How Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract Can Elevate Your Health

How Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract Can Elevate Your Health

We all know it is wise to eat our fruits and vegetables each day. Our body benefits from the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients with greater health and more energy. But more often than not, life makes it challenging to stay on top of a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

That is why we, at AnnaKare, have carefully crafted a blend of four impressive superfruits in one easy-to-take and readily absorbed full-spectrum liquid extract. The four nutrient-dense fruits include acai berries, mangosteen fruit, goji berries, and pomegranate fruit.

Each serving of our Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract contains 500 mg of highly concentrated berries made from 4,875 mg of fresh fruits resulting in one of the richest acai berry supplements available.

Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract
Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract

Collectively, the antioxidants in these power fruits are amazing for our cellular health and include nutrients that strengthen our immunity. Let’s break down each fruit and highlight what makes them beneficial to our health.

The Four Power Fruits in AnnaKare Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract

Super Fruits Acai Pomegranate Goji Berries and Mangosteen

Acai Berry (Euterpe Oleracea)

A key ingredient in Amazonian cuisine and part of the daily diet, acai berries are eaten for energy and vibrant health. They are usually soaked in water to soften their tough skin, then mashed into a paste. The berries are a good source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamin A, and various important minerals.

With an increase in the use of this fruit worldwide, several recent scientific studies have discovered significant benefits of its anthocyanin content, which gives the berries their brilliant purple color.

The antioxidant activities of anthocyanin are said to help reduce cellular damage from disease, injury, and toxic exposure. The berries may also offer an anti-inflammatory effect and improve fat and sugar metabolism.

Studies have shown promising results, including the following:

  • Increased antioxidant activity was discovered in people who had recently ingested acai berries.
  • Reduced exercise exhaustion, improved cardiorespiratory response, and reduced metabolic stress in athletes who ate the berries.
  • Improved skin health and elasticity due to a high concentration of ellagic acid and vitamin C.
  • Reduced pain levels and improved range of motion in participants after 12 weeks of consumption.
  • Reduced blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels as well as improved hormone levels and weight loss in overweight participants.

Mangosteen Fruit (Garcinia Magostana)

In Indonesia, where the mangosteen fruit grows, it is revered for its medicinal uses. The fruit hull is known throughout Southeast Asia as an antimicrobial and antiparasitic remedy. Topically, it has been applied to wounds and ulcers for healing.

Modern research also suggests that this fruit’s xanthone and anthocyanin content may offer antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Further promising results were overall weight loss and the regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  

From a nutrition standpoint, mangosteen is high in vitamins B and C and important minerals like copper and manganese. It is high in fiber, which not only keeps your body full for longer, but it helps support a healthy immune system and promotes healthy gut bacteria.

It is also believed to help with:

  • Improved heart health as it works to lower heart disease risk factors like bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Improved brain health as it may decrease brain inflammation that may contribute to mental decline.
  • Elevated digestive health. Thanks to the fiber found within, high fiber aids in regular bowel movements.
  • Diminished signs of skin aging and damage offered by the abundant amount of xanthones and their valuable anti-inflammatory properties.

Goji Berries (Lycium Barbarum)

Asian residents have long known the health value of goji berries, which have recently been recognized as a superfood around the world. Highly nutritious, they contain vitamins C and A and minerals like iron and potassium. They also contain phenolic compounds, polysaccharides, and carotenoids with medicinal benefits.

The goji berry has been shown in studies to offer significant antioxidant activity, thus having an anti-aging effect at a cellular level. Further, they have given the following scientific results:

  • Improved eye health and protection from age-related eye diseases. Zeaxanthin antioxidants, found in goji berries, may stop damage from free radicals, oxidative stress, and UV light.
  • Increased immune function and improved protection from influenza.
  • Enhanced health in those who suffer from diabetes, being overweight, and high cholesterol.
  • Improved skin appearance. Beta-carotene found within goji berries is known to help lower skin irritation and control the aging of skin affected by the sun.

Pomegranate Fruit (Punica Granatum)

The pomegranate is one of the oldest cultivated fruits in human history. It is rich in medicinal tannins, flavanols, anthocyanins, and polyphenols that offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and numerous other healthful uses.

It is also a good source of vitamin C and folate and contains protein, fiber, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. The inedible white inner flesh protects the chewy, juicy seeds known as arils which can be eaten as they are or processed and made into pomegranate juice.

The following includes some of the medicinal benefits that the pomegranate fruit may give based on studies:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Support in weight loss
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Lowered oxidative stress damage
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Moisturized, smoother skin
  • Improved memory skills
  • Reduced muscle damage

As studies have shown, each of the above functional foods has a wide array of health benefits. It can be challenging, however, to regularly maintain a diet that includes all four superfruits. This is where having a liquid acai + supplement can increase your ability to reap its benefits.

AnnaKare Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract

Each bottle of AnnaKare Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract is packed with a freshly concentrated blend of acai, mangosteen, goji, and pomegranate fruit sustainably harvested by native farmers and families. It’ll help you gain the amazing nutrients and health benefits your body needs and deserves contained in these four power fruits.

Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract
Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract

We are committed to liquid full-spectrum herbal extracts as our bodies can more readily and quickly absorb their range of wellness benefits compared to a capsule, pill, or powdered supplement.  

Take this superfruit extract for the following:

  • Antioxidant activity for cellular health
  • Increase energy and alertness
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Eye health
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Improved overall health and anti-aging benefits

To use, shake well before adding a dropper three-quarters full to water or your favorite juice.

AnnaKare Skin Revitalizer Cell Salts & Superberries Kit

We have talked about how the addition of acai gives your skin the benefit of phytonutrient protection, a way to shield your skin from outside damage. Phytonutrients aid in collagen production and wrinkle prevention and support overall skin strength and elasticity.

So you can support your skin health with the power of skin nourishing cell salts and superberries, you can get 5 products conveniently bundled in our Skin Revitalizer Cell Salts Kit with Acai Super Berry Liquid Extract and enjoy a built-in automatic discount.

Skin Revitalizer Cell Salts Kit with Acai Super Berry Extract
Skin Revitalizer Cell Salts Kit with Acai Super Berry Extract

Benefits of Superfruits in One Convenient Blend

Give your health a boost with a blend of power fruits: acai berries, mangosteen fruit, goji berries, and pomegranate fruit. Choose AnnaKare liquid herbal extracts because they are fresh, pure, and rich in active ingredients with clean and minimal inactive ingredients (no binders or fillers) and offer an effective absorption rate for healthy results.

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Please note: Statements in this article are grounded in natural wellness practices and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Avoid while pregnant or breastfeeding. Ask your healthcare provider if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.

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