Top-Selling Homeopathic Remedies in 2013

Top-Selling Homeopathic Remedies in 2013

Best-Selling Remedies at this Year

Top five Homeopathic remediesNature provides an amazing wealth of ingredients for effective yet gentle remedies that stimulate our body to find balance and health. Over 200-year-old Homeopathy is a proven system of therapy and today’s #1 growing form of natural medicine. In 2013, HomeopathyStore’s 3 best-selling remedies alleviated conditions including heartburn, stress, and toxicity. Find out more about our fast acting, non-drowsy, humane, and non-habit forming natural homeopathic formulas for the entire family.

1. Acid Reflux Relief

More people with digestive conditions experience relief from homeopathic remedies than from any other medicine. Acid Reflux Relief quickly balances stomach acids and calms the stomach walls and esophagus. This much loved remedy is safe for pregnant women and great for children with abdominal pain. It also treats gastric problems triggered by emotional upset.

Acid Reflux Relief is a Natural Homeopathic remedy for the rlief of acid reflux and hertaburn
Acid Reflux Relief


2. Peacefulí

Running in non-stop emergency mode? Peacefulí is a blend of Homeopathy’s best ingredients known to relax, calm, and reset body and mind. Prepared by following the precise standards of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S., Peacefulí helps reduce racing and worried thoughts and fall asleep more easily.



3. Detox Escort

Environmental toxins, stress, and poor diets can be counterbalanced with this homeopathic detox formula. Make Detox Escort a bi-annual routine, cleanse colon, liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs, and improve your overall well-being!

homeopathic detox and cleanse
Detox Escort


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