Must-Have Travel Remedies

Six Essential Homeopathic Remedies that Help You Avoid Getting Sick or Recover Quickly While on Vacation

Natural Homeopathic travel remediesMuch research has been done about why we tend to get sick before or on vacations. Not only children, many adults, and especially Type A personalities often feel worse right when they are supposed to relax and have fun. I, certainly, have had my share of colds, allergy bouts, stomach issues, stiff or strained muscles, and more while traveling. It is the crowded spaces like airports, the change in food, the stress and challenges caused by new environments that expose us to unusual threats and situations. Here is a list of must-have homeopathic remedies that can help you make the most of your vacation. Plus, see below for a short  list of tips to prepare and ease into the best time of the year!

Cold Armor

Cold Armor is our popular remedy that helps prevent sore throats, sniffles, coughs, and fever if taken at the first sign of a cold or the evening before your departure. At the latest, take a dose before you hop on a plane, train, or bus! Then continue with one or a few more doses while traveling. It strengthens your immunity and defends you against vicious viruses. If you are already down with a cold Cold Armor will relieve your symptoms and help you recover faster.

Allergy Escape

This well-tasting mouth spray helps you breathe, relieves pressure in your head and sinuses and itchy eyes. It even soothes skin rashes and insect bites. Two pumps underneath the tongue support your respiratory system and work with your body to diminish hypersensitivities to pollen, dust, humidity, and other irritants naturally. Experience it, and find out why one of our customers shared on Facebook, "Allergy Escape changed my life!"


Constipation Relief

Stress, different foods and eating patterns, and dehydration often cause traveler's constipation. Homeopathic Constipation Relief is a natural alternative to over-the-counter laxatives and stool softeners. It works quickly and gently, is side effect free and a must-have remedy in your travel kit. 


Motion Sickness Relief

Looking for a natural way to combat nausea, dizziness, and anxiety when traveling by boat, plane, or car? This formula supports your equilibrium and nervous system to help you relax and enjoy the ride. Again, take your first dose of Motion Sickness Relief the day before you embark on your adventure!


Arnica Pellets, Liquid Spray & Cream

Arnica, Homeopathy's #1 first aid remedy recommended by doctors, personal trainers, and athletes worldwide treats sore muscles, sprains, bruises, stiffness, and mental shock. Available in form of Arnica pellets and liquid spray to treat injuries from the inside out and as a cooling Arnica cream for topical applications, Arnica is every traveler's best friend.

Tips to Prepare for your Vacation

In addition to packing your remedies, start your vacation at home a day before you travel. Get enough sleep, eat light, and stay hydrated. Don't forget to bring tissues, gauze pads, and bandages. While traveling, wash your hands often. If your trip involves extended hours of sitting on a plane or in a car, get up or stop periodically for a few stretches and a quick walk.

You and Homeopathy

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