Top 5 Health Benefits of Organic Turmeric Extract

Top 5 Health Benefits of Organic Turmeric Liquid Extract

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a brilliantly orange spice recognized for its use in making delicious curries. Belonging to the same family as ginger, the turmeric plant is native to Southeast Asia.

The plant part of this root grows up to six feet tall and has long lance-shaped leaves up to two and a half feet in length. The underside of its leaves is covered in dots that contain essential oil. Curiously, the plant has sterile flowers that never produce seeds.

Perhaps the most useful part of the plant is its root stalks or rhizomes. Finger-like in shape and brightly orange in color, the rhizomes are used for propagation and offer many therapeutic uses.

Turmeric roots have centuries of healing tradition in India and China dating back to 500 B.C. They are being used in Ayurvedic medicine for swelling, to purify the skin and blood, for gastric and urinary upset, and as an insect repellent.

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Ayurvedic medicine, translated as “the science of life”, is an ancient healing system originating in India and still in use today. It offers holistic guidance to balance the body, mind, spirit, and the environment.

This fascinating spice has some amazing capabilities, from ancient remedies to modern uses. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the uses turmeric is best known for, as well as the benefits it gives to the body.

Traditional Uses for Turmeric Root

Besides being used in cosmetics, clothing, and decorating, thanks to its distinctive yellow color for dyes, turmeric has a long-standing use in traditional medicine. Ayurvedic teachings state that over the years, turmeric root has been used for the following health reasons:

  • Strengthen energy levels
  • Purify blood
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce phlegm
  • Apply as topical antiseptic
  • Reduce inflamed sprains and strains
  • Treat worms
  • Reduce gallstones
  • Digest fats better
  • Balance the menstrual cycle

While many of these potential turmeric remedies need further studies, there are a few modern uses of turmeric that have been researched, and continue to be, thanks to their promising results.

In many cases, this is thanks to curcumin, a plant substance that helps form turmeric.

Curcumin: The Active Compound Found within Turmeric

Many of the benefits turmeric is recognized for are largely due to the active compound found inside, known as curcumin. It is the secret behind turmeric’s warm, earthy flavor and its recognizable bright color.

Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Together, the magical combination works to support many areas of your body, including your brain. Here are some of the more modern uses – that have also been scientifically supported.

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5 Modern Therapeutic Uses of Turmeric

1. Turmeric for Pain Relief

Today, you’ll find turmeric extracts on the shelves of pharmacies alongside other vitamins, minerals, and natural remedies. Because it’s praised for its anti-inflammatory benefits, those who suffer from arthritis pain are often told to include turmeric supplements as part of their wellness routine.

2. Turmeric for Digestive & Metabolic Health

But did you know that there are other benefits this hearty root and its curcumin constituent give? It is used as a digestive healing agent, to help relieve leaky gut, regulate body fat, reduce bad cholesterol, and improve blood sugar metabolism.

3. Turmeric for Brain Support

Studies show that the curcumin in turmeric has neuroprotective properties and may increase levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF contributes to neuronal survival and growth, which is necessary for improved attention, memory, and learning and can help delay age-related diseases. It may also help elevate your mood.

4. Turmeric as an Anti-Fungal and Antibacterial Remedy

Plus, turmeric has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. This means that disease-causing bacteria have a harder time growing when you regularly consume turmeric or take a turmeric supplement.

5. Turmeric as an Antioxidant that Gives Anti-Aging Benefits

Turmeric is also being suggested to help protect your cells from oxidative stress triggered by an excess of free radicals in your blood. High free radicals attack healthy cells and cause an increased risk of infection and life-style diseases. Turmeric's excellent antioxidant qualities neutralize free radicals, fight the onset and progression of illnesses, and offer many anti-aging benefits.

Best Ways to Get Your Dose of Turmeric

While you can certainly consume turmeric through your cooking, if you’re looking for targeted support, such as anti-inflammation, supplements are the best route to take. Part of this is because many therapeutic agents of the root are lost in the cooking process.

Plus, most people cook with the powder of the root, versus cooking with the root as a whole. In all cases, the potency of powdered turmeric lessens over time.

AnnaKare Fresh Liquid Turmeric Extract is made from organic roots harvested at their peak quality, ground in-house, and offers the benefits of turmeric in the purest form with minimal added inactive ingredients. Our full-spectrum supplement provides rapid absorption and effective results. A dropper full can be taken 1-3 times per day or as needed.

As you may have heard, liquid herbal supplements only contain the active ingredient, water, and grain alcohol for preservation and stability and are absorbed over 10 times faster than capsules of the same potency.

We love taking ours with a half cup of our preferred milk. Why milk? Because, unlike water, it has fat, which helps with better absorption. We suggest that you sprinkle a tiny amount of black pepper into the milk as well to help further enhance the absorption of the turmeric.

AnnaKare Inflammation Response Kit with Organic Turmeric and Cell Salts

Turmeric is ideal for those who struggle with inflammation, including joint pain, cracking or swollen joints, rheumatic arthritis, and/or inflammation caused by a stressed liver.

Those who want a healthier microbiome, and need help lowering stomach acids and metabolizing fat will love our Inflammation Response Cell Salts Kit with Fresh Turmeric Liquid Extract.

It comes with the following:

  • Cell Salt Nat Mur, ideal for balancing sodium and water levels in the body and aiding in keeping joints and muscles well lubricated and flexible.
  • Cell Salt Nat Phos, helpful for lowering troublesome acids, such as lactic, stomach, and uric, and establishing a healthy pH balance to increase mobility and lessen pain.
  • Fresh Turmeric Liquid Extract, helps with a wide variety of ailments including joint pain, range of motion, fat metabolism and blood sugar levels, digestive inflammation, and more.
Inflammation Response Kit

In Summary

As a foundational herb in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, this ancient remedy has stood the test of time. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial activities have helped many people in a host of ways to improve their well-being.  

We love it for its ability to help reduce muscle and joint pain, improve immune function, support brain health, liver functions, and more.  Looking to increase your turmeric intake in an effective, natural way? AnnaKare Fresh Turmeric Liquid Extract is the purest and freshest form.


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Please note: Content and product descriptions are grounded in natural wellness and traditional homeopathic practices. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. *Avoid this supplement during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and with certain medical conditions unless given the okay from your doctor. Remember to ask your health practitioner if you have questions before using any herbal supplement.

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