Can Homeopathy Remedies Help With Persistent Pain?

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Can Homeopathy Remedies Help With Chronic Pain?

Anyone who experiences ongoing pain is looking for a variety of methods to feel better and find comfort. This article discusses gentle and effective homeopathic and natural solutions that have worked for many people to help reduce body aches and pains related to muscles, joints, and nerves.

What Is Persistent Pain?

Body soreness, stiffness, and discomfort are prolonged or chronic when they last longer than 12 weeks. At times, there can be a flare-up that is unbearable, especially without the use of medication or remedies. There can also be periods when there is a dull ache, and you or your loved one can function normally.

Many people are looking for natural ways to deal with pain as an alternative to or in combination with conventional medicine. This encourages the question, “What are some ways to alleviate discomfort with less of the potentially harmful side effects associated with prescription drug use?”

How Will Homeopathy Help Pain?

The philosophy of Homeopathy is that your body has the innate ability to heal itself. Homeopathy helps manage aches and discomfort gently and effectively with tiny micro-doses of natural substances, like botanicals and minerals. Your body takes in these substances that then stimulate the healing process at both a physical and emotional level.

What Remedies Help the Most?

There are key ways to help reduce persistent pain through homeopathy. Schuessler cell salts are an effective natural system of remedies for supplying your muscles and nervous system with vital minerals to help fight against inflammation and pain.

Cell or tissue salts can also help you feel more energized, which is necessary to address the fatigue that can result from being in pain. There are five cell salts used frequently to help reduce various types of pains, such as arthritis, joint pain, and back and muscle aches.

  • Magnesia Phosphorica – Often called magnesium phosphate, magnesia phosphorica interacts with your body’s nervous system and helps ease severe muscle cramps, nerve pain, sciatica, shooting headaches, and tension.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica – Your body needs calcium phosphate to build and repair muscles and bones. It is especially useful after injuries and for the nourishment of muscles and bones as we age.
  • Natrum Phosphoricum – Also known as sodium phosphate, natrum phosphoricum balances the acidity of your blood and thus can help reduce chronic rheumatic conditions and joint pains.
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum – Iron phosphate facilitates necessary oxygen levels in your body. This is needed for cellular repair and functions like immunity and reducing inflammation. You can use it after injuries, strenuous physical activity, and workouts to alleviate redness and swelling.
  • Kali Phosphoricum – Potassium phosphate supports the nervous system and the brain to help mitigate neuropathic pain, provide emotional support, and lift your mood.

Several of homeopathy’s best-known remedies for pain relief are from botanicals such as Arnica Montana, the most popular homeopathic remedy in the world. Others include Bryonia Alba, Chamomilla, Hypericum Perforatum, and Rhus Toxicodendron. You can find them here at in our Arnica Relief Cream and in our carefully blended homeopathic remedies for aches and pains. Four of our best-selling remedies for injuries and chronic pain are:

  • Arnica Relief Cream – Can be applied to a local area to relieve your pain, stiffness, bruising, or injuries from overexertion.
  • Miranda Castro’s Muscle & Joint Cream – Contains a combination of botanicals and cell salts to relieve over-used, swollen, stiff, or arthritic muscle and joint areas.
  • Sciatica Relief – Includes natural ingredients to help you alleviate nerve and muscle pain, especially in the lower back, following the path of the sciatic nerve.
  • Muscular Pain Relief – These homeopathic pellets help gently relieve pains, strains, and cramps in your muscle tissue.
Homeopathic Aches and Pain Remedies
Aches & Pain Remedies
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How Long Should I Take These Remedies?

Homeopathic remedies are well established as a gentle and effective way to support your body. You should typically take remedies two to three times a day as long as needed. With acute issues, you can take a remedy every 30 minutes. Always reduce the frequency of a remedy when improvement sets it.

Cell salts are taken long-term, like nutritional supplements. Plus, several cell salts can easily be combined. Take two squirts of each directly in your mouth or diluted in a small glass of water. You should stick to a routine for eight to 12 weeks to address mineral deficiencies and alternate routines to provide your body with all 12 cell salts over the year.

If your pain worsens, contact your doctor and work with your natural health practitioner to find a combination of support that works for you. When buying from a homeopathic medicine store online, look for products made with quality natural ingredients. You may also need lactose-free, sugar-free, or vegan ingredients, which we offer here at

Please note: The information presented in this article is grounded in traditional homeopathic practice. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration
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