Natural Support for Healthy Blood Pressure

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Cell Salts and Healthy Habits to Help Maintain Blood Flow and Circulation

High blood pressure is a common condition that affects 1/3 of adult Americans according to the CDC, and another 1/3 are diagnosed with prehypertension which is when the readings are higher than normal but not yet considered HPB. It is a very serious but fortunately — once you have been diagnosed and have started to work with your healthcare provider — controllable condition. Regular blood pressure checks and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for everybody over the age of 40 and "at risk" groups including smokers, workaholics, and people with increased amounts of stress. Below, find information about natural remedies, healthy foods, and daily habits that can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, support blood flow and circulation, and increase your overall well-being. Always talk to your doctor about your high blood pressure treatments.

Homeopathic Support for Healthy Blood Pressure

Calcarea Fluorica and Kali Phosphoricum are cell salt remedies that support circulation, improve the elasticity of veins and skin, and help balance overall body functions. Discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler in the 19th century, they have been used for over 150 years to support a healthy lifestyle and are safe to take with other medicines.

Calcarea Fluorica
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Drinks & Exercise to Help Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, get your blood pressure checked regularly to monitor your progress and to motivate yourself to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In addition to natural remedies, be sure to exercise regularly, reduce stress, smoking, and alcohol, and rid your diet of foods with excess salt, sugar, fat, preservatives, and chemicals.

Almost as important as eliminating unhealthy foods is adding the nutrients which will lower blood pressure. One of the easiest ways is adding power-packed shakes and drinks. Following is a list of the best drinks to lower blood pressure.

  • Hibiscus tea — strengthens the blood vessels, making them less likely to narrow
  • Coconut water — is full of potassium which reduces and balances the blood pressure
  • Un-sweetened cranberry juice — contains high levels of Vitamin C to lower blood pressure and repair damage to blood vessels
  • Beetroot juice — contains folate, potassium, nitrates, all of which lower blood pressure
  • Shakes made of antioxidant-filled fruits and vegetables. Consider celery, carrot, capsicum (also known as red pepper or paprika), blueberries, bananas, kale, Swiss chard. Add to a base of kefir, freshly squeezed orange juice, or any of the above-mentioned liquids.
  • Non-fat or low-fat milk — if you regularly drink milk, switch to low- or non-fat. You’ll still get the calcium and potassium which helps lower blood pressure, but without as high levels of palmitic acid, a substance which hinders the relaxing of the blood vessels.
  • And last, but not least — water. Water reduces sodium retention, which is one of the leading causes of hypertension. Be sure to drink enough water for your body type and weight. A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in pounds by 2, then drink that many ounces a day, i.e. 160 pounds/2 = 80 ounces a day.

It is vital to incorporate moderate and regular exercise into your daily schedule to control high blood pressure, and the same is true for relaxation practices. Exercise makes your heart stronger. Aerobic exercises are especially recommended, and they include daily chores such as walking to work, climbing stairs, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the house. Dancing, swimming, cycling, and running are also recommended. Two of the best relaxation techniques are deep, abdominal breathing and the yoga pose Savasana.


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