5 Ways To Naturally Take Care of Your Cold

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5 Ways To Naturally Take Care of Your Cold

Out of the many illnesses no one can avoid, the most consistent one across the globe is probably the common cold. When people come down with a cold, they need ways to recover easily and conveniently. Thankfully, there are great natural methods to take care of a cold and its unpleasant symptoms.

Drinking Warm Liquids

Comforting hot drinks including tea, coffee, and warm lemon water will help with a cold. The steam and warmth from these drinks aid in loosening mucus in the throat or the back of the nasal passages.

Drinking warm liquids and enjoying hot soups is a multipurpose way to naturally help your cold by supplying warmth, comfort, nutrients, and congestion relief. Coffee or other warm drinks with caffeine can help with headaches if used in moderation.

Alternating Hot and Cold Compresses on the Sinuses

It is normal for the sinuses to become inflamed by a cold. As your immune system is fighting off the infection in your body, there is a chance germs and bacteria may get into the sinuses and cause a sinus infection.

You may feel some pressure around the cheeks and top of the nose from the inflammation, which may make breathing through your nose difficult. Alternating hot and cold compresses to decrease inflammation will help you breathe easier and relieve sinus pressure. Soak a cloth in warm lemon water and apply it over eyes and nose for several minutes. Follow up with a cold towel for less than one minute. Repeat several times.

Using Honey To Soothe Your Throat

Honey is a long-time natural remedy to take care of your cold and can be consumed in various ways. Adding honey to your warm drink or taking a spoonful of it directly in the mouth will coat your throat with a protective barrier that will soothe soreness and help heal irritation in your esophagus. You can purchase pure honey from natural groceries, family-owned farms, and individual beekeepers. Given its many uses, honey can be a great tool in relieving colds, sore throats, and even coughs.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are over-the-counter medicines easily available online, in pharmacies, and natural food stores. They are a great natural way to help you fight the common cold. Homeopathic cold medicines will help your symptoms by focusing on several areas of the respiratory system, such as the lungs, sinuses, bronchi, throat, and ears. They can even help you deal with weariness and body aches.

Elderberry Supplements

Black elderberry or Sambucus nigra is the fruit of a powerful shrub admired for centuries for its ability to support and balance the immune system and help prohibit viruses from entering a cell and replicating. Elderberries can be made into a tasty juice, and supplements are available in the form of liquid extracts, syrups, lozenges, and more. Taking elderberry supplements to prepare for seasonal changes, during cold winter months, and when suffering from a cold and congestion is a great way to recover swiftly and gently.

A cold is a nuisance and will hinder your ability to function throughout the day, concentrate, and be active. These natural ways to ease the symptoms of the common cold will get you feeling better more quickly and easily.

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