Healthy Teeth and Gums With Schuessler Tissue Salts

Healthy Teeth and Gums With Schuessler Tissue Salts

Healthy Teeth and Gums With Schuessler Tissue Salts

Natural Homeopathic Minerals for Dental Health

Almost everyone agrees that strong teeth and a bright smile are attractive and a sign of good health. Research confirms that there is a relationship between oral health and general wellness, a sort of "two-way street" between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

The truth is that the mouth is not an isolated "organ" of the human body. Oral problems can seriously affect our general health, and there is mounting evidence that some mouth, tooth, and gum problems can be predictive of other illness.

Unfortunately, according to reliable statistics, 60 to 90% of school-age children and nearly 100% of adults worldwide have untreated tooth decay. It is obvious that paying more attention to our oral health is a smart, healthy, and the right thing to do.

Today, a growing number of people are turning to a diet of fresh rather than processed foods, getting more exercise, and using Schuessler tissue salts for lasting well-being.

Cell salts for teeth can be used effectively for both long-term care of the mouth and gums and to relieve the temporary pain associated with acute tooth problems.

They are popular homeopathy products for toothaches that are recommended by holistic and integrative healthcare practitioners and widely used in the natural health community.

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How Tissue Salts for Teeth Help Ensure Dental Health

In the 19th Century, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler conducted a study of human cell structure and discovered that human cells contain 12 distinct mineral compounds.

He concluded that a mineral imbalance in the composition of cells and tissues is the root cause of all disease. 

Over the last 150 years, much research has been conducted and has proved that minerals, including potassium, silica, iron, calcium and magnesium, have specific health benefits.

The 12 tissue salts, also called cells salts or biochemical Schuessler salts, (see and read more about all 12 cell salts here)  are compounds of essential minerals that contribute to core body functions, help maintain healthy minerals levels, and assist in avoiding and relieving a variety of physical and emotional complaints, including dental problems.

Schuessler tissue salts are helpful in the remineralization of teeth, for postoperative care, and to alleviate the pain of tooth extractions.

These tissue salts for teeth help combat dry mouth, gum issues, and tooth sensitivity, and offer comfort for infant teething among other dental problems. (Comprehensive cell salts and tooth health chart below to download or print.)

Which Tissue Salts to Choose 

Tissue Salts for Strong Teeth

Three tissue salts are particularly vital for the development and remineralization of strong teeth (as well as bones) and to avoid cavities. These three Schuessler cell salts for teeth are Calcarea Fluorica or Calcium Fluoride (#1), Calcarea Phosphorica or Calcium Phosphate (#2), and Silicea or Silica (#12).

Cell salts are most frequently called by their Latin name. Cell salts #1, #2, and #12 help restore minerals to tooth enamel and are excellent for children, adults, and as we age to maintain the strength of our teeth.

Also consider these tissue salts for teeth after indulging in sweets.

    lactose-free liquid cell salt Calcarea Fluorica
    Calcarea Fluorica
    liquid mineral and lactose free cell salts Calc Fluor
    lactose-free liquid cell salt Calcarea Phosphorica
    Calcarea Phosphorica
    liquid mineral and lactose free cell salts Calc Phos
    lactose-free liquid cell salt Silicea
    liquid mineral and lactose free cell salts Silica

    Tissue Salts for Tooth Pain

    For acute tooth pain and for aches and soreness after dental procedures, Ferrum Phosphoricum or Iron Phosphate (#4) and Magnesia Phosphorica or Magnesium Phosphate (#8) will help alleviate your discomfort.

    Kali Phosphoriucm or Potassium Phsophate (#6) is a good homeopathic remedy for tooth pain to have on hand if you experience shooting pain. Mag Phos also relieves babies’ teething pain and tooth sensitivity in adults.

    All three tissue salts are excellent homeopathy products for toothaches.

      Ferrum Phosphoricum
      vegan tissue salt Ferr Phos
      Magnesia Phosphorica
      vegan tissue salt Mag Phos
      lactose free Kali Phos by Anna's Remedies
      Kali Phosphoricum
      lactose free vegan cell salts Kali Phos

      Tissue Salts for Dental Emergencies

      Sometimes tooth nerve pain can be relieved or even stopped when taking the earlier mentioned remineralization cell salts for teeth Calc Fluor, Calc Phos, and Silicea, plus Mag Phos.

      Consider taking these four Schuessler salts with or in warm water for an even faster calming effect. Toothache can quickly turn into excruciating pain so make sure to work with your dentist, schedule your appointment just in case, and see if your toothache is temporary and will subside.

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      Homeopathy Store's Dental Health & Emergency Cell Salts Kit supports daily tooth health, helps relieve acute pain, and offers overall support for the nervous system.

      Tissue Salts for Healthy Gums and Oral Mucosa

      Canker sores, cold sores, dry mouth, and other temporary irritation or inflammation of the gums and soft tissue in your mouth call for tissue salts that support the healthy functioning of the mucous membranes and saliva glands and your body’s water balance.

      Look to Natrum Muriaticum or Sodium Chloride (#9) and Kali Muriaticum or Potassium Chloride (#5). For Oral Lichen Planus and other more severe and long-term conditions, visit your doctor, and consider adding Kali Sulphuricum or Potassium Sulphate (#7), a deep acting tissue salt used in the final (3rd) stage of infections to speed suppuration and healing.

        Natrum Muriaticum
        vegan tissue salt Natrum Muriaticum by Anna's Remedies made in the U.S.
        Kali Mur
        Kali Muriaticum
        vegan lactose free tissues salt Kali Mur
        vegan lactose free tissue salt Kali Sulph made in the U.S.
        Kali Sulphuricum
        lactose free tissue salt Kali Sulph by Anna's Remedies

        Additional Therapies for Serious Oral Problems

        Although gingivitis and periodontitis should always be treated by a licensed dentist, a healthy lifestyle — including proper diet, recommended daily hydration, and healthy mineral levels — are equally important and possibly even more so for healthy gums and the prevention of serious disease.

        Limit snacks and sugary food and drinks, give up tobacco, drink alcohol in moderation if at all, and follow the recommendations for daily tooth care and regular dental exams.

        If you have inflamed gums or have been diagnosed with beginning gingivitis, consider an extended 6-week therapeutic regimen of these tissue salts for teeth: Calcarea Fluorica (#1), Ferrum Phosphoricum (#3), Kali Phosphoricum (#6), and Magnesia Phosphorica (#8).*

        Always work with your doctor and practice good dental hygiene, but supplement professional care with cell salt treatments.

        vegan lactose free liquid cell salt Calc Fluor by Anna's Remedies
        Calcarea Fluorica
        vegan cell salt spray Calc Fluor by Anna's Remedies made in the U.S.
        lactose free cell salt spray Ferr Phos by Anna's Remedies made in the U.S.
        Ferrum Phosphoricum
        vegan cell salt spray Ferr Phos by Anna's Remedies
        lactose free cell salts Kali Phos by Anna's Remedies made in the U.S.
        Kali Phosphoricum
        lactose free oral spray cell salt Kali Phos
        lactose free vegan oral cell salt spray Mag Phos by Anna's Remedies
        Magnesia Phosphorica
        vegan lactose free cell salt Mag Phos by Anna's Remedies

        A helpful treatment for advanced gum disease includes a 6-week therapy with a special combination of cell salts for periodontitis.

        Follow the gingivitis protocol above and continue an additional 6 weeks with Calcarea Fluorica (#1), Calcarea Phosphorica (#2), Kali Sulphuricum (#7), plus Silicea (#12)* for strengthening the connective tissue. 

        Again, it is not a substitute, but a reliable adjunct to professional treatment.

        cell salt Calc Fluor for strong teeth by Anna's Remedies
        Calcarea Fluorica
        vegan cell salts Calc Fluor for tooth remineralization
        vegan cell salt spray Calcarea Phosphroica
        Calcarea Phosphorica
        vegan lactose free cell salt Calc Phos by Anna's Remedies
        Kali Sulph as vegan oral spray - cell salts by Anna's Remedies
        Kali Sulphuricum
        vegan cell salts spray Kali Sulph made in the U.S.
        lactose free liquid cell salt Silicea made in the U.S. by Anna's Remedies
        vegan liquid mineral cell salts spray Silicea by Anna's Remedies made in the U.S.

        How To Use Homeopathy for Toothache

        Particular cell salts for teeth offer help with specific oral problems. By keeping a variety of our homeopathic remedies for tooth pain and gum disease on hand, you will experience natural support and relief.

        • Toothache: Ferrum Phosphoricum #4, Magnesia Phosphorica #8, plus Kali Phosphoricum #6 for shooting pain
        • Tooth Decay/Cavities: Calcarea Fluorica #1, Calcarea Phosphoric #2, Silicea #12
        • Tooth Sensitivity: Calcarea Fluorica #1, Magnesia Phosphorica #8
        • Teething in Children: Magnesia Phosphorica #8
        • After Dental Treatment or Oral Surgery: Calcarea Phosphorica #2, Ferrum Phosphoricum #4, Magnesia Phosphorica #8
        • After Tooth Extraction or Wisdom Teeth Removal: Ferrum Phosphoricum #4, Silicea #12
        • Dental Emergencies: Calcarea Fluorica #1, Calcarea Phosphoric #2, Magnesia Phosphorica #8, Silicea #12
        • Canker Sores and Cold Sores: Natrum Muriaticum #9, Kali Muriaticum #5
        • Dry Mouth: Natrum Muriaticum #9
        • Oral Lichen Planus: Kali Muriaticum #5, Kalil Sulphuricum #7, Silicea #12
        • Gingivitis (6-week therapy): Calcarea Fluorica #1, Ferrum Phosphoricum #4, Kali Phosphoriucm #6, Magnesia Phosphorica #8
        • Periodontitis (6-week therapy following gingivitis therapy above): Calcarea Fluorica #1, Calcarea Phosphorica #2, Kali Sulphuricum #7, Silicea #12

        Scroll down to the end of the article for a chart to print or download.

        lactose-free Cell Salts Kit by Anna's Remedies

        Cell Salts Kit
        (12 oral sprays for the price of 10)

        How to Take Cell Salts for Gum and Tooth Health

        No matter which liquid minerals you choose to boost your oral health from among those we offer, our Anna's Remedies brand of lactose-free tissue salts for teeth in the form of oral sprays are fast-absorbing and easy-to-use.

        Compounded in our certified homeopathic pharmacy, they are produced in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), FDA, and cGMP regulations and made here in the U.S.

        Simply squirt two sprays of these cell salts for teeth into your mouth three or four times a day. You can take cell salts more often — up to every 15 minutes or so — to alleviate acute pain, but reduce the frequency of use when you see improvement.

        Alternatively, you can spray the liquid into a few tablespoons of water in a small glass and sip slowly. Always take cell salts in an empty mouth so they can be absorbed well by the mucous membranes.

        For children under 12 use one spray. Dilute the spray in water as described above for children under 6. Consider using warm water and let the alcohol evaporate for 10 minutes before administration or administer one tablespoon of the liquid only for small children.

        You can also spray a day’s worth of squirts into your water bottle and sip throughout the day. Questions about our homeopathic remedies for tooth pain? Send us an email to

        Tissue Salts for Dental Health Chart

        Download or print the chart below.

        *“Toothache and Gum Disease Treatment with Homeopathy and Schuessler Salts” by Robert Kopf

        Please note: Descriptions grounded in homeopathic practice. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

        Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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