Cancer and the Cell Salt Calcarea Fluorica

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Zodiac sign Cancer paired with cell salt Calcarea Fluorica

The zodiac sign Cancer, represented by the crab, is profoundly connected to the cell salt Calcarea Fluorica (Calc Fluor). This salt plays a crucial role in maintaining the elasticity and strength of various tissues in the body, aligning with Cancer's nurturing and protective nature.

Those born under this celestial sign are associated with gems black onyx and emerald. They are connected to astral colors green and russet-brown and are ruled by the moon. Cancer means dwelling place or habitation which is directly connected to the crab carrying its home with them.

In this post, we’ll explore Cancer’s relationship with the tissue salt Calc Fluor and its best uses for better health support. We’ll learn the story of the crab, how it found its way into the night sky, and how Calc Fluor, the moon, and the crab influence the water sign’s personality traits.

“The tenacity of those born between the dates June 21 and July 22, in holding on to a home or dwelling place is well illustrated by the crab’s grip, and also by the fact that it carries its house along wherever it goes in order that it may be sure of a dwelling.”

-Inez E. Perry in The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

The Elasticity Cell Salt: How Calc Fluor Influences Cancer's Maternal Instincts and Physical Health

Cancer, the moon, and cell salt calc fluor

Calcium Fluoride – English for Calcarea Fluorica – is a combination of the minerals fluoride and lime/calcium, essential for the formation of elastic fibers in our body, and known as the elasticity cell salt in Dr. Schuessler’s 12 cell salts therapy.

The fluoride of lime is found in tooth enamel, connective tissues, and the elastic fiber of all muscular tissue.

These fibers are responsible for providing flexibility and support to tissues, including blood vessels, muscles, and the connective tissue between the cerebrum and cerebellum. We’ll show later how a deficiency in this cell salt can affect the fibers' elasticity and thus, different parts of your health.

Cancer is first and foremost associated with the breast, which is often why it is considered the mother sign of the zodiac, and those who are Cancerian are associated with maternal instincts. It is also the most fertile of the 12 astral signs and in ancient lore, is deemed the house of physical conception.

The other body parts associated with this sign and cell salt combination include the stomach, spleen, and – as mentioned earlier – elastic tissues. Ruled by the moon, whose expansive and contractile nature is expressed by the terms waxing and waning, so too does Calc Fluor govern the elastic tissues' expansion and contraction.

While Cancerians are more likely to be deficient in Calc Fluor, many people can experience a deficiency particularly if Mars or Mercury is in Cancer at their birth. As these planets rule other signs, Gemini, Virgo, and Aries, specifically, they can have similar traits to Cancer, including a deficiency in Calc Fluor.

Calc Fluor is often used when the tissues have become excessively rigid or, adversely, overly relaxed. Common Calcerea Fluorica deficiencies affect different parts of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the best uses for cell salt Calc Fluor.

Cell Salt Calcarea Flurorica

Best Uses of Cell Salt Calc Fluor

Bone and Teeth Support

Possibly the most popular use of this tissue salt is to help support bone and teeth health.

Bones may become brittle and break easily. As we age, we become more susceptible to developing osteoporosis, particularly women. Calc Fluor helps to sustain bone health, particularly as bones thin out over time, developing into osteoporosis.

A deficiency of cell salt Calc Fluor may lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, thin or brittle enamel, loose teeth, and a cracked tongue. The addition of Calcium Fluoride helps to support all parts of oral health, including teeth development in young people.

Cell Salt Calc Fluor can be added individually, or as part of a combination spray made to support better bone and teeth health overall.

Bone & Teeth Health Cell Salts

The Bone & Teeth Health liquid spray includes Calc Flour 6X, Calc Phos 6X, and Silicea (Silica) 6X.

  • Calc Phos – aids with the formation of healthy bones and teeth.
  • Silicea – helps strengthen weak bones and teeth.

Improved Skin Elasticity

When deficient in calcium fluoride, the skin becomes chapped and cracked, fissures can form between the toes, around the fingers, corners of the mouth, and other parts of the body.

As Calc Fluor helps regulate tissue elasticity, it is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from sagging skin, stretch marks, varicose veins, and wrinkles. It also helps create supple skin from that which is cracked or callused.

The Skin Nourishing Cell Salts Kit contains Calcerea Fluorica as well as the following cell salts:

  • Kali Sulphuricum – aids with cellular oxygenation and can improve the look and feel of dry skin.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – helps balance and hydrate the skin and minimize pores.
  • Silicea – promotes collagen production, helps to rid skin of pore-clogging pus, and strengthens your skin.
Skin Nourishing Cell Salts Kit

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

A deficiency in Calcium Fluoride can create troubles in the connective tissues or threads between the cerebrum and cerebellum (important parts of the brain).

Kali Mur builds these threads where Calc Fluor is necessary to blend with them to make them elastic and capable of expanding and contracting.

Scientifically they are known as the Arachnoid membrane and are interceded between the pia mater and the dura mater. We talk about Kali Mur’s connection to the threads in our zodiac post, Gemini and the Cell Salt Kali Mur and the Threads that Bind.

But as we learn more about Cancer and Calc Fluor, these threads would be incapable of any flexibility without the elastic cell salt. As these threads begin at the base of the brain, a deficiency of cell salts Kali Mur and Calc Fluor can have an effect on mental well-being.

Cell salt calc Fluor
Cell Salt Calcarea Fluorica
Cell Salt Kali Muriaticum

Next, as Aries is connected to the cerebrum – and also forms a 90-degree angle with Cancer, when one becomes low on Cancer’s cell salt Calc Fluor and Aries’ cell salt Kali Phos, it is likely that it becomes extremely difficult for one to express oneself and to become forgetful.

This is otherwise known as being “at a loss for words” or as having “cobwebs in the brain". When the elastic threads in our brain lose elasticity, they are unable to contract as needed. Our memory fails to be recalled and our electricity of thought is unable to flow freely along its natural grooves.

Cell Salt Kali Phosphoricum
Cell Salt Calcarea Fluorica

Perry mentions an interesting anecdote in “The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation”. Before we knew about the importance of minerals in our diet, people who had become deficient over the years in Calcium Fluoride used to report experiencing moments of foolishness or “lunacy” during a full moon. This is of special interest to astrologers as Cancer is ruled by the moon.

This phenomenon was then believed to be a brain disease and is today relieved thanks to mineral supplementation. Calcium and fluoride are essential minerals, and cell salt Calcarea Fluorica offers an excellent and safe way to benefit from the healing properties of fluoride without any toxic effects.

Bonus Remedies

Cell salt Calc Fluor is also beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids, back pain, and body sprains, if experiencing poor circulation, and as a necessary part of postpartum recovery.

The Story of Hercules, Hera, and the Crab

Hercules was born from an affair Zeus had with a Theban woman, Alcmene. As perhaps a cruel joke, the baby is given the name, Hercules, which means glorious gift of Hera.

Hera, Zeus’ wife, soon discovers her husband’s secret and becomes blind with rage. She sends two snakes to strangle baby Hercules in his sleep, but as a demigod, his magnificent strength allows him to kill the snakes instead.

Many years later, Hera’s hatred for Hercules would continue. She decides to make Hercules insane, and he kills his wife and children in a fit of madness.

After his recovery, he is overcome with grief and goes to the god Apollo for help. Apollo sends him to King Eurystheus who gives Hercules Twelve Labors to complete as a way to repent.

Despite Hercules killing his wife and three boys, Hera is still not satisfied.

She sends a crab to assist the Hydra, a dangerous water serpent Hercules is to defeat as one of his Twelve Labors. Hercules defeats both the Hydra and kills the crab. Hera rewards the crab’s tenacity and strength by placing him in the sky as Cancer.

Cancer Personality Traits

Just as a crab holds tight onto something, so too do Cancerians hold tight. Known for their tenacious personality, they often put up a tough exterior, shielding their soft inside, and protecting themselves from the world. But behind their hard shell, they are kind and caring.

As they are known for their maternal instincts, those born under this sign are extremely family-oriented and care greatly for their loved ones; they work hard to protect them. They are loyal and supportive and are naturally ambitious.

Cancer is one of the four signs making up the cardinal or creative cross. Signs that make up this cross have to do with creative functions, being innovative, and being willing to tackle new projects or take the initiative. They are also ambitious and make great leaders.

The cell salt Calc Fluor reinforces the above traits both physically and emotionally. Just as Calc Fluor helps the fibers within our bodies stay flexible and protected, so too do Cancerians have a protective yet adaptive ability to changing circumstances.

Lastly, as the cell salt and astral sign are both associated with the moon’s cyclical nature, Cancerians may experience synched mood fluctuations and enhanced intuition.

A deficiency of Calcium Fluoride can greatly affect not only a person’s bone, teeth, skin, and mental health but the very nature of their existence. For without cell salt Calcerea Fluorica, the creation of the human body could not take place.

Additional Resources

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For further exploration of the intriguing relationship between astrology and cell salts, we recommend reading The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George W. Carey and Inez E. Perry.

Note: This blog offers a simplified understanding of the complex relationship between Cancer and cell salt Calcarea Fluorica and our overall health. For comprehensive health guidance, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional or an expert in holistic medicine.

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The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George W. Carey and Inez E. Perry.

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