Homeopathy & the Mind-Body Connection

Natural Homeopathic Remedies Balance Mind, Body, and Emotions and Promote Self-Healing

Natural Homeopathic remedies balance Mind, Body and EmotionsAs drug dependence and prescription drug side effects have dominated the news lately, here is a reminder of the gentle yet effective healing system represented by homeopathy. First prepared by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, homeopathic remedies treat the whole person including physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. They are made from the freshest and cleanest natural ingredients available and have in more than 200 years established an overwhelming record of safety and effectiveness. Homeopathic remedies are non-drowsy, non-habit forming, humane, and sustainably prepared and a leader in mind-body and holistic medicine.

Defining Health

Health can be defined in many ways including freedom from pain or stability of body and mind. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, described health as the harmonious operation of all parts of our organism so that the mind can employ the body for a higher purpose.

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Contemporary science and clinical trials confirm that there is a powerful connection between the body and the mind. In addition, statistics reveal a strong link between stress and health. In fact, in today's Western world, stress is responsible for the majority of illnesses from heart disease to anxiety to sleeplessness and more.

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Homeopathy: A Holistic Medicine

Homeopathic remedies treat the whole person and underlying root cause of the disease. They do not suppress symptoms, and the goal is not only to relieve a symptom, e.g. stomach pain, but to bring into balance mind, body, and emotions. Each homeopathic ingredient is thoroughly analyzed for its effect on the body and the mind. This is why homeopathy is holistic in nature, resembles ancient healing systems of the East such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, and is a leader in mind-body medicine.

Safe, Non-Drowsy, Non-Habit Forming

Homeopathic remedies have to be prepared according to stringent regulations for cleanliness, quality, and testing. In more than 200 years, micro-dosed homeopathic medicines have established an overwhelming record of safety and effectiveness. Since 1938, homeopathic remedies have been regulated by the FDA in collaboration with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (HPCUS). Today, this regulatory process is considered a model for the regulation of nutritional supplements and herbal products. And it doesn't stop here! Homeopathic remedies are also non-drowsy and non-habit forming and prepared in a humane and sustainable way.

Health Tip of the Month: Abdominal Breathing

Homeopathy combines well with other forms of mind-body medicine including yoga and meditation. Abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing is an excellent tool to stimulate your body's relaxation response and help ease anxiety and stress while increasing your stamina. Learn how to breathe deeply with these simple instructions.

You and Homeopathy

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Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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