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Get Ready for Spring with Schuessler Cell Salts

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

Boost your Metabolism, Increase your Energy Level, and Charge Up for your Spring Fitness Program with these Cell Salt Treatments


Warmer temperatures are just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare your body for an active, fun spring and summer. If you are looking to propel your metabolism or raise your energy level or if you have signed up for a strength building exercise program, check below for the cell salt treatment right for you. Chew 2-3 tablets of each cell salt 3 times a day or dissolve all in water and sip throughout the day. Stick to one routine for approximately 4 weeks and drink plenty of water.

Cell Salts for a Healthy Metabolism

Kali Mur #5, Nat Mur #9, Nat Phos #10, and Nat Sulph #11 help jump-start the digestive system after months of good food and reduced activity. Kali Mur is the remedy for sluggish conditions and helps purify the blood. Nat Mur is responsible for proper fluid balance throughout the body including the digestive system. Nat Phos helps neutralize acids and break down dietary fats. And Nat Sulph supports the liver and removes waste fluids. Feel and look better and lose weight, too, with these four cell salts!

cell salt Kali Mur
Kali Muriaticum
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cell salt Nat Mur
Natrum Muriaticum
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cell salt Nat Phos
Natrum Phosphoricum
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cell salt Nat Sulph
Natrum Sulphuricum
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Cells Salts for Increased Energy

Preparing for a 10K race or just looking to overcome the winter blues? Calc Phos #2, Kali Phos #6, and Mag Phos #8 enhance our energy, concentration, and performance. Calc Phos supports muscles and bones and is an amazing general restorative. Kali Phos nourishes the nervous system and provides the oomph needed to get out and succeed. Mag Phos is key to healthy muscular tissues and relieves sharp pain, cramping, and nerve-related ailments. Ideal pick-me-up treatment for kids, students, stressed adults, and the elderlies.

cell salt Calc Phos
Calcarea Phosphorica
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cell salt Kali Phos
Kali Phosphoricum
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cell salt Mag Phos
Magnesia Phosphorica
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Cell Salts for Vigorous Exercise

Before, during, and after the race or boot camp, make sure to supply your body with these cell salts known to deal with strain and provide quick recovery. Ferr Phos #4 fights inflammation and heals sore muscles. It also carries oxygen in the blood stream to all parts of the body. Kali Phos #6 with its impact on nerves and the brain improves coordination and increases endurance. The fluid balancer Nat Mur #9 helps restore fluids lost to perspiration.

cell salt Ferr Phos
Ferrum Phosphoricum
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cell salt Kali Phos
Kali Phosphoricum
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cell salt Nat Mur
Natrum Muriaticum
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Reminder: Natural Allergy Relief

Our popular mouth spray helps your body defeat seasonal allergies naturally and side effect free. Clears your nose, eyes, and head. Improves your overall well-being to enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer. 

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Please note: Descriptions grounded in homeopathic practice. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Image courtesy of Gareth Williams

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