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Allergy Escape Customer ReviewOver the past 3 years, thousands of people have benefited from the fast and side-effect-free relief offered by HomeopathyStore’s natural remedies. Many of our customers come back for more remedies and recommend them to family and friends. By sending in a written testimonial, you help us spread the word about the effective system of natural medicine represented by Homeopathy even further. And - for only 1 review - you receive 10% off your next purchase of any product/s of your choice. It’s easy. Write a review, receive your coupon, and purchase your favorite or one of our most popular remedies listed below!

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"The Allergy Escape spray really helps. I am more free of tissues and constant nose-blowing than I have ever been before. Thank you!" one of our customers wrote. It is really that easy. Write a sentence or two about how a remedy provided relief, rate it from 1 to 5 (5 for the highest ranking), and send it to Or go to our Contact page and send your review directly from there. We will respond with your coupon code on the same business day.

Most Popular Homeopathic Remedies

In case you want to use your coupon for stocking up on some of the most frequently purchased remedies that sooner or later find a place in every family’s homeopathic medicine cabinet, here are the 5 must haves:

Arnica Montana

Arnica Relief Cream is a Natural Homeopathic remedy that reduces pain, bruising, and stiffness
Arnica Relief Cream



lactose free cell salts kit

Cell Salts Kit

homeopathic Cold Armor
Cold Armor

Announcement: HomeopathyStore Single Remedies

Big news! We are pleased to announce that HomeopathyStore is adding homeopathic single remedies to our product offer in June. Our singles are the principal single remedies recommended by natural healthcare practitioners. They will be presented with their key uses to make it easy for you to pick the remedy that best matches your symptoms. Starting in June, if you are looking for Nux Vomica to calm your stomach after a heavy meal or for Chamomilla to soothe your baby’s teething pains, you can find the remedies right here at HomeopathyStore.

You and Homeopathy

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