What Are Schuessler Cell Salts? And How Do They Help You?

What Are Schuessler Cell Salts? And How Do They Help You?

Minerals in our bodies—such as iron, calcium, and magnesium—enable an endless amount of important functions that keep us strong and healthy. Schuessler cell salts are exciting forms of mineral compounds with multiple benefits. We can use them to supplement our diets in order to reconstruct and repair cells and tissues, and they can also heal the body from different common ailments.


Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler was a pioneer in biochemistry, the study of living organisms and the biological processes at the cellular and molecular level, which became a scientific discipline in the 19th century. He discovered 12 different inorganic minerals in the body, which he labeled “tissue salts.” They have been called the building blocks of our cells ever since.

Schuessler found that the body became ill if these minerals dropped to low levels and that supplementation could lead to recovery from the deficiencies and to better health. Thus, Schuessler cell salt therapy was born.

How Can You Take Cell Salts?

Schuessler cell salts boost the healing factor of your body by providing the 12 most essential minerals in microdoses in order to ensure quicker absorption into the bloodstream and quicker assimilation by cells and tissues. Calcium, potassium, natrum, iron, magnesium, and silica are available individually and in the form of homeopathic cell salt kits. One of the best ways to take cell salts is in liquid form, spraying them under your tongue. The capillaries in the mouth take them in and quickly make them available to the body by allowing them to bypass the digestive system.

Uses & Benefits

People use cell salts to rebuild muscle protein, re-mineralize bones and teeth, contribute to a healthy gut microbiome, and more. Taking Schuessler cell salts will also help you recover more quickly after a hard workout. They contribute to healthier skin by improving skin tone and elasticity and clearing up blemishes. They help us live better, longer, and more gracefully and even support our nervous system and emotional health.

Taking Schuessler cell salts is an excellent way for your body and mind to receive the most essential inorganic minerals it needs with optimal absorption and—thanks to their homeopathic preparation—without any worry of over-supplementation.

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Anna | Natural Health Advocate
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