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Preparing for the 2015 Allergy Season

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Anna | Natural Health Advocate

Natural Remedies that Help You Breathe & Decrease Hypersensitivities

When it comes to allergy season, preparation is everything. Here is our short list of the most effective natural remedies, time-tested cell salts, and a special guide for how to reduce allergic reactions and enjoy the outdoors this coming spring and summer.

Allergy Escape Spray

Our popular mouth spray works with your body to help it overcome hypersensitivities naturally. Formulated to stop sneezing, itching, runny and stuffy nose, watery and prickling eyes, heavy head, and puffy skin. Also recommended to recover from insect bites. Allergy Escape can be taken on an empty stomach and doesn’t cause drowsiness. Plus, we have prepared a guide for you on how to conquer the allergy season.

Allergy Escape
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Thymuline for Immunity

Remember this insider tip for boosting your immunity? It came to us from France and the French homeopathic cold & flu prevention protocol. Thymuline supports the Thymus gland which is a key organ of the immune system. The Thymus sits right behind the breastbone and protects the respiratory organs from viruses and bacteria. One dose of Thymuline per week is recommended during allergy season.

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Cell Salts for Allergy Support

Cell Salts are a home prescriber’s best friend. These deep acting mineral supplements can make your allergy season a whole lot better. Identify the ones that fit your symptoms best, and you may find relief far beyond your allergic reactions: Nat Mur for runny (clear discharge) or stuffy nose. Silicea for sneezing and itchy nose and eyes. And Calc Sulph for relieving yellow discharges from eyes and nose.

Natural Homeopathic cell salt natrum muriarticum
Natrum Muriaticum
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Natural Homeopathic cell salt silicea
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Natural homeopthic cell salt calcarea sulphurica

Detox to Clear Mucous Membranes

Allergies have been linked to an acidic environment in the intestines. Cleansing is the best preparation for the allergy season. Detox Escort works to cleanse colon, intestine, liver, lungs, sinuses, and more. It helps clear the mucous membranes and decrease susceptibility to allergic reactions. Start now, detox for 3 to 6 weeks, and build up your defenses. 

Detox Escort
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Rest & Exercise

Allergies are an immune system response, and sufferers are advised to take good care of themselves with moderate workout, relaxation and breathing exercises, and plenty of rest.

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