Homeopathic Whole Body Detox & Cleanse

Homeopathic Whole Body Detox & Cleanse

What is a Homeopathic Detox?

Detoxification with homeopathy is a healthy choice. Acting deeply and gently, it cleanses, restores, and removes blockages in the body's waste elimination process. While the origins of cleansing date back to ancient Egyptian and Ayurvedic healing practices 3000 B.C., detoxing is particularly beneficial in today's world of increased water, air, and soil pollution, elevated use of medications and vaccines, and ever-mounting levels of stress.

Find out how homeopathy can help you dispose of toxins and worries over your and your family's long-term health. It doesn't even require a stringent list of groceries hard to find, but will be enhanced when combined with a healthy diet of responsibly grown vegetables, plenty of clean water to drink, enough sleep, and the use of Schuessler cell salts. 

Homeopathic Remedy Detox Escort

Homeopathic detoxification, often also called drainage, stimulates the elimination centers — liver, intestines including colon, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymphatic system, and more — to revitalize the body's ability to process waste, toxins (natural), and toxicants (man-made). Gentle yet thorough, it invigorates and restores the daily functions of our organs.

Detox Escort helps alleviate and avoid many conditions, such as digestive issues, frequent infections, allergic reactions, respiratory disorders, skin problems, headaches, lack of energy, and other chronic ailments. It also supports your weight loss or weight control program. 

Detox Escort is an easy-to-take oral spray. Use 4 squirts underneath your tongue two times a day for up to six weeks  at least two times a year.

When to Detox


  • After vaccinations, a course of antibiotics, or other medications
  • After a period of poor eating habits
  • After exposure to environmental pollutants
  • To help clear up yeast, fungal, viral, or bacterial infections
  • To reduce high levels of acidity in the body causing conditions like arthritis
  • To cleanse your mucous membranes and prepare for allergy season
  • To support a weight loss plan
  • After a root canal treatment
  • Two times a year as part of your wellness program

What to Expect

  • Decreased pain and sensitivities
  • Improved metabolism and energy
  • Improved respiratory health and breathing
  • Reduced stomach bloating
  • Reduced allergic reactions
  • Clearer skin and scalp
  • Healthy-looking tongue and fresher breath
  • Better sleep

Improvements may begin immediately or toward the end of your detox. Know that a minor temporary aggravation of symptoms can be part of a healthy process of elimination.

Benefits of a Balanced Diet and Schedule

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, already observed that "all disease begins in the gut". Indeed, many chronic ailments start with a sluggish digestive system. Especially while you detox, eat a balanced diet including whole grains, seasonal organic fruits and leafy vegetables, and high-quality proteins. Add some probiotic-rich foods including fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and pickles, organic yogurt, and traditional buttermilk. Cook soups and drink at least half a gallon of water or weak tea per day. Consider reducing the serving size of your meals and increasing the amount of rest you allow yourself each day. And keep moving according to your fitness level and needs.

Support from Schuessler Cell Salts

Finally, don't forget to maintain your body's mineral balance. Schuessler cell salts provide your body with a healthy and subtle amount of the most vital minerals. Unlike regular supplements, cell salts are homeopathically prepared and easily absorbed. They do not cause over-supplementation and help the body take in more nutrients and vitamins from your food.

Fill a glass or water bottle and add 10 squirts of Cellergy, the combination of all 12 Schuessler cell salts (comparable to Hyland's Bioplasma), once or twice a day. Take an extra daily dose of Calc Phos, the cell salt known as a general restorative that supports the metabolism and immune system. Or indulge in all 12 cell salts when purchasing our complete Cell Salts Kits and receive 12 bottles for the price of 10. Homeopathy Store's cell salts come as convenient lactose-free, vegan oral sprays and are compounded in the U.S.

Cellergy, lactose-free & vegan 12 cell salts combination like Hyland's Bioplasma

Calcarea Phosphorica
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Cell Salts Kit
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