Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Flu Season

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Flu Season

Over the last 40 years, flu season has often peaked during the month of February, followed by December, January, and then March according to the CDC (1). While more recent flu activity has been less calculable, the first Monday in February is known as National Sickie Day in the U.K. and the day of the year when most people call in sick to work.

During the middle of winter, when there is less sunshine and more time is spent indoors, it's an excellent idea to focus on your health. We want to share five key ways you will want to know to avoid getting sick during flu season. Let's dive in!

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1. Eat Healthy

Healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies contain vitamins, minerals, and valuable antioxidants to help keep you lively and strong. Here is a list of some key nutrients for your immune system which are important year-round, but especially during the winter (2).

  • Beta carotene can be found in orange-colored foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, mangos, and peppers.
  • Clean protein can be derived from yogurt, eggs, lean meats, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils.
  • Probiotics are in cultured dairy products like yogurt and fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut.
  • Vitamin C is in citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, and bell peppers.
  • Vitamin D is obtained from the sun and found in certain fatty fish, eggs, and mushrooms.
  • Zinc is contained in wheat germ, beans, nuts, tofu, beef, and seafood.

While you may feel less thirsty during months with colder temperatures, it is just as important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Give your body the fluid it needs to support cellular functions and flush out toxins and pathogens.

2. Get the Rest Your Body Needs

Research has shown that those who get six hours or less of sleep have a significantly greater chance of getting ill. Active adults should get about 8 hours of sleep every night (3).

Here are a few ways to improve your sleep:

  • Get exercise during the day to help you sleep at night.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol near bedtime.
  • Avoid eating unhealthy foods close to bedtime.
  • Try not to fall asleep with the television on.
  • Be consistent with the time you go to bed and the time you get up each day.
  • Make your bed cozy.

3. Exercise for Good Health

Fitness activities can give your immune system a boost and contribute to your overall health. Physical activity increases blood flow, reduces unhealthy weight, and lessons stress.

In fact, in multiple studies, regular moderate-intensity exercise has shown to reduce the likelihood of catching upper respiratory tract infections (4).

4. Enjoy Some Sunshine

Exposure to the sun helps your body produce vitamin D, an important nutrient for your immune system and wellbeing. Sunshine also activates serotonin production to improve your mood.

It may not be easy to spend enough time or even any time in the sun during winter months. Make a special effort to get outside. Find a spot in your neighborhood where you can walk or sit in the sun.

Take off your hat and gloves if weather permits. The more skin you can expose to the sun during the winter months, the healthier your vitamin D levels.

5. Take Supplements that Help Boost Your Immunity

HomeopathyStore offers carefully compounded homeopathic remedies for the cold and flu, organic and wild crafted herbal extracts, and highly bio-available liquid vitamins — all made in the U.S.

Here are our some of our most popular supplement bundles the can help you strengthen and balance your immune system and avoid getting sick during flu season.

Immunity Bundle

Avert and fight off viral infections with Immunity Bundle containing Virus Defense, Elderberry Liquid Extract, and Liquid Vitamin D.

Virus Defense is a leading homeopathic anti-viral blend with tried-and-true ingredients used by homeopathic doctors for generations.

Elderberry Liquid Extract is a powerhouse herb loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that has been grown and applied for centuries to avoid or shorten the duration of respiratory illnesses.

Liquid Vitamin D3 is needed during the winter months when it’s tough to get enough Vitamin D from sun exposure.

Taken daily, these supplements can help form a foundational precautionary layer against cold and flu symptoms.

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Infl & Thym Combo

Infl & Thym Combo is based on the French homeopathic flu protocol.

Infl is HomeopathyStore’s energy formula of Influenzinum, a remedy made with the season’s flu vaccine strains.

Thym is made with the energetic signature of Thymuline, a remedy supporting the thymus gland and a healthy immune function.

Take four squirts of each once a week. Take them two times per week during a tough flu season.

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Liquid Vitamins Bundle

Liquid Vitamins Bundle comprises three vital vitamins to strengthen your natural defenses, support your gut health, and provide antioxidant power.

Vitamin C is particularly important for avoiding the common cold especially for those who live in colder climates or are intense exercisers (5).

Vitamin D3 boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are vital for a healthy immune and nervous system. People who do not get enough sun exposure may be advised to take a vitamin D supplement. This “sunshine vitamin” is also important for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin B Complex with all essential 8 B vitamins is good for your immune system and energy levels. It helps prohibit fatigue and circadian rhythm disorders (5).

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Taking vitamins in liquid form speeds up their absorption and makes more of the nutrients available to your body. Plus, they aren’t difficult to swallow, like tablets or capsules, and can be mixed with water or juice.

Doctors and health practitioners frequently recommend vitamin supplements to support healthy nutrient levels. They can advise you on the use of supplements and the right dosage for you, your family, and your children related to individual health needs.

In Summary…

If you want to avoid getting sick during flu season, start off with a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep habits. Try to get outside and enjoy some sunshine for a mood and immunity boost.

And consider homeopathic, herbal, and vitamin supplements to strengthen your immunity, especially during peak months of the flu.


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