Schuessler Cell Salts for Pets and Other Animals

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Schuessler Cell Salts for Pets and Other Animals

How to Use Cell Salts on Cats, Dogs, Horses, Livestock, and More

Did you know that the popular Schuessler cell salts, often also called tissues salts, are not just for human ailments and conditions? Veterinarians, pet lovers, and livestock owners are turning to these esteemed and cherished natural remedies to find holistic solutions for their animals’ everyday health complaints and wellbeing.

It makes sense that some of the same remedies which repair and nourish our cells and organs would be suitable for our furry friends too, as the basic cellular structure of animals and humans are very similar. The DNA of dogs and humans, for example, are 84% similar. Domesticated animals and humans also share many of the same health conditions, such as joint injuries, obesity, digestive issues, anxiety and nervousness.

The Schuessler cell salts are a good way to start addressing your pet's ailments more naturally, and even beginners find the list of 12 tissue salts easy enough to use.

Particular conditions can be addressed with one or two and sometimes three of the individual cell salts. Following is a list of common ailments of dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, and other animals which can be attended to with Schuessler Cell Salts.

Schuessler Cell Salts for Animals
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8 Common Animal Ailments & the Use of Cell Salts 

1. Diarrhea and Vomiting

For diarrhea and vomiting use Ferrum Phosphoricum (Cell Salt #4) and Natrum Sulphuricum (Cell Salt #11). Do not feed the animal but give a little chamomile or black tea. When feeding is resumed, start off slowly with foods that are easily digested.

2. Colic and Worms

For colic and cramping use Magnesia Phosphorica (Cell Salt #8) and Natrum Phosphoricum (Cell Salt #10). Mag Phos is the muscle relaxant cell salt and promotes healthy nervous reactions in the cells. Nat phos regulates acidity in the body, repairs gut flora, and also helps with the treatment of worms. Nat Phos should always be considered after conventional worm treatment.

3. Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Calcarea Fluorica (Cell Salt #1), Calcarea Phosphorica (Cell Salt #2), and Silicea (Cell Salt #12) support the repair and growth of bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. Use for young, growing animals, to address limping from sprains and strains, and for recovery after surgery.

4. Healthy Coat and Fur

To relieve itchy, scaling skin or to encourage growth of a healthy coat or fur, Kali Sulphuricum (Cell Salt #7) and Silicea (Cell Salt #12) are highly recommended. Both remedies also help with sore paws.

5. Healthy Claws and Hoofs

Calcarea Fluorica (Cell Salt #1) and Silicea (Cell Salt #12) are used to aid the healing of cracked or broken nails and hoofs.

6. Colds and Bronchitis

Give Calcarea Sulphurica (Cell Salt #3) and Kali Muriaticum (Cell Salt #5) to pets with colds and bronchial infections to help expel and reduce mucous discharge. Also use to alleviate abscesses and boils.

 7. Overweight

In addition to careful monitoring of the animal’s diet, pet obesity can be curbed with cells salts #6, 10, and 11: Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Phosphoricum, and Natrum Sulphuricum. This combination should be given twice daily for at least six weeks, while at the same time ensuring the animal gets regular daily exercise.

8. Anxiety and Nervousness

Give nervous animals a combination of Kali Phosphoricum (Cell Salt #6), Magnesia Phosphorica (Cell Salt #8), and Calcarea Phosphorica (Cell Salt #2) two times a day for 2 months. The action of Kali Phos to improve nerve function and Mag Phos to relax the nerves is supported by Calc Phos which improves nutrition on a cellular level.

Schuessler Cell Salts for Animals 
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Cellergy - 12 Cell Salts Combination for Overall Animal Health

Cellergy, a combination of all 12 cell salts, is a good daily supplement to support overall strength and mineral balance in your animals or pets, and an excellent way to sustain aging pets.

Cellergy - lactose free 12 cell salts combination

Cellergy - 12 Cell Salts Combination
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How to Administer Cell Salts to Pets and other Animals

Cell salts are safe and easily administered. Homeopathy Store offers the cell salts as lactose-free liquid sprays that can be squirted into the animal’s mouth, onto the nose, or into your pet's water bowl. Cell salts are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and don’t cause indigestion, a common side effect of many conventional medicines and supplements.

Cell Salts Dosing Chart for Animals 

The following dosing chart can be used as a general guide for giving cell salts to pets and animals of all sizes:

Under 25 lbs 1 spray of each salt
26 -150 lbs 2 sprays of each salt
150 - 500 lbs 3 sprays of each salt
Over 500 lbs 4 sprays of each salt

For regular support, give one dose three times a day. In acute situations, give one dose as often as every 15 minutes. Reduce frequency to every two hours and then less often upon improvement.

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