Aries and the Cell Salt Kali Phos

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Zodiac sign Aries and its connection to cell salt Kali Phos

Known to many as the Ram or Lamb, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, covering the dates of March 21 to April 19. It is the sign that aligns with the spring equinox, the time of year when the days and nights are of equal length.

For many, this is a time of awakening; it is a resurrection of all nature. If we consider that each person on earth is a human battery, a collection of cells, it is this time of the year that we receive our recharge, including our spiritual electricity from the heavens and stars above.

Associated with the head, it is no wonder that people born under this sign are often the ones to charge headfirst into challenging situations. The gems belonging to Arians are diamond and amethyst, noting that it’s likely no coincidence that diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world.  Arians’ astral colors are white and rose pink.

Throughout this post, we’ll take a deeper look at how important the brain and head play a role in this celestial sign, how pivotal the cell or tissue salt Kali Phos is, what ailments it is best known for aiding, and how this fire sign’s status as a cardinal point of the compass reveals more about the Ram’s personality.

Aries and it's connection to cell salt Kali Phosphoricum

Aries: The Brain's Guardian and Its Connection with Cell Salt Kali Phos

“If the mind is able to function clearly it will throw light on every subject – it will illuminate and thus reveal all things to man.”

- Inez E. Perry in The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

According to ancient knowledge, Aries was recognized as the “Lamb of God,” which represents the head or brain of the body. The brain, as we all well know, controls and guides the body. The nerve fluid within the brain is potassium Phosphate, otherwise known as, Kali Phosphoricum or short, Kali Phos.

cell salt Kali Phosphoricum
Kali Phosphoricum
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The Ram, being the animal associated with Aries, is known to butt or bat with its head, when engaged in conflict. Is it any surprise then that those born under the sign of Aries are viewed as being headstrong? But what many do not realize, is that they are also known as brain workers.

Aries demonstrate lots of energy, show determination, and are earnest in all that they do, and as such, they risk using up their brain vitalizers, more frequently. This means they are more likely to need a boost of Kali Phos because Kali Phos helps to refuel yourself and bring about a healthy energy balance.

This head association further connects to the optic thalamus, also known as the third eye, located in the center of the forehead. The third eye is recognized by many as where our intuition lies. Those who study the art of yoga, identify it as the third eye chakra.

It is our gut feeling, an inner teacher if you will, and it is also associated with mental clarity. Is it any wonder, then, that a deficiency in Kali Phos is also connected with poor memory, memory loss, mental exhaustion, and difficulty concentrating?

Lastly, the cerebrum is connected to the spinal cord and sensory nerves within the body. As you’ll soon learn, Kali Phos is the number one nerve-supporting cell salt for stressful situations. Aries, and its connection to the cerebrospinal system, sends energy down into the body helping to rejuvenate it within.

Cell Salt Kali Phos and the Key to Nervous System Harmony

For our bodies to take in oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon (all essential for survival), the presence of all cell salts is mandatory. Oxygen, for example, requires Ferrum (iron) to be within the blood, which you can learn more about in our Pisces and Cell Salt Ferr Phos blog.

Kali Phosphoricum ignites the invisible fire in nature and helps to harness it within the body. It has the highest vibration rate of all tissue salts and, as such, helps to supply electric energy throughout the body.

An important healing agent, it runs through our nerves, much like electrical wires, enabling all systems within the body to work together and sustain life. Dr. Carey, in his book The Biochemic System of Medicine, tells us “The gray matter of the brain is controlled entirely by the inorganic cell salt potassium phosphate.”

So, when the brain is depleted of its essential nerve fluid, causing stress, anxiety, or sleeplessness to appear, reach for cell salt Kali Phos to re-supply the body with this formidable nerve remedy.

Stress, Anxiousness, & Fatigue Remedies

Let’s take a an even closer look at some of the deficiencies that can occur when there is a lack of all important nerve-supporting cell salt Kali Phos.

Deficiencies, Remedies, and Insights of Cell Salt Kali Phos

Adding cell salt Kali Phos to our repertoire can help with many nervous conditions – emotional and physical. Some key physical examples include neuralgia, nervous headaches, nervous asthma, skin rashes, and upset stomach.

Children who find themselves struggling with confidence and are a bundle of nerves at school can take Kali Phos as a way to help calm their nerves. It can also help those suffering from grumpiness, and depression, and require a boost to their spirits.

Anyone, who, let’s be honest, it's almost all of us these days, finds their nerves frazzled after a long day at work, will appreciate the stability this tissue salt gives. Parents who feel pushed to their limit will find that their equilibrium may be restored and a calm state returned with the help of Kali Phos.

Are you among the many who tend to eat when you’re overwhelmed? Those who struggle with binge eating, due to stress or find they have cravings for more food, especially sweets, even after they have finished a good meal, may find they are deficient in Kali Phos and can add this as a way to help control these cravings.

Lastly, those who suffer from extreme nervousness, have mental or physical exhaustion, and want more balanced mood support, could benefit greatly from this nerve-supporting tissue salt. Here are some of our top suggestions to cover a variety of symptoms.

Best Uses of Cell Salt Kali Phos

Kali Phos for Improved Mental Focus and to Fight Fatigue

Kali Phos is the number one cell salt for brain function. It supports the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis – which helps us adapt to stressful situations. If you find yourself in a brain fog, unable to focus, or experiencing mental exhaustion and fatigue, cell salt Kali Phos will help provide much-needed relief.

Cell salt Kali phos

Kali Phosphoricum

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Kali Phos for Reducing Acute Stress Overwhelm and Feelings of Anxiousness

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or worried? You might like to try Peacefulí, our ever-popular anxiousness spray, which contains Kali Phos among other key natural homeopathic ingredients. It also helps you to get a better night’s sleep. Consider adding some extra doses of Kali Phos during the day for even more nerve support.

homeopathic anxiousness spray
Cell Salt Kali Phos

If life gets overwhelming, as for so many of us, browse HomeoapthyStore's many high-quality natural and homeopathic stress remedies.

Kali Phos for Pain Relief

Those who find themselves struggling with pain aggravated by nervous conditions, including toothache, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, numbness and/or tingling, or other nerve pain might like to pair Kali Phos with cell salt Magnesia Phosphorica, or Mag Phos, a nerve and muscle relaxant cell salt.

lactose free cell salts Kali Phos 6X
Cell Salt Kali Phos
homeopathic cell salt Kali Phos
Cell Salt Mag Phos
homeopathic cell salt Mag Phos

Kali Phos for a Better Chance at Weight Loss

Kali Phos is a part of our Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit and helps strengthen the nervous system putting a stop to emotional eating and helping to reduce unhealthy cravings. It is paired with cell salt Nat Phos, which helps to improve the body’s digestion, and cell salt Nat Sulph, which works to support the liver and remove unwanted toxins and waste from the body.

Weight loss cell salts kit

Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit

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Aries, the Cardinal Cross, and How This Guides Key Personality Traits

In the same manner that we have four seasons, so too do these seasons mark the four points of the cardinal cross of nature and of the human body. The four signs that belong to these points are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

While the spring equinox is the return of creative energy, the fall equinox is the diminishing power of the sun’s energy. It is the polar opposite of spring and is a time for harvesting and storing energy for the winter.

This out-pouring of energy in nature occurs during what is known as the first month of the astrological year. This is when the sun is passing through the constellation of Aries. Aries falls within approximately three weeks of April, from the Latin term aperio, which means to uncover or make accessible. To many, this is interpreted as a time of year when the creative power is most accessible.

All four of the points are opposites, Capricorn is earth, Cancer is water, Libra is air, and Aries is fire, and yet, despite being opposites, they are all about trying new things and feeling innovative.

Those born under one of the above four signs are considered natural-born leaders.
As Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, a planet of action, desire, and energy, so too will those born under this celestial sign find they have an alignment with these traits. Mars is also the planet of war, and as such, doesn’t hold a special place within Greek mythology as we’ve seen in the other signs we’ve touched upon.

Just as the rabbit is associated with spring and Easter, so too do those born at this time of year walk with a springing step. Lastly, while Aries people are natural doubters, they won’t stop until they figure out what they need to do for themselves. Some might say, they have a stubborn streak.

But don’t ever point that out to them. 😊

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Note: This blog offers a simplified understanding of the complex relationship between Aries and the cell salt Kali Phosphoricum and our overall health. For comprehensive health guidance, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional or an expert in holistic medicine.

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