Pisces and the Cell Salt Ferrum Phosphoricum

Pisces and the Cell Salt Ferrum Phosphoricum

Pisces and the Cell Salt Ferrum Phosphoricum

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, is recognizable by many as two fish bound together. Those born under this sign fall between February 19 and March 20 and have a strong connection to the tissue salt Ferrum Phosphoricum, or short Ferr Phos.

This connection extends to metaphysical and mythological references, but it also has significant health implications and can be an identifier of personality traits.

In this post, we will delve deeper into the intriguing relationship the two share, shedding light on the connection between astrology and health through the lens of cell salts and the astrological interpretations from experts over the years.

The Mythological Tapestry of Pisces: From the Sea Monster to the Divine Fish

The Greek mythological aspects of the Pisces fish are rich and multifaceted. The sign is associated with the intriguing ancient tale of Aphrodite and Eros (Venus and Cupid from a Roman perspective) with two different outcomes.

The story begins when Aphrodite and Eros are taking a stroll along the shore of the Euphrates River when they spot the enemy of the Gods, Typhon (or Typhoeus), a giant serpent coming towards them. To save themselves, they leaped into the depths of the water.

Now, here’s where the variations in the story split. Some say that with the help of Zeus, he turns them into fish so they can avoid drowning and swim away to safety. The second variation, states that the Ichthyes, two large Syrian fish, rescued Aphrodite and her son.

If you look up to the heavens, you can see the story unfold in the stars where Aphrodite honors the fish by dedicating a part of the night sky to them. Those who believe this variation, claim that these fish were the same as Aphros and Bythos, who are described in the tale of bringing Aphrodite to shore after her birth from the foam of sea waves. They are often shown as two fish bonded together.

Pisces fish bonded together in the stars
Today, Pisces is still associated with the sea and the planet Neptune. It stands as a representation of two Divine fish and is connected to the idea of regeneration. These fish are connected with many cultures’ history, including the god Dagon of the Philistines. They are also the two fish from which Jesus fed 5000 people. 

Understanding Pisces and Cell Salt Ferr Phos’ Kinship with Oxygen

“[Iron’s] use produces marvelous results, it brings an increased supply of Spirit or Cosmic Energy into the blood and from thence into all parts of the body to make it more alive.”

- Inez E. Perry in The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

Cell Salt Ferr Phos, otherwise known as phosphate of iron, is viewed as the foundation of healthy blood. This magnetic mineral is crucial to the circulation of oxygen within the body. It brings oxygen-rich blood to cells and areas in need of repair. It relieves inflammation, fever, acute injuries, colds, coughs, low iron levels, and helps regain energy.

Cell Salt Ferr Phos
Cell Salt Ferr Phos Oral Spray by AnnaKare

We know that Neptune rules the Earthly waters, both fresh and salt. If these waters become foul, monsters are bred. Similarly, the blood in our bodies is ruled by this same astrological force, and it too can become fouled with monsters, only these monsters are known as disease.

So how does our blood become fouled? Iron is crucial for pulling and pushing oxygen via our blood to all parts of our bodies. When iron is lacking or imbalanced, the body needs to find an alternative way to help get oxygen where it needs to go.

One way in which this occurs is through increased circulation. This increased motion causes friction and heat, otherwise known as a fever. Dr. Carey describes this conundrum as follows, “exactly as seven men must move faster in order to accomplish as much work as could ten, moving at a slower pace.”

Health Implications of Imbalanced Iron Levels

Fever is derived from the same Latin root word as ferrum and means boiling heat. Even the word ferocious – again, same root – means fierce, rough, and uncontrolled.

When our iron levels are low, fever and inflammation can take hold and we feel weak, lethargic, and susceptible to illness. When the levels are high, we feel strong and energetic, and our immune system can fight off disease and weaknesses.

When oxygen via Ferr Phos can’t get to cells and tissues in need of repair, infection, pain, and congestion can occur. How is it that this mineral has such a strong control over our health and life?

Iron is one of the most important and abundant metals in nature. Consider how human’s strongest machinery is made from iron. It serves as a strong framework, just as the body uses it for strength. The iron found in the earth is said to be of meteoric origin.

The watery ether above us (the air and higher strata) is filled with invisible specks or atoms of Ferrum, the same as the iron in the earth and our bodies. Without iron, the ether couldn’t penetrate into our bodies.

In terms of cell or tissue salts, this means that we can feel an imbalance of Ferr Phos in our bodies and that which is in the ether above. When we are deficient in iron, we feel the weight of the iron from the surrounding air, as pressure on the body. This can make us feel weak and cause a lack of resistance to disease.

This is also why Ferr Phos is a powerful tissue salt helpful in the early stage of most acute disorders. It is known as the first-aid cell salt, and it would be hard to find an illness where it shouldn’t be considered together with other tissue salts to bring about relief.

Three Key Impacts Ferr Phos Has on Other Cell Salt Absorption

1. Cell Salt Ferr Phos for Colds, Coughs, Flus, and Bronchitis

Blood absorbs all cell salts. When we become deficient in iron, other deficiencies soon follow. Typically, cell salt Kali Mur, or potassium chloride in English, is the first to go. Those who feel they are coming down with a cold are well advised to add Kali Mur to Ferrum Phos to help them resupply, support their lymphatic system, and fight off invaders.

Many people may not realize, the connection iron molecules have with the common cold. A cold is nature’s way of cleaning “house”. In the case of iron, a deficiency will result in inflammation, and Ferr Phos is recommended during all stages of a respiratory infection such as a cold, flu, or bronchitis.

lactose-free Cold & Flu Cell Salts Kit
Cold & Flu Cell Salts Kit
Cold and flu cell salts

Even before you get sick and as a general cold & flu season immunity booster, during fall and winter, make it a habit to reach for Ferr Phos.

At the first moment when you feel that tickle in your throat that may announce a respiratory infection, this is when you should add cell salt Calc Sulph alongside Ferr Phos. It can help restrict the development of the sore throat from becoming worse and potentially more severe symptoms.

If despite your best efforts, you enter the first stage of a common cold, use cell salts Ferr Phos and Kali Mur as described above.

When your cold arrives at the stage where the mucus is yellow and sticky and hard to expectorate, switch to Ferr Phos and cell salt Kali Sulph. This will promote perspiration, help get rid of the phlegm, can break a fever, and move you on to the healing process.

Those who suspect they may have the flu will want to include cell salt Nat Sulph to help them remove waste fluids, support the liver, and fight off fatigue. To learn more about which cell salts are best to combine with Ferr Phos to help fight off which cold, flu, and cough symptoms, it’s in our blog Cell Salts for Colds with a detailed chart.

2. Cell Salt Ferr Phos for First Aid, Injuries, and After Workouts

As oxygen-carrier, Ferr Phos is know as the "first-aid" cell salt and your got-to after injuries, sprains, a hard workout, and of course for bruises. Think of Ferr Phos as the Arnica among the tissue salts.

It is a must-have for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and travelers and also helps soothe cuts, grazes, and nosebleeds. To help heal a wound more quickly, pair it with the blood-cleanser cell salt Calc Sulph.

3. Cell Salt Ferr Phos for Anemia and Stronger Immunity

Alongside cell salt Calc Phos, Ferr Phos is used to aid those who suffer from low hemoglobin levels and anemia, who want to strengthen their immunity, and whenever you are eager to recover more quickly and fully from an illness. And who wouldn't want to feel better sooner, more refreshed, and more restored?

If your doctor suggests an iron supplement, turn to cell salt Ferr Phos. Tissue salts are praised for their excellent absorption rate and not known for side effects or over-supplementation. They fill the gaps where other mineral supplementation is lacking and stimulate the body to better regulate mineral levels itself.

On a vegetarian or vegan diet? Focusing on consuming foods made from plants, such as vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits, is healthy and environmentally responsible, but you are more likely to have lower iron stores. Think of adding Ferrum Phos to your daily routine! It will help you assimilate, retain, and deploy the nutrients and minerals in your wholesome food better and help you feel your best.

Last but not least, women during their menstrual cycle who tend toward heavy periods and suffer from anemia and fatigue from blood loss will also want to add Ferr Phos as part of their monthly routine to help keep their iron levels up.

Lactose-free vegan cell salt sprays
Schuessler Cell Salts
Cell Salt Sprays by AnnaKare

The Magnetic Healers: Exploring the Compassionate and Imaginative Nature of Pisces Individuals

Those born under this sign are believed to possess a great magnetic force. This energy directly ties in with the cell salt Ferr Phos, otherwise referred to as iron, which also shares a magnetic force as a magnetic mineral. Traits of Pisceans include kindness, creativity, and spirituality.

This water sign is the only other zodiac sign, beyond Aquarius corresponding with cell salt Nat Mur, which is ruled by two planets, Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the spiritual and positive ruler of this fish sign while Jupiter stands for the prodigal son and represents the negative side.

Having dual planets ruling helps give those born under this astrological sign an imaginative nature and gives them a deep connection to their dreams. They have a higher level of empathy and strong creative capabilities. But they are also methodical, mathematical, and logical.

Symbolic Significance of Pisces as the Last Sign of the Zodiac

The astral colors related to Pisceans are pink, white, emerald-green, and black while the gems are pink-shell, moonstone, and chrysolite. The body part that is associated with the celestial fish is the feet, and as the last of 12 signs, this end has a dual purpose.

The first is the word heel meaning an end, the end part of a foot or a loaf of bread is called a heel. The word associated with Pisces is attainment or goal, which is the end result of any work we set out to do, therefore it often also relates to the end of a cycle.

According to the book The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by physician George W. Carey and astrologer Inez E. Perry, “Metaphysically, Pisces relates to understanding. When the understanding is active, one can travel far mentally.” This is a secondary interpretation back to the body part, feet, which are what we use when we set out on a journey for travel.

Parting Insights

The ethereal and intuitive nature of Pisces finds a harmonious resonance with the balancing properties of cell salt Ferr Phos. Just as Pisceans have a magnetic presence, the iron cell salt Ferr Phos serves as a vital force that supports the physical health of all beings and magnetically works to stabilize our body's iron levels.

By embracing the healing potential of cell salt Ferrum Phosphoricum, you can cultivate a holistic approach to your well-being that honors both the physical and metaphysical aspects of your life.

Additional Resources

If you'd like to learn more about other zodiac signs and their connection to tissue salts, go to our anchor blog Cell Salts and the Zodiac, which will lead you to more detailed insights about each sign and its corresponding cell salt.

For further exploration of the intriguing relationship between astrology and cell salts, we recommend reading The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by George W. Carey and Inez E. Perry.

Note: This blog offers a simplified understanding of the complex relationship between Pisces and Ferrum Phosphoricum and our overall health. For comprehensive health guidance, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional or an expert in holistic medicine.

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