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Homeopathic remedies that help you loose your weightDid you know that losing weight is the best way to improve health and well-being for one third of  adults and one fifth of children? Learning to control your eating habits will not only make you lose weight and look better but also diminishes the risks of numerous diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, sleeplessness, respiratory problems, and mental health conditions. Homeopathy can help. Combined with better nutrition and a more active lifestyle, homeopathy is considered one of the best ways to lose weight steadily and safely.


EZ-Slim is a homeopathic remedy that aids digestion, helps the liver metabolize fatty foods and the thyroid burn energy, regulates bowels movements, and removes excess water from your body. It controls carb and sugar cravings and supports your emotional health to minimize nervous habits and stay the course. Take 3 pellets 1 hour before meals or as needed.

Natural Homeopathic weight loss remedy EZ-Slim to aid digestion and metabolism
Natural Homeopathic remedy appetite suppressant: Weight Gloss Roll-On
Weight Gloss Roll-On
homeopathic detox and drainage

Weight Gloss Roll-On

Wow! This cool and stylish lip gloss acts as an appetite suppressant and is a handy tool to help you maintain your willpower all day long. Sharing many ingredients with EZ-Slim plus a focus on mental strength and positive attitude, it is the crutch you need when your determination needs a boost. Made with Vitamin E, castor, sweet almond, and avocado oil, apply it liberally to your lips when needed or to the inside of your wrists.

Detox Escort

Our all-time favorite homeopathic cleanse and drainage formula, Detox Escort, taken before or in combination with our weight loss remedies, stimulates the body to dispose of toxins and waste, increases your general well-being, and makes you see results faster. Together, the three homeopathic remedies form a weight loss kit that helps you make losing weight a natural part of your life.

homeopathic complete weight loss kit
Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Kit & Weight Loss Plan

Interested in starting a healthy weight loss program with foods that increase your calorie burn and steps toward a more active lifestyle? Read more about our homeopathic weight loss remedies and why experts say that losing one to 1 1/2 pounds per week is best. Find 10 easy tips to make your weight loss diet and exercises fun with EZ-Slim.

You and Homeopathy 

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