Cell Salts for Dogs

Cell Salts for Dogs

Minerals are important to a healthy diet for dogs. These components are found naturally in quality foods grown in nutrient-rich soil and from well cared for animal livestock. Unfortunately, today’s food may be grown in nutrient depleted soil and livestock could be fed unhealthy meals. This is why many people are turning to cell salts for dogs – a safe and natural way to supplement their dog’s food.

Veterinarians warn that synthetic mineral supplements could be harmful to dogs.1 Such products can be seen as foreign or toxic to a dog’s system, causing upset. Schuessler cell salts, also often called tissue salts, offer a natural way to gently add quality minerals to your dog’s diet. They are highly effective with a low potency. Thus, they offer a wide range of benefits with far less worry about side effects. Whether your dog is young and active or has issues with pain and aging conditions, these mineral combinations can help in a variety of circumstances.

Here are a few ways to utilize the benefits of cell salts for your dog.

Cell Salts for Your Dog’s Mouth and Gum Health

Teeth should be white, and breath should not chronically smell bad. Healthy gum tissue should look pink without signs of inflammation. Plaque on the teeth and gums, composed primarily of bacteria, can lead to gingivitis. Pale colored gums can be a sign of anemia. And yellowish gums can be a sign of liver toxicity.

Support your dog with the following three tissue salts for a healthy mouth and strong gums: 

  • Calc Fluor #1 (Calcium Fluoride) – Key mineral combination for healthy teeth, bones, and gums
  • Kali Mur #5 (Potassium Chloride) – Assists salivary gland function
  • Kali Phos #6 - (Potassium Phosphate) – Supports the nervous system and physical pain; also helpful for gum support

Cell Salts for Healthy Bladder and Kidneys in Dogs

Kidneys are responsible for filtering unwanted waste from the blood. A common cause of kidney issues in pets is eating nutrient-poor processed dog food. Urinary tract issues can be caused by a mineral imbalance that forms crystals. Supportive tissue salts for your dog’s bladder and kidney health are:

  • Ferr Phos #4 (Iron Phosphate) – Is used for inflammatory issues and frequent urination
  • Nat Phos #10 (Sodium Phosphate) – Helps reduce acidity in the body
  • Nat Sulph #11 (Sodium Sulphate) – This is considered the detoxing cell salt. It supports the kidneys, pancreas, and liver to optimize waste removal. 

Cell Salt for Cramps and Spasm Relief in Dogs

Overexertion, dehydration, and lack of necessary mineral electrolytes can be a cause of muscle cramps and spasms in dogs. 

  • Mag Phos #8 (Magnesium Phosphate) – Helps with muscle cramps, pain, and tension

Cell Salts Support for Aging Dogs

Common health issues of aging dogs include joint pain, a weakened immune system, loss of agility, and chronic inflammation. Try these tissue salts to support your senior dog: 

  • Calc Phos #2 (Calcium Phosphate) - Promotes healthy bones, recovery from injury and illness, also improves digestion and immunity
  • Ferr Phos #4 (Iron Phosphate) – Supports red blood cell production, enhances oxygen supply to the body, relieves inflammation
  • Kali Phos #6 (Potassium Phosphate) – Is considered a nervous system tonic, supporting issues related to sleep, pain, and stress

How to Administer Cell Salts to Your Dog

Anna’s Remedies offers Schuessler cell salts in oral sprays that are super easy to use with dogs! Spray them into your furry friend’s mouth or water bowl. Or, mix them in their food if they are finicky about tongue tickles or water flavor.

Cell Salts Dosing Chart for Dogs

Use the chart below as a guideline for how to use cell salts for your dog and other animals:
Cell salts dosing chart for dogs

In Summary…

Cell salts are an easy and naturally gentle way to help supplement your dog’s diet with important minerals for optimal health. Made in the USA, Anna’s Remedies liquid cell salts are lactose free, vegan, sugar free, made with pure water, and organic alcohol. 

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  1. Dogs Naturally Magazine, Supplements For Dogs: Hidden Ingredients To Avoid (March 2022)

Please note: The information presented in this article is grounded in traditional homeopathic practice. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

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