Introducing the AnnaKare Portable Remedy Organizer

AnnaKare Hanging Remedy Organizer and Portable Travel Bag

If you’re like us, you’re attached to the remedies that you know work the best. You know them well. Like cell salt Ferr Phos, your favorite post-workout secret. Or how about Peacefulí? The homeopathic remedy that helps you fall asleep at night when you’re feeling anxious.

Whether you’re in the comfort of your home, traveling abroad, busy at work, or even at the gym, you should always have access to your preferred remedies. And they should always be efficiently organized so you can easily find them when you’re not at your best.   

AnnaKare is proud to introduce the Portable Remedy Organizer or short AnnaKare PRO bag. It’s a durable, eco-friendly hanging remedy organizer and portable travel bag. It comes with pockets for up to 12 oral sprays. It also doubles as a travel bag with elastic straps that help hold the rolled-up kit in place.

AnnaKare Portable Remedy Organizer

Whether you prefer to use each of the spots to hold all 12 of Dr. Schuessler’s cell salt remedies or mix and match them with other natural or herbal medicines, the choice is yours.

Each pocket is versatile and can hold the 1-ounce spray or dropper bottles or even several 2-ounce bottles, although we don't suggest filling the bag with all 2-ounce bottles to avoid excessive weight or bulkiness.

If desired, you can use a washable fabric pen to mark each pocket with the name of the remedy you keep inside it.

The organizer’s top strap makes it ideal for hanging on a wall, the back of a door hook, a cabinet, a locker, or wherever the strap can hook onto. Its size of 12w x 21.5h” makes it supreme for storing all of your homeopathic remedies, yet small enough to fit into a bag for travel.

The AnnaKare Pro bag is a simplistically and beautifully designed portable organizer made here in the U.S. from heavyweight cotton duck fabric. This is a tightly woven, water-resistant canvas that is capable of withstanding potential everyday wear and tear, including making it less likely to snag. It can easily be hand-washed and laid out to dry.

Cell Salts Kit & Hanging Remedy Organizer

We’ve also paired up our Cell Salts Kit with the exclusive AnnaKare Portable Remedy Organizer. This means you'll receive all 12 Schuessler cell salt sprays and the Hanging Remedy Organizer in one bundle. You’ll get all 12 cell salt sprays for the price of 10 plus the AnnaKare Pro bag for $199.

Cell Salts Kit & Hanging Remedy Organizer

As you know, all of our cell salts are gluten, lactose, and sugar-free. They are vegan, made in the USA, and come in recyclable, light-protective amber glass bottles. Effective, natural mineral remedies, cell salts help relieve a variety of common ailments without the side effects of regular mineral supplements.

Having your beloved natural remedies around with you when you need them the most… wonderful. Having all your preferred remedies organized for easy and portable access with the new AnnaKare Portable Hanging Remedy Organizer… priceless.

Danielle | Health and Wellness Writer
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