Schuessler Cell Salts and the Facial Diagnosis

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Schuessler Cell Salts and the Facial Diagnosis

How to See Mineral Deficiencies in Your Face & What Cell Salts to Use to Correct Them 

“Read in your face what you and your loved ones are missing.” — Kurt Hickethier 

The facial diagnosis or facial analysis of cell salt deficiencies was pioneered in Germany by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, founder of the 12 cell salts mineral therapy, first documented by Kurt Hickethier who published his book “Sonnerschau: Lehrbuch der Antlitz-Diagnostik” (“Sonnerschau: Textbook about the Facial Diagnosis”)  in 1936, and expanded by their admirers and followers. This method of diagnosis can help you find greater balance and health by reducing mineral deficiencies detected in the face. When certain signs appear in your face, you can use one or more cell salts to replenish your mineral and nutrient reserves and begin to feel stronger, more energetic, and more mentally clear.

The Importance of Mineral Balance in Your Body

Every organ in the body is composed of cells, and healthy cells are the foundation of our well-being. Cell salts include forms of calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, and silica — all necessary for optimal health and ease. Many of the health problems experienced today are because our body is deprived of one or more of the minerals contained in the cell salts. The use of cell salts helps rebuild organ and tissue cells and the body’s organs to work more smoothly and efficiently.

Cell salts can be taken by anyone at any stage of life or wellness. They can be used as an adjunct to other therapies or as a stand-alone method to promote health. This is why they come recommended by natural and integrative health practitioners and are praised by home prescribers.

What is the Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies?

We have two reservoirs of minerals in the body, one to use on a daily basis and one for emergency situations. When our local reservoirs are depleted, we draw from our deepest wells. When we become deficient in minerals, this condition is reflected in diseases and imbalances detectable in the face. 

The Schuessler cell or tissue salt facial analysis interprets primarily the following parts of the face or head:

  • skin
  • eyelids
  • temples
  • cheeks
  • nose
  • ears

We evaluate their color, shine, and texture and look for lines, dips, spots, scaling, and eruptions. While some symptoms are harder to discern and may require the attention of a trained specialist, there are several easy to notice signs everyone should know.

15 Must-Know Schuessler Cell Salt Facial Signs

1. Wrinkles & Deep-set Eyes

Small wrinkly and textured appearance on the eyelids with a reddish-blackish hue at the inner angle of your eyes is a sign of a Calcarea Fluorica, also called Calcium Fluoride, deficiency. Calc Fluor is responsible for the elasticity in our cells. This is why lines in the skin as well as cracked lips and stretch marks can be alleviated with the regular use of this tissue salt.

Crow's feet and an early or stronger tendency to wrinkles show a lack of Silicea or Silica. If wrinkles appear not only around the eyes but also on the forehead, cheeks, or in form of vertical lines in front of your ears, turn to Silicea and also Calc Fluor. Silicea helps produce collagen which is a protein found in various connective tissues, especially the skin.

Silicea is also recommended for split ends of your hair and broken nails. And it is indicated for individuals with deep-set eyes or hollow spaces above the eyes.

Calcarea Fluorica (cell salt #1)
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Silicea (cell salt #12)
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2. Vertical Lines above Upper Lip

Small perpendicular lines between upper lip and nose are a sign of a compromised digestive system and the need to correct alkaline and acid levels in the blood. To correct your body’s pH balance look primarily to Natrum Phosphoricum, also known as Sodium Phosphate. Nat Phos is the acid neutralizer among the cell salts and helps with many issues arising from too much or not enough acidity, including heartburn as well as arthritic conditions.

Natrum Phosphoricum (cell salt #10)
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3. Blackheads, Small Red Acne, Combination Skin

Combination skin with a greasy, shiny forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin is also a sign of a need for Natrum Phosphoricum. Nat phos helps digest fat and, in addition to bringing more oil to dry areas, helps reduce oil where there is an abundance which can cause acne with blackheads, red spots, and red pimples.

Natrum Phosphoricum (cell salt #10)
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4. Large Pores, Moist, or Dry Skin

Who knew there was a way to reduce the appearance of large pores and that it was linked to how your body distributes water throughout? Natrum Muriaticum or Sodium Chloride is the cell salt that harmonizes water levels in the body. It helps whenever there is too much or too little water, such as dandruff, watery eyes, or a thin jelly-like layer on your face with large pores often found on the nose and chin but also on forehead and cheeks.

Natrum Muriaticum is also your go to remedy for fever blisters or cold sores on the edge of your lips.

Natrum Muriaticum (cell salt #9)
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5. Yellow and Discharging Acne

Teenagers and everyone suffering from inflamed acne, causing pustules, will be happy to know that Calcarea Sulphurica can help. Calc Sulph, also known as Calcium Sulphate, is an excellent cleanser and blood purifier and assists in healing painful pimples and clearing up blemished skin.

Calcarea Sulphurica (cell salt #3)
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6. Rosacea, Visible Blood Vessels, and Chicken Skin

Redness on the cheeks and around the nose caused by small red bumps or spider veins can be addressed with the cell salt Kali Muriaticum or Potassium Chloride. Kali Mur forms fibrin which, together with platelets, causes blood to clot and plug a wound. Whenever there is a condition that causes blood to thicken unnecessarily, there is a Kali Mur deficiency. Also great for chicken skin or keratosis pilaris, tiny bumps of dead skin, mostly appearing on upper arms and thighs.

Kali Muriaticum (cell salt #5)
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7. Brown and Yellow Spots and White Patches

Brown and yellow spots or blots, age spots, as well as white patches indicate a need for Kali Sulphuricum or Potassium Sulphate.

Kali Sulph supports the function of the liver and pancreas, supplies oxygen to the cells, and lubricates the body. It helps with all skin conditions that cause yellow, sticky  excretions such as eczema, itchy dandruff, and yeast infections and can even skin tone.

Kali Sulphuricum (cell salt #7)
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8. General Redness

Red flushing or blushing that may extend to the neck and chest as well as constant general redness in the face are signs of the need for Magnesia Phosphorica or Magnesium Phosphate. Mag Phos supports the nervous system, the muscles, and the heart. Red coloring is an expression of emotions such as surprise or embarrassment, but can also indicate a more severe burden on the body caused by too much stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Magnesia Phosphorica (cell salt #8)
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9. Light Brown Circles under Eyes

Pale brown and not so easily detectible coloring underneath the eyes with some swelling of the space between the lines underneath the eyes indicates a need for Calcarea Fluorica. As mentioned earlier, Calc Fluor occurs in elastic fibers in our cells from the skin to veins to teeth to connective tissue. Not enough Calc Fluor results in too hard or too relaxed conditions in the body seen as swelling or sagging or cracking. When Calc Fluor is administered, proper flow and circulation are being restored.

Calcarea Fluorica (cell salt #1)
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10. Dark Black Circles under Eyes

Dark circles underneath the eyes are usually related to exhaustion from an illness and a compromised immune system. They can be relieved with Ferrum Phosphoricum or Iron Phosphate, the cell salt for acute illnesses and inflammation that carries healing oxygen to every part of your body.

Ferrum Phosphoricum (cell salt #4)
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11. Bags under Eyes

A very common reason for swelling and puffiness underneath the eyes is an overworked liver or kidney. Additional facial signs are a chronic red nose or a horizontal line on the root of the nose. The so-called alcohol nose is red for the same reason. The cell salt in need is Natrum Sulphuricum or Sodium Sulphate known for supporting the functioning of the liver and a healthy flow of bile. Nat Sulph is also called the detoxifying cell salt as it transports waste products out of the body.

Natrum Sulphuricum (cell salt #11)
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12. Dropping Cheeks and Double Chin

Which cell salt helps with the assimilation of fats? Natrum Phosphoricum is one of the most popular cell salts and, as described further above, hugely benefits the digestive system, regulates acidity, establishes pH balance, and helps burn fats, carbs, and protein and thus reduce the accumulation of fatty tissue in cheeks and chin.

Natrum Phosphoricum (cell salt #10)
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13. Translucent Tips of Teeth

Loss of tooth enamel indicates a need for the calcium cell salts Calcarea Fluorica and Calcarea PhosphoricaCalcarea Fluorica strengthens the outer layer of bones and teeth. Calcarea Phosphorica supports the formation of bones and teeth dentin and for that reason is an important remedy for children during growth spurts. Together Calc Fluor and Calc Phos are useful at any age and are also particularly recommended to prevent and deal with osteoporosis.

Calcarea Fluorica (cell salt #1)
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Calcarea Phosphorica (cell salt #2)
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14. Small Lips and Strained Look

Individuals with a strained look, small lips, and sharp stretched edges to their face can benefit from Calcarea Phosphorica. Calc Phos could easily be the most essential of all 12 cell salts. It is praised as a universal restorative after illness, injury, overwork, and stress. It affects muscles, bones, and overall skeletal health. It supports the immune system and is ideal for hardworking people who deserve to pamper themselves.

Calcarea Phosphorica (cell salt #2)
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15. Sunken Temples and Cheeks

Worry and anxiety can lead to hollow cheeks and a dip at the temples. If you see this facial expression sneaking up on you or a friend, take a deep breath, and reach for Kali Phosphoricum. Kali Phos or Potassium Phosphate has been used long before Dr. Schuessler included the mineral combination in his mineral therapy. It is a proven nerve tonic recommended for any form of anxiety, sleeplessness, memory lapses, and also all forms of physical pain caused by nervous strain.

Eyebrows that generally look lifted or raised are also a sign of emotional distress and a lack of Kali Phos.

Kali Phosphoricum (cell salt #6)
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How to Take the Cell Salts?

Using the 12 cell salts, you can counterbalance many deficiencies and help relieve and avoid diseases and other health conditions. At Homeopathy Store, we offer the cell salts as liquid oral sprays. Anna's Remedies sprays are easy to take, lactose free, sugar free, and vegan. Take 2 sprays 3 times a day or squirt them into your water bottle. For severe deficiencies, increase the frequency to up to 10 doses per day. Our sprays contain 20% organic alcohol. For children under 12, mix the squirts with a few tablespoons of water in a small glass or spray them onto your child’s wrists and gently rub them in.

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About Kurt Hickethier

“Illness is a necessary process to restore order in the body after the order got derailed.” - Kurt Hickethier

Kurt Hickethier discovered Dr. Schuessler’s 12 cell salts and facial diagnosis when he fell sick with Bekhterev’s disease, a chronic inflammation of the spine and large joints. He treated and healed himself using Schuessler’s mineral therapy and further developed the facial diagnosis with W. Sonner. Hickethier published several books with great success, opened two healing centers in Germany, and in 1926 was awarded an honorary doctor’s degree from the Pittsburgh College of Naturopathy.

In 1938, Hickethier was denied work by the Nazi regime. His alternative health centers were closed and his books burned. In 1947, the Soviet occupation of East Germany forced him to flee to West Germany where he resumed his practice. He died shortly before the opening of a new naturopathy center in Kemmenau in 1957. Hickethier also developed the Hickethier sight training method, the use of healing baths, and special spinal massage techniques along nerve pathways.

This article was a collaboration between Suzanne and Anna who researched and admire the impact of Hickethier’s facial diagnosis and the facial signs of cell salt deficiencies. Questions about the 12 cell salts? Contact Homeopathy Store at 888-405-7551 or

Please note: Product descriptions grounded in homeopathic and natural wellness practice. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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