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Cell Salts FEST

Cell Salts FEST

Schuessler Cell Salts – Wellness for All of Us – 10% Off this Labor Day Weekend

Dr. Schuessler's cell salts are the natural health community's insider tip for holistically maintaining your body's mineral, water, and pH balance. They also address many everyday health concerns in children, adults, and the elderly. Cell salts are even loved by pet owners for the treatment of common medical conditions in our furry friends.

At Homeopathy Store, we offer all 12 cell salts plus the popular combinations Cellergy (compare to Hyland's Bioplasma) and Biochemic Phosphates, often called Five Phos, as liquid oral sprays. Our cell salt sprays are lactose-free, vegan, and sugar-free.

Celebrate Labor Day weekend with us and receive 10% OFF all cell salts with coupon code CELLSALTSFEST. Offer valid from 9/5 till 9/7/2020.

Want to know more about each cell salt? Read our cell salts intro.


"I have been using the Cell Salts in one form or another my whole life. I love their simplicity."  
– Miranda Castro, Homeopath & Author

"I want to report back that these are amazing healing agents and they have helped me and my family tremendously!"
Carolyn, MN

"I'm a huge proponent of Dr. Schuessler's cell salts and have used them for many years. One of the best healing modalities on the planet. I'm never without them."
– B-G, ID


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