6 Morning Routines to Bolster Health & Happiness

6 Morning Routines to Bolster Health & Happiness

Morning routines with homeopathy

How Homeopathic Remedies Support Your Morning Routine and Help You Stick with It

A regular morning routine helps feel the promise and energy of a new day. It also provides focus and quiet and sets the stage for us to connect with our thoughts, clear our mind, and develop inner peace before even setting foot out the door.

Whether you love the early hours of the day or prefer to sleep in until the alarm clock declares the fun is up, the morning is undoubtedly the best time to plan an inspiring routine and stick with it. If you’re looking to be healthier, happier, and more relaxed, consider the following suggestions from gentle work-out to healthy foods and drinks to time-tested rejuvenation techniques — all made easier and more powerful when supported by homeopathic remedies.

1. Get Moving

Waking up the body with exercise first thing in the morning helps clear away any cobwebs and get things moving mentally and physically. Find a video of a yoga flow or stretching sequence or consider practicing the 5 Tibetan Rites. Roll out a yoga mat and get active! A work-out routine in the morning promotes musculoskeletal health and contributes to a productive day with reduced pain and body aches.

Morning exercises — gentle or more vigorous — depending on what’s right for you, are an excellent idea for young and old. If you are reluctant to work out due to an injury or persistent joint and muscle pain, the following homeopathic remedies can help relieve your pain, get you back to an active lifestyle, enjoy your morning routine, and regain strength:

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Arthritis Relief
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homeopathic arnica cream

Arnica Relief Cream

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Sciatica/Back Pain Relief
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Miranda Castro's Joints & Muscles Cream
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Homeopathic remedies for pain relief

2. Drink Water

Drinking water when you first wake up helps hydrate body and brain, flushes out toxins, and keeps the digestive system working optimally. Up to 65% of our body is made up of water, making it easy to understand why drinking lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach is popular worldwide. It is recommended by traditional Japanese medicine (up to 6 glasses) as well as my grandmother in Austria who taught me to consume 8 sips every morning to clean the intestines.

To take it to another level, drinking water with Dr. Schuessler’s cell salts mixed into the water after waking up is an especially nice idea. Cell salts are remedies that help relieve many everyday ailments and  improve the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from food and supplements. If you live an active lifestyle, cell salts are a no brainer to add to your daily morning routine. Cell salts keep mineral, electrolyte, and water levels balanced on a daily basis and when exercising, and water with cell salts can be your drink of choice as it helps to increase energy.

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Drink water with Schuessler cell salts

3. Take a Contrast Shower

Contrast showers, also called hot and cold showers, are exactly what they sound like: an alternation between hot and cold water in the shower. They are known for many benefits, such as improved circulation, a healthy immune response, and a better mood, but they offer an especially great way to detox the body as they contract and relax the lymphatic system which is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials.

Since most people shower in the morning, hot and cold showers can be easily added to your schedule, taking up almost no extra time. A good way to start is to alternate 3 minutes of hot shower with 1 minute of cold shower and to continue for at least 3 cycles. Contrast showers can be taken every day, but they are particularly recommended during your homeopathic detox/drainage with Detox Escort — a rejuvenating body cleanse.

homeopathic detox medicine and drainage
Detox Escort
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Contrast shower for detoxification with homeopathic remedy Detox Escort

4. Write It Out

There’s something to be said for the good old-fashioned to-do list. When you’re uber busy, you can start to feel anxiety creeping in about everything you need to do. The morning hours present a great opportunity to go over and jot down new tasks daily or maybe weekly. Seeing what you need to do on paper helps you devise a plan, and soon you realize it’s not as impossible to get everything completed and done as you thought. Plus, you won’t forget anything that way and create a track record of all your accomplishments.

If you need additional help to feel in control and tame any worries, Peacefulí is lactose-free homeopathic remedy, helping to ease a restless mind.

homeopathic anxiety spray
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Control anxiety with to-do lists and homeopathic remedies

5. Prepare and Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Ever had an unhealthy breakfast and felt crappy all day long? It’s true that what you eat in the morning sets the tone for your digestion, cravings, and mood. Choose foods that are protein and fiber rich and that you enjoy. Don’t pick something only because it’s said to be healthful, finding joy in what you prepare and eat is important so you stick with it and because you deserve it! Think of smoothies, whole wheat avocado toast, oatmeal and high-fiber cereal, and — my favorite — poached eggs on multigrain bread with flax seeds. Allow enough time to make and eat your breakfast and, if possible, share it with family and on weekends with friends. 

To further improve your digestion, here are homeopathic remedies that promote gut health and balance gut bacteria, alleviate constipation, reduce bloating, support the liver, and help you curb appetite and lose weight too.

homeopathic Constipation Relief remedy
Constipation Relief
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Acid reflux and indigestion relief homeopathic
Acid Reflux Relief
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Healthy breakfast and homeopathic remedies for digestion

6. Take a Homeopathic Virus Protection Remedy

Especially during the fall, winter, and early spring up your immune response and protect yourself from the flu, colds, and more viruses naturally with Virus Defense, a homeopathic remedy formulated during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic for natural support and relief. Virus Defense contains a powerful combination of homeopathy's best known antiviral agents. Take 2 squirts of Virus Defense 4-6 times a week for natural protection from viral attacks. Take it 4-6 times a day should symptoms appear. Reduce the frequency and return to 4-6 times a week when you are on the mend and return to feeling better and stronger.

homeopathic remedy for flu and viral infections

Flu protection with Influenzinum & Thymuline in fall, winter, and spring

Please note: Product descriptions grounded in traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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