Biochemic Phosphates — Natural Remedies to Calm the Nerves, Lower Stress, and Much More

Back to School with the 5 Phosphate Cell Salts

Of Dr. Schuessler’s 12 indispensable cell salts, it is the 5 biochemic phosphates that have earned even more popularity. In addition to taking each phosphate cell salt for very specific conditions and reaping great benefits, the use of the 5 biochemic phosphates simultaneously — 2 sprays of each salt a few times a day — can provide significant relief when stress, hectic schedules and demands leave the nerves strained and overloaded. This is why they work so well at the start of a new school year and why it’s a good idea to add them to your family’s health plan this fall. Don't feel like taking 5? Take Kali Phos and Mag Phos to focus on calming the most important cells and tissues of your nervous system!

Kali Phosphate

Kali Phos, short for Kali Phosphate or Kali Phosphoricum, and also known as Potassium Phosphate — Cell Salt #6 — is the de-stress cell salt for the pressure of tight schedules and deadlines and used to improve memory and concentration. Also relieves physical and nervous conditions provoked by stress such as skin rashes, nervous asthma, and stress headaches.

lactose-free cell salt Kali Phos
Kali Phosphate
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Magnesium Phosphate

Mag Phos, short for Magnesia Phosphate or Magnesium Phosphorica  — Cell Salt #8 — is a well-known pain, cramp and deep nerve remedy no longer sufficiently provided by modern-day nutrition. This is why it is excellent for nervous conditions resulting from magnesium deficiencies. Use Mag Phos for cramps, muscle spasms and twitching, migraines, sciatica, and any nerve related pain which is aggravated by cold but soothed by heat and pressure.

lactose-free cell salt Magnesia Phosphorica
Magnesium Phosphate
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Calcium Phosphate

Calc Phos, short for Calcium Phosphate or Calcarea Phosphorica — also known as Cell Salt #2 — is a know natural restorative remedy and concerned with bone growth and cell nutrition. Calc Phos is useful for growth spurts, puberty, muscle aches and pains when back to school also means increased physical exercise, and for strengthening the immune system in preparation for flu season.

lactose-free cell salt Calcarea Phosphorica by Anna's Remedies

Calcium Phosphate
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Ferrum Phosphate

Ferr Phos, short for Ferrum Phosphate or Ferrum Phosphoricum, and also known as Iron Phosphate — Cell Salt #4 — is the first response remedy for inflammation and infection. Use at the onset of fever, flu, and colds and to speed healing of sprains, strains, cuts, and minor wounds. Can be applied topically close to wounds and cuts to control bleeding.

lactose-free cell salt Ferrum Phosphoricum by Anna's Remedies
Ferrum Phosphate
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Natrum Phosphate

Nat Phos, short for Natrum Phosphate or Natrum Phosphoricum — Cell Salt #10 — is the acid fighting cell salt remedy relieving indigestion from rushed or unhealthy eating choices, staying up late studying or partying, hangover, over-indulgence in greasy foods, and sleeplessness from indigestion.

lactose-free cell salt Natrum Phosphoricum by Anna's Remedies
Natrum Phosphate
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Make a Stress Relieving Drink

You can squirt 2 sprays of each phosphate cell salt into your mouth, or you can spray them into a cup of water. I love to make a soothing drink right before I start to work in the morning or before going to sleep at night. The 5 biochemic phosphates are arguably the most popular cell salts because of their combined positive effect on our nerves and mind. They help lower stress, calm the nerves, increase wellness and energy, soothe the stomach, and help you sleep

SPECIAL TIP: Add 10 sprays of each salt to your water bottle. Add more water as you drink and sip along all day.

Explain again please: What are the 12 Famous Cell Salts by Schuessler?

The 12 cell salts, or tissue salts, are part of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler’s biochemical therapy which treats common ailments by correcting mineral imbalances in the cells and tissues. Schuessler was a 19th century medical professional looking for a short list of safe, natural remedies to treat conditions on a cellular level.

Inspired by contemporary research into the composition and function of human cells, Schuessler analyzed tissue samples from various parts of the body to ascertain the predominant minerals of each. The result was a list of 12 mineral salts which he further categorized by symptoms and affinity with bodily functions.

Similar to homeopathic remedies, the cell salts are easily absorbed by the mucous membranes. They bypass the digestive system thus making it possible for individuals with inefficient digestion to receive the benefits of the cell salts, and preventing incompatibility with other ingested medications. 

Biochemic salts are popular worldwide for their availability, safety, and user-friendliness — a short list of 12 cell salts is easier for beginners to start with than the 100+ remedies found in homeopathy. Cell salts are safe for children, the elderly, and even pets, and can be taken alongside other prescription medication.

Homeopathy Store carries the cell salts in form of liquid sprays with a base of pure water and organic alcohol. The sprays are vegan and lactose-free.

The cell salts are available to order individually or as a combination remedy of all 12, called Cellergy, ideal for sports activities and as a travel companion.

12 Schuessler Cell Salts
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