Taurus and the Cell Salt Nat Sulph

Zodiac Taurus and its connection to cell salt Nat Sulph

Taurus, one of the largest constellations in the nighttime sky, is also one of the oldest. Ancient cave paintings in Lascaux Cave, from over 10,000 years ago capture a bull on their walls. But how did the bull get into the sky? And what does the tale of this beast say about those born under this sign?

In this post, we’ll break down the story of the wandering bull and examine its connection with the purifying cell salt Natrium Sulpuricum or sodium sulphate. We’ll also show how this connection shapes the personality and wellness journey of many Taureans, and how this tissue salt can benefit all.

Natrum Sulphuricum

An Introduction to the Wandering Bull

Taurus is an Earth sign and is represented by the cerebellum, lower brain, and neck. It is also responsible for the liver and gall bladder. Its governing planet is Venus, its gems are moss-agate and emerald, and its astral colors are red and lemon yellow.

When Taurus is present in the night sky, he takes the shape of a two-pronged fork. At the V-shape connection, a family of stars lies, known as Hyades. Within this cluster, a bright red star, Aldebaran, shines and represents the bull’s fiery eye.

Taurus is the only zodiac sign to have multiple stories of how it came to be in the night sky. As one of the most prominent constellations in the Northern Hemisphere, it sparked much imagination and many tales about its origin, all of which are connected to spring, renewal, and abundance.

In the same way that spring cleanses the Earth, so too does the tissue salt Nat Sulph cleanse our body, especially the liver and renal system. Let’s take a look at the primary ways the 11th cell salt in Dr. Scheussler’s 12 cell salts therapy can benefit our overall wellness.  

Zodiac sign Taurus and its image in the night sky as a constelllation

Natrum Sulphuricum: The Detoxification Cell Salt and Key Indications

Nat Sulph helps eliminate excess water and remove toxins from the body. It controls the healthy functioning of the liver, maintains healthy bile, which aids in the later stages of digestion, and supports the urinary organs including the kidneys and bladder.

As each molecule of this cell salt is capable of carrying two molecules of water, it is an effective remedy for relieving edema, any stagnant issues, and conditions aggravated in humid climates.

Those who are deficient in tissue salt Nat Sulph may have a languid feeling, particularly during a spell of humidity. If the levels are imbalanced, the body will resort to chills, fever, or vascular spasms as a way to rid the body of surplus water.

It is the main tissue salt for influenza, or the flu, and is used to relieve nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as morning sickness.

A deficiency in cell salt Natrum Sulphate in the blood may also be manifested by pains in the back of the head, sometimes extending down the spine. It is the primary cell salt recommended for the ease of head injuries and concussions.

Best Uses of Cell Salt Nat Sulph

Tissue Salt Nat Sulph for Liver Cleanse

The liver is the largest internal organ, filters all of the blood in the body, and breaks down poisonous substances.

Supporting your liver health with liver remedy and detoxifier Nat Sulph helps counteract ailments resulting from exposure to environmental irritants, medications, viruses, alcohol consumption, indulging in sweets, overweight, and other unhealthy events or lifestyle choices. 

In addition to toning your liver, a regular course of cell salt Nat Sulph will help strengthen your kidneys, bladder, and urethra.

Natrum Sulphuricum

Use two squirts of cell salt Nat Sulph three times a day from one to three months and repeat as needed.

You may want to consider combining Nat Sulph with two more cell salts known for their cleansing action: cell salts Calc Sulph and Kali Mur. While Calc Sulph works to cleanse the blood, Kali Mur supports the lymphatic system and regulates the density of body fluids allowing Nat Sulph to remove excess water and ensuring the liver is doing its job.

Get the three cleansing tissue salts conveniently bundled in our Detox Cell Salts Kit.

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Detox Cell Salts Kit
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Tissue Salt Nat Sulph for Weight Loss or Weight Control

When the blood and organs retain too much water, body tissues cannot get the proper nourishment they need. Those who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight will appreciate cell salt Nat Sulph as it helps to consistently remove excess water and supports your metabolism to become more efficient.

If you find it hard to lose weight or gain weight, even when following a strict diet, Nat Sulph can help regulate the proper disposal of unhealthy fluids and waste.

The AnnaKare Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit combines the power of Nat Sulph with cell salts Kali Phos and Nat Phos, two additional tissue salts known to support your weight loss goals.

Kali Phos works to reduce cravings and emotional eating habits by strengthening the nervous system.

Nat Phos helps improve overall digestion and fat metabolism in particular. It establishes a healthy pH balance and helps improve the rate at which your body utilizes and burns calories.

Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit

Tissue Salt Nat Sulph for Flu-Like Symptoms

The purifying and regenerating properties of Nat Sulph make this cell salt one of the best natural remedies for flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, excessive fatigue and body aches, vomiting, nausea, and more.

That is why the AnnaKare Cold & Flu Relief Cell Salts Kit, your one-stop kit for holistically fighting off the wide range of cold and flu symptoms, includes cell salt Nat Sulph.

In this kit you’ll find:

  1. Cell Salt Calc Sulph to be used at the first sign of throat tickle and to possibly stop a cold in its tracks.
  2. Cell Salt Ferr Phos to be taken as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold or flu and to naturally fight the inflammation and ease a fever.
  3. Cell Salt Kali Mur for white discharge from a stuffy nose and cough and the beginning of a respiratory illness.
  4. Cell Salt Kali Sulph for yellow expectorations and to break a fever during the later stage of an infection.
  5. Cell Salt Nat Sulph for green discharges and natural support for the more severe symptoms of an influenza infection.
Cold & Flu Relief Cell Salts Kit

Characteristics of Those Born Under the Sign of the Majestic Bull

While many may view Taurus' fiery eye as a sign of stubbornness, possessiveness, and even as somewhat uncompromising, which at times Taureans can be, they are also reliable, patient, devoted, responsible, and without question value the fruits of their labor.

They are sensual beings, who crave tactile touch and garner contact and taste as their primary senses. They value feelings that are stable and familiar and dislike sudden changes or complications. As this sign is connected to the lower brain or the cerebellum, they can be more spiritual.

Those born under this celestial sign will find tropical situations don’t suit their tendency to be deficient in sodium sulphate and will need to take precautions if they want to live in a humid climate.

The Three Tales of The Wandering Bull

The first mythological story of how Taurus joined the 12 most common constellations in the sky tells the tale of Zeus, seeking another wife in Europa, the daughter of the king of Phoenicia. Zeus disguises himself as a white bull with golden horns; strong, but gentle.

The king’s daughter is taken by this gentle beast and hops on his back. Zeus, capturing his conquest, whisks her into the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Crete. From this interaction, their son Minos is born, who will eventually become the King of Crete. To remember his love for Europa, he puts the bull in the sky where Taurus rests still to this day.

In the second tale, Taurus is the protector of the Seven Little Sisters, otherwise known as the Pleiades, and the daughters of Atlas, the god of strength and endurance. On Earth, hunter Orion wants to claim the sisters for his own. Zeus places the sisters in the sky to keep them safe.

Years later, Orion has a love affair with Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. When Orion gets killed, Artemis, in a moment of grief, throws his body up to the sky. Here, he discovers the seven sisters and continues his chase. To stop him, Artemis places a bull in his path to prevent their capture.

In the third tale, a large, powerful bull known as Cerus, wanders the land terrifying villagers with his destruction. Out of control, he knows only his overpowering emotions, until one day Persephone, the Spring Goddess, crosses his path.

Her presence calms him, and they bond together as she teaches him about patience and how to use his strength wisely. Persephone even sits upon his back as he runs the fields helping her bring to life the spring blossoms.

But Persephone splits her time between the mortal world and Hades, and she must return each fall to the underworld while Cerus, too must spend time as Taurus in the night sky. In a romantic twist, the two return every spring to be together.

Whichever Greek story you believe, when the Sumerians named the constellation four thousand years ago, the Sun was moving across Taurus on the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox. This event gave the bull particular importance as a symbol of fertility and regeneration even to this day.

To read further about other zodiac signs and their connection to tissue salts, visit our anchor blog Cell Salts and the Zodiac with more information about each sign and its corresponding cell salt.

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Note: This blog offers a simplified understanding of the complex relationship between Taurus and the cell salt Natrum Sulphuricum and our overall health. For comprehensive health guidance, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional or an expert in holistic medicine.

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