Exercises to Relieve PMS

The menstrual cycle is a time of cleansing and rest for the body, however some of the cycle’s negative side effects such as bloating, cramps, fatigue or indigestion (also known as PMS) can be relieved by performing gentle to moderate exercise. These exercises increase circulation in the pelvic area, enabling the body to properly process the extra hormones released during the menstrual cycle.

Seated Hip Stretch

  • Begin seated with your legs straight in front of you. Place your right ankle on top of your left straight leg and breathe as you lean your upper body towards the bent leg. After a couple breaths, release and repeat with the left ankle over the right straight leg.

Gentle Bicycle Abs

  • Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your hands interlaced behind your head. Gently pull your right knee towards your chest as you pull your elbows towards the right knee.
  • Replace the right foot on the floor and repeat with the left knee. Repeat several times.

Hip and Ovary Massage

  • Lying on your back, lift your feet into the air with the knees bent, feet flexed towards the ceiling. Grasp your feet with your hands and rock slowly back and forth, letting the weight of your body gently massage your hip bones and ovaries.

Two more excellent stretches to relieve the symptoms of PMS are Head to Knee Pose and Lying Twist found in 3 Yoga Postures to Help Relieve your IBS.

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