escort?

Detox Escort is taken in the morning and evening. Spray 4 squirts directly on or under your tongue. For optimal absorption take it in a mouth free of food or strong flavors a few minutes before or after eating and drinking, water excepted. If you can, detox for 6 weeks, but know that any amount of days or weeks you can dedicate to a detox is beneficial to your waste-elimination system. After 6 weeks, take a break. Detoxing with homeopathy is a rejuvenating habit that can be enjoyed up to 4 times a year. To buy 2 bottles of Detox Escort for a 6-week cleanse, see Detox Escort Duo and save $3.

homeopathic detox and cleanse by Anna's Remedies
Detox Escort
homeopathic detox remedy Detox Escort by Anna's Remedies

How to Take Cellergy?

Cellergy is taken two to three times a day directly in the mouth or squirted into your water bottle. Use two squirts in your mouth per dose or add 10 squirts to your water bottle and sip along all day.

Cellergy by Anna's Remedies is a lactose-free, user-friendly oral spray of the popular and time-tested combination of the 12 cell or tissue salts, vital minerals the body needs to build and renew cells. The cell salts were first analyzed and documented over 100 years ago by German Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler who connected illnesses with the lack of one or more mineral compounds.

Cellergy helps establish mineral balance in the body and take in more nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. Compounded homeopathically, it is absorbed by the mucous membranes and does not cause negative digestive side effects triggered by other mineral supplements.

Cellergy, lactose-free 12 Cell Salts Combination by AnnaKare

Read more about the 12 Schuessler cell salts.

How to take Virus Defense?

Virus Defense is taken 3 times a day (2 squirts) when you feel like coming down with a viral infection, and it can be used several times a week or daily as a precautionary measure to build up your defenses. Ideal during this health crisis and every flu season, take it before you leave the house and run an errand! If you get sick and your symptoms worsen, always immediately contact your doctor.

homeopathic antiviral by Anna's Remedies
Virus Defense
Homeopathic remedy for viral infections by Anna's Remedies

How to take Peacefulí?

Two squirts of Peacefulí are taken three times a day or when needed. Try it an hour before going to sleep or before a stressful situation and repeat it whenever you need more support to relax the body and calm your thoughts. Practicing to appease the mind and lift your mood is an important habit to establish for individual and especially during global stress situations.

vegan homeopathic stress, anxiety, and sleep remedy by Anna's Remedies
Peacefulí, homeopathic remedy for stress, anxiety and sleeplessness by Anna's Remedies


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