What Is the Success Rate of Homeopathic Remedies?

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What Is the Success Rate of Homeopathic Remedies?

For over two centuries, people have used homeopathic remedies to assist in their recovery from feelings of illness and to improve their well-being. Homeopathy is a natural, holistic healing modality, and the very carefully prepared remedies can positively affect someone’s health. With many remedies available, let’s take a look at which therapies enjoy particular popularity due to their success and how to use them effectively.

The Different Types of Remedies

Homeopathic remedies come in various forms and applications. Most remedies are taken orally and come in the form of pellets or globules, liquid sprays, or liquid drops. Topical applications also exist and are presented as ointments, gels, balms, and oils. The preparation of the remedies follows a very stringent process described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US (HPUS), and every manufacturing facility is strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). High-quality raw materials and an excellent laboratory are determining factors for the success rate of a homeopathic remedy.

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Which Remedies Help Which Illness?

Homeopathy has a long track record of relieving pain, sore muscles, digestive issues, respiratory conditions, allergies, ear infections, colds, the flu, and even more. Arnica Montana is homeopathy’s number one remedy and a best-seller for pain relief around the world. Athletes, trainers, and moms love administering Arnica after an injury, workout, and surgery.

Nux Vomica has been used for centuries to relieve heartburn, constipation, indigestion, gas, and nausea. Smart natural formulas exist that combine remedies relieving multiple signs and symptoms caused by one ailment. Browse our site for homeopathic combination remedies.

Schuessler cell salts are homeopathically prepared mineral remedies that are taken on a regular basis and help increase overall well-being by replenishing electrolytes and aiding the absorption of nutrients from the food we consume. They are known for their high bioavailability and differ from regular mineral supplements by never causing over-supplementation. Cell salts support strong muscles, joints, bones, healthy skin, and a strong digestive and immune system.

How To Take and Track the Success Rate of Homeopathic Remedies

From the beginning of homeopathy till today, in order to be included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US (HPUS), each new remedy has to undergo a rigid homeopathic proving. During a proving, a large number of volunteers record the effects of a remedy on their physical, mental, and emotional health. The pattern revealed determines if and how to use the remedy for therapy. Over the last 200 years, over 2,000 remedies have been approved and established a solid success rate and high safety record for homeopathy.

Also, nearly 600 clinical trials exist today on homeopathic remedies that show evidence of the remedies’ effectiveness. Promising research is being conducted, and a large amount of scientific literature exists that supports the success rate of homeopathic remedies.

When taking a homeopathic remedy, always follow the directions printed on the label or the advice of your natural health practitioner. Take the remedy without food and let it melt or hold the liquid in your mouth for a few seconds so that it can be optimally absorbed by the mucous membranes. When a topical application exists, it’s often recommended to combine it with an oral remedy.

You can define the success rate of homeopathic remedies by observing how you feel, how a swollen ankle improves, how a rash, itching, or sinus pressure lessens, or how you start to become stronger after an illness and more resilient to weaknesses overall. Repeat the remedy as suggested on the label as needed. Use the remedy less frequently as your condition improves. If your condition worsens, see a health-care practitioner. Cell salts are homeopathic mineral remedies and can be taken on a long-term and ongoing basis for daily support.

Homeopathic remedies are non-habit forming and can be combined with other supplements and medicines. They are not known for causing side effects and are generally very safe. When used correctly, their success rate is high, improving the lives and well-being of millions of people around the world looking for natural solutions for themselves and their loved ones.

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