Peacefulí - A Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Coping with Anxiety, Stress, and Sleeplessness

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Peacefulí - A Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Coping with Anxiety, Stress, and Sleeplessness

Holistic Ways to Calm Your Mind in Stressful Times

"May you live in interesting times" has for generations been either a blessing or a curse, depending on circumstances and the individual mindset of both the speaker and the listener. There is no doubt that the past year has been an interesting one!

The last 18 months introduced most of the world's population to a high level of stress, anxiety, and full-blown fear that is almost unknown in modern times. Much as we'd all like to return to normal, there is little agreement about what that "normal" will be when all current restrictions have been lifted. It's possible that the world has forever changed. Even as we begin to talk about an end to the pandemic, we face additional stress over the uncertainty of the post-pandemic world.

Homeopathy’s Approach to Stress and Anxiety

There are, however, effective natural ways to address the fear and anxiety that have gripped us all. While each of us reacts differently to stressful situations in life, it is good to know that apprehension, worry, tension, and the desire to withdraw and retreat to a safer place both physically and emotionally are very understandable and experienced by many.

Natural homeopathic remedies, used successfully for over 200 years, can help regain a sense of personal equilibrium, ease, and comfort. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to lessen the concerns that bombard us, but homeopathic compounds can be a pathway to a better future, a calming influence, and a guide to solutions that are effective at improving our overall well-being — body, mind, and emotions.

Peacefulí Promotes Calm, Clarity, and Relaxation

Peacefulí by Anna's Remedies is a natural homeopathic formula combining eight plant- and mineral-based remedies such as Anacardium orientale (English: Marking Nut), Avena sativa (English: Common Oat), Humulus lupulus (English: Common Hops), Ignatia amara (English: St. Ignatius Bean), Kali phosphoricum (English: Potassium Phosphate), and Passiflora incarnata (English: Passionflower). The natural ingredients have a track record of relaxing muscles and mind, slowing racing thoughts, establishing clarity, and promoting courage as well as sleep.

homeopathic remedy for anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness

Peacefulí by Anna's Remedies
lactose free homeopathic for anxiety and stress

Peacefulí can help you focus on the truly important things in life — a slower pace, social interaction, proper sleep habits, and indulging in the present — with increased confidence.

Support from Cell Salts

Cell Salts or Tissue Salts developed by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler are 12 homeopathic mineral remedies. The Schuessler Tissues Salts therapy has gained support from doctors, alternative health practitioners, and home prescribers worldwide. Like all homeopathic remedies, they are safe and effective. Consider adding one or more of these helpful natural mineral remedies to your wellness regimen.

The following three cell salts specifically support a stronger nervous system

Kali Phosphoricum is a tonic for the nerves and brain. Kali Phosphoricum, often shortened to Kali Phos, is so critical to our sensory and nerve system that it is included in our Peacefulí formula. Add individual doses of Kali Phos or alternate Peacefulí and Kali Phos if stress causes you to feel sad and overwhelmed, if you are a workaholic and your work is intellectually demanding, or if you tend to experience feelings like stage fright.

Magnesia Phosphorica is often mentioned as the 21st century's most lacking and therefore most needed tissue salt. It is known as a pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and anti-spasm that relieves overall tension. Mag Phos is vital for the health of the autonomic nervous system which controls unconscious bodily functions including the heart rate. If anxiety and stress trigger aches, sharp pains, and cramps, think of adding Mag Phos.

Calcarea Phosphorica is primarily known for benefiting our physical health because it assists calcium absorption and contributes to healthy bones and muscles. Calc Phos, however, also provides comfort for the soul. As it helps release muscles in the back and neck, it equally helps us let go after difficult and disappointing events. If you are experiencing fear, panic, or shock, look to Calc Phos.

Kali Phosphoricum
Magnesia Phosphorica
liquid mineral and lactose free tissue salts Mag Phos
Calcarea Phosphorica
liquid mineral and lactose free tissue salts Calcarea Phophorica

8 Healthy Ideas to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Whether it's job worries, a personal relationship, the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the dread of not knowing what comes next, or an underlying fear that you simply cannot cope with adequately, try some of the following healthy lifestyle choices in addition to homeopathic remedies and tissue salts to restore personal calm in the midst of the turmoil that surrounds us all.

  • Focus on something new, e.g. learn Qi Gong, a movement practice that combines postures, breathing, and meditation
  • Listen to music
  • Prepare your own food
  • Change up your exercise routine
  • Spend more time outdoors and in nature
  • Join a book club or a cooking class
  • Mentor a child or coach a school team
  • Learn pottery or photography

Escape, if only for a few hours each day, by taking a digital fast, and eliminate distractions from your life. What's good for your mind is good for your body and your general well-being. If fear and worry become overwhelming, don't hesitate to consult a counselor or your personal physician.

Please note: Product descriptions grounded in homeopathic practice. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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