Homeopathy Gift Ideas

Homeopathy Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one or friend? Are you intrigued by the idea of giving the gift of good health?

Showing how much you care, a homeopathic remedy, cell salt spray, or high-quality vitamin in one of Homeopathy Store's amber glass bottles represents not only a mindful but also an environmentally-friendly gift idea.

Natural remedies utilize ingredients found in pure plants and rich soil for a holistic approach to optimize your wellness.

Here is a list of the top 12 homeopathic and holistic gift ideas that might just make the perfect present and—if preferred—arrive at their destination by mail. You may even find a great gift for yourself this holiday season.

1. Peacefulí

Helps relieve your stress and improve your sleep with a blend of herbs and minerals that encourage relaxation. Get out of fight or flight mode and into a rest and relax state!

homeopathic anxiety spray

2. Stress Buster Bundle

One of our most beloved bundles, this trifecta includes three supplements that will calm your mind, relax your muscles, and help you get quality sleep!

  • Peacefuli – Helps reduce anxiety, especially good if you have been overworked or overstimulated.
  • Melatonin – Induces quality rest. Fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly, and get the hours of sleep your body needs.
  • Cellergy – Combines all 12 Schuessler Cell Salts to improve your body’s intake of the necessary minerals for your bodily systems. It especially supports the nervous and muscular systems.
Stress Buster Bundle
homeopathic anxiety spray

3. Cellergy

Your body needs 12 key minerals found in Cellergy for optimal cellular function, regeneration, and waste removal. This necessary nourishment vitalizes all bodily functions to improve energy, physical and mental well-being, and rest / recovery.

Cellergy - 12 cell salts combination by AnnaKare
homeopathic anxiety spray

4. Dental Health & Emergency Cell Salts Kit

One of our most popular kits, it provides your mouth and teeth with the minerals needed to be healthy and strong. Plus, it helps reduce the nerve pain of a toothache. This kit includes two carefully-crafted Schuessler tissue salt sprays with the following four cell salts:

  • Calcarea Fluorica – Cell Salt #1 is calcium fluoride needed for strong bones and muscles and supple skin. When weakened from a mineral deficiency, you run a higher risk of decay, gingivitis, cracked or tired skin, and weakened muscles.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica – Cell Salt #2 is calcium phosphate, an important mineral that supports calcium absorption and protein metabolism. It nourishes and repairs bones and muscles, and is needed for a healthy immune system.
  • Magnesia Phosphorica – Cell Salt #8 (magnesium phosphate) encourages your nerves to relax thus reducing pain, spasms, cramps, and toothaches.
  • Silicea – Cell Salt #12, also known as silica oxide, aids your body in removing waste and foreign invaders. The result is healthy looking skin, hair, mucous membranes, nails, and bones. It can also help with an abscess, which is a puss-filled mass at the root of the tooth.
Bone and teeth cell salts calc fluor, calc phos, and silica in one combo spray
Dental Health & Emergency Cell Salts Kit
cell salts for teeth

5. Mushroom Master Blend Liquid Extract with Ashwagandha

Give the gift of a powerful adaptogen boost and help reduce the stress and exhaustion that often come over the holidays and year-round. Known to help increase your body's resilience, medicinal mushrooms and ashwagandha, also boost your immune system and level out your mood.

Mushroom Master Blend Liquid Extract with Ashwagandha
Mushroom Master Blend Liquid Extract with Ashwagandha
homeopathic weight loss kit

6. Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit

Add healthy minerals to your weight loss diet! Cell salts help your body absorb more nutrients from the food we eat to increase satiety, boost your metabolism, and improve waste elimination.

The three cell salts below are especially recommended during a weight loss program for around-the-clock support.

  • Kali Phosphoricum – Potassium phosphate supports your nervous system to help you stick to your diet and reduce emotional eating.
  • Natrum Phosphoricum – Sodium phosphate stimulates fat metabolism and reduces acidity to improve your overall digestive processes.
  • Natrum Sulphuricum – Sodium sulphate supports your liver to rid your body of waste and toxins. It also helps with excessive fluid build-up in the tissue.
Weight Loss Cell Salt Kit
Weight Loss Cell Salts Kit
homeopathic anxiety spray

7. Whole Body Detox Kit

This remedy kit is packed with plant and mineral ingredients that encourage the emunctories, organs and ducts that drain and remove waste from the body.

Homeoapthic Detox Escort helps cleanse liver, colon, the lymphatic system, and more vital organs to improve digestion, energy, and muscular function.

Organic Olive Leaf Liquid Extract is an herbal supplement that aids in cleaning out your intestines, plus has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties to help fight against infections. Many love it because of its antioxidant properties.

You get the benefit of two Detox Escorts and Olive Leaf Liquid Extract, but for a lower price because they are part of a kit.

Whole Body Detox Kit
Whole Body Detox Kit
homeopathic anxiety spray

8. Immunity Bundle

Keep your immunity system strong with these three powerhouse immunity boosters and balancers.

  • Virus Defense – Contains key homeopathic anti-virals that help you reduce the likelihood of getting sick and shorten the duration and severity of common ailments like the cold, flu, and respiratory viral infections.
  • Elderberry Liquid Extract – Is an herb that is well known for its immunity strengthening benefits. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, it helps you to fight off seasonal sicknesses.
  • Vitamin D3 is vital to a well-functioning immune system, and you can absorb it from the sun’s rays. But many of us don't spend enough time outside, especially during cold and flu season, and doctors recommend taking a vitamin D supplement.
Immunity Bundle
homeopathic anxiety spray

9. Liquid Vitamins Bundle

Did you know that many people are often deficient in the following three important vitamins? Help eliminate your vitamin deficiency with the Liquid Vitamins Bundle. Presented in liquid form, vitamins boast higher bio-availability and faster absorption.

  • Vitamin D3 – Is needed by your bones, muscles, nerves, and immunity system. Few foods contain this vitamin. Thus, you mostly rely on absorbing it with exposure to the sun or by taking a supplement.
  • Vitamin C – This is an antioxidant powerhouse that supports your immunity, bones, skin, eyes, and heart. It is also important for iron absorption.
  • Vitamin B Complex – Eight vitamin B micronutrients help you to absorb nutrients for energy. Many people, especially older people and vegetarians, may not be getting the necessary amount of B vitamins.
Liquid Vitamins Bundle
homeopathic anxiety spray

10. eLearning Course about the 12 Schuessler Cell Salts — For Those Who Love to Learn

This online course about the homeopathic cell salts will detail the history, benefits, and main traditional uses of the 12 indispensable mineral compounds discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler in 1873 and a staple in the natural health community today.

Presented by certified classical homeopaths Jennie Hoglund and Kathy Yeo, their examples, stories, and illustrations will help you choose and utilize cell salts for various ailments and deficiencies with confidence.

Give the gift of knowledge with this super easy purchase. No classroom necessary, learn from the comfort of your own home.

Introduction to Cell Salts Online Course
online course about the 12 tissue salts

11. Cell Salts Kit

Know someone who could benefit from ALL the cell salts? Homeopathy Store's complete Cell Salts Kit contains one of each of the 12 individual Schuessler Cell Salts in the form of oral sprays.

Lactose-free, GMO-free, sugar-free, and vegan, cell salt sprays are the ideal and most convenient way to stay on top of your electrolyte levels. Here is a quick summary of the benefits of each.

  • Calcarea Fluorica – Cell Salt #1 is called the elasticity cell salt. It is used for stronger teeth, dry skin, joint pain, healthy bones, and vibrant blood vessels.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica – Cell Salt #2 supports calcium absorption. It is needed for the growth and repair of healthy bones and teeth and a well functioning immune system.
  • Calcarea Sulphurica – Cell Salt #3 aids the body’s elimination functions and is known as the blood purifier. It helps alleviate puss-filled wounds, pimples, as well as sore throats and colds.
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum – Cell Salt #4 is important for iron absorption and to fight inflammation and fever. It increases oxygen in the blood which helps recover from illnesses, injuries, and hard workout.
  • Kali Muriaticum – Cell Salt #5 assists all cellular functions and conditions that cause white discharges including colds, coughs, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and skin eruptions.
  • Kali Phosphoricum – Cell Salt #6 is used for calming the nervous system. Excellent for stress, anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, and neuralgic pains.
  • Kali Sulphuricum – Cell Salt #7 improves oil and oxygen distribution throughout the body and helps if you have infected skin or mucous membranes, such as eczema, dandruff, hives, yeast infections, and yellow mucus from coughs and colds.
  • Magnesia Phosphorica – Cell Salt #8 helps magnesium absorption and is often used for cramps; muscle, nerve, and shooting pains.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – Cell Salt #9 helps maintain an ideal water balance in your body. It is helpful for dry eyes, dry mouth, constipation, allergies, headaches, and feeling down.
  • Natrum Phosphoricum – Cell Salt #10 reduces acidity that can affect blood and digestion and cause heartburn as well as joint pains.
  • Natrum Sulphuricum – Cell Salt #11 supports the detoxifying organs: the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It helps remove waste and reduce excessive fluids.
  • Silicea – Cell Salt #12 is known as a strengthener and healer. Use it for thin hair, brittle nails, wrinkles, pimples, perspiration, and athlete’s foot and for improving overall nutrient absorption.
Cell Salts Kit
Cell Salts Kit
homeopathic anxiety spray

12. Homeopathy Gift Card

Still not sure just which homeopathic remedy to choose as a gift? Let your loved one pick what's best for them! Give them an online remedy gift card.

Homeopathy Gift Card
homeopathic anxiety spray

Thank you for considering a homeopathy gift idea this holiday season! Each and all twelve favorite health-promoting products above can help your family and friends discover natural healing options for a more healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are still unsure of just what to pick, give a Gift Card from!

Please note: The information presented in this article is grounded in traditional homeopathic and natural wellness practice. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Kathy | Natural Health and Wellness Writer
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