Top Natural Homeopathy Remedies for Weight Loss

Top Natural Homeopathy Remedies for Weight Loss

Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle if you don’t know where to start. Whether it’s changing your diet or a more regular exercise schedule, these efforts aren’t always enough if your body naturally retains fat, and your mind is too busy to commit to a new routine. Because of this, it’s become more common for individuals to supplement their weight loss practices with the aid of natural remedies. These are some of the top natural homeopathy remedies for weight loss and how they can each help you achieve your goals.

Natrum Phosphate

Natrum phosphate, also known as Schuessler’s cell salt number 10, is one of the key minerals for aiding the body’s metabolism—overall and fat or lipid metabolism in particular. Taking this natural homeopathic medicine regularly can help control the body’s alkaline and acidic levels, also known as pH balance. Nat Phos can improve the rate at which your body burns and utilizes calories. It also helps alleviate physical discomfort from gas and other digestive issues.

Natrum Sulphate

Cell salt number 11, Natrum sulphate, is often combined with Natrum phosphate to help manage body weight and embrace a healthy weight loss program. Primarily concerned with and beneficial for the liver and digestive fluids, this remedy can ease a series of nutritional and excretory issues making it easier to process your meals and dispose of excess water and waste in the body. It encourages regular bowel movements which can go a long way in eliminating toxins and pounds.

Kali Phosphate

Kali phosphate, cell salt number six, is another top natural homeopathy remedy for weight loss to consider adding to your routine. When we suffer from significant amounts of stress, we’re much more inclined to comfort eat. Likewise, the body’s metabolism slows, preventing you from burning off the extra calories. Kali phos can help with easing the symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, emotional and binge eating. An important nerve tonic, it also helps regulate other nervous strains and discomforts stopping you from leading a more active lifestyle.

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Natrum Muriaticum

You may also want to consider the mineral known as Natrum muriaticum, or cell salt number 9, for improving your digestion, metabolism, and weight loss efforts. Nat mur distributes water evenly in the body which helps move food through the GI tract. Plus, a healthy fluid balance in the body contributes to a better mood which is important if dieting makes you feel crabby.

At HomeopathyStore, we believe that finding ways to naturally lose weight is one of the most effective methods to keep it off in the future. As such, we provide a wide range of homeopathic cell salt kits that contain the remedies mentioned above. Contact us today to learn more about these all-natural medicines and how they can help you pursue your health goals this year.

Top Natural Homeopathy Remedies for Weight Loss Chart

Download or print this chart with the top three natural homeopathic cell salt remedies for weight loss.

Top Homeopathy Remedies for Weight Loss Chart

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