Sun Salutation for Weight-Loss

The sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is one of the most popular exercise combinations in yoga, and when done at the pace of one breath per movement can be a very effective weight-loss workout.

If you are still learning to perform the yoga poses found in sun salutation, it is better to perform the sequence slowly, not only to avoid injury but because the greatest weight loss benefits are found through correct performance of the posture, and not the speed of the practice.

Sun Salutation

  • Begin standing in mountain pose with your hands together at your heart, gaze soft, head over heart, heart over hips.
  • Inhale: Spread arms to either side and up and give a gentle back bend.
  • Exhale: Spread fingers wide as you dive your upper body down to your legs, chest open, head last to fall as you bring your hands to the floor and your head to your knees
  • Inhale: Bring the upper body to a flat back, hands on the floor or your shins.
  • Exhale: Back to forward fold
  • Inhale: Hands on either side of your legs, step or jump your feet back behind you to plank, or what looks like the top of a push-up.
  • Exhale: Keeping your elbows glued to your sides, lower down about a centimeter or two above the mat.
  • Inhale: Arch your torso up between your hands, resting the tops of your feet on the mat, and face turned towards the ceiling.
  • Exhale: Back to plank or top of the push-up and then to downward dog. Body in an upside-down V shape with palms flat on the mat, arms straight, seat driving to the ceiling, heels driving down towards the mat, and head between arms.
  • Inhale: Bend your knees and look between your hands.
  • Exhale: Step or jump your feet between your hands, bringing your upper body against your legs in forward fold.
  • Inhale: Reach your arms on either side of you as you come to stand and bring your hands to your heart.

Repeat the sequence as many times as you wish, remembering to match the movements to each inhale and exhale.

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