5 Reasons You Should Take Tissue Salts This Summer

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5 Reasons You Should Take Tissue Salts This Summer

Summer is the time to enjoy nature! Sunshine, fresh air, traveling, and all kinds of outdoor fun abound. However, summer is also the season for sunburns, itchy bug bites, jet lag, uninvited urinary tract infections, and travel constipation.

Here are five reasons you should take tissue salts, or Schuessler cell salts, this summer. Consider including them—especially the three cell salts below—in your seasonal homeopathic first aid kit to help alleviate common summertime ailments.

Helps Reduce Sunburn

The sun’s rays feel great on the skin but will take their toll when you enjoy them for too long. During the hottest hours of the day, make it a habit to wear a hat and cover yourself up with a long sleeve shirt. Consider skin-friendly sun protection to keep your beautiful body safe.

If you do get a sunburn, help relieve it promptly with cell salt Natrum Muriaticum (Nat Mur) to rehydrate the tissue and improve your body’s ability to recover from skin damage. The rehydrating Nat Mur tissue salt will rejuvenate your body and help you return to enjoy this short season.

Nat Mur oral spray
Natrum Muriaticum
Nat Mur tissue salt by AnnaKare

Should your sunburn result in painfully red and flaky skin, add cell salt Ferrum Phosphoricum or Ferr Phos to reduce the inflammation. You can take both tissue salts at the same time directly in the mouth or mix them in water.

If you feel lots of irritation, take both cell salts every 15 minutes for three doses and then every two to three hours until symptoms begin to fade. Feel your skin cool down amid the warm weather.

Ferr Phos oral spray
Ferrum Phosphoricum
Cell Salt Ferr Phos Oral Spray by AnnaKare

Relieves Itchy Bug Bites and Blisters

Bug bites come with the territory of enjoying time outside with Mother Nature. But did you know that another valuable trait of tissue salt Natrum Muriaticum is its ability to help relieve itching due to bug bites?

And you’ll have even more good reasons to take tissue salts this summer if you go on a pleasant hike that leaves you suffering from foot blisters.

Nat Mur is also a great remedy providing relief from fluid-filled blisters and eruptions. Having this natural multi-treatment on hand can assist you in staying outside doing what you love.

Assists Your Recovery from Jet Lag

Summertime calls for travel to resorts and picturesque lands. But you may notice you’re feeling tired and jet legged after your flight. That’s because your body’s internal clock is out of sync with the time zones you’ve traveled across.

Fortunately, a nice dose of cell salt Ferrum Phosphoricum will increase cellular oxygenation to help you feel more energized and equally help relax tight muscles from an extended amount of sitting.

Again, reach for a dose of Nat Mur to feel more hydrated and balance out the body after a long flight in recycled air without exercise and not much fresh food.

Plus, if you take cell salt Kali Phosphoricum with you on your travels, Kali Phos can help recharge your adrenals, beat fatigue, and sharpen your focus.

This can reduce the risk of missing out on excitement and fun during your trip because of exhaustion. Bring a homeopathic cell salt kit with these remedies and many more to reinvigorate yourself during your adventures.

Kali phos cell salt oral spray
Kali Phosphoricum
Kali Phos Oral Spray by AnnaKare

Helps Soothe Painful Urinary Tract Infections

During the summer months, your chances of getting a UTI are higher due to the warmer weather and increased bacteria growth. You may also hold your urine for longer—triggering a UTI—when finding a free washroom outside becomes a challenge.

Counter the onset of a UTI quickly with Ferr Phos and Nat Mur to avoid painful and frequent urination. Taking these tissue salts can help take down the inflammation, reduce the burning sensation, and get you rehydrated. Combine the tissue salts with plenty of water to help flush out the bacteria.

A UTI can make you feel irritated, restless, and more emotional. Add Kali Phos, the nerve-supporting tissue salt, to relax and find your calm.

Rehydrates and Aids in Alleviating Constipation 

There are many reasons constipation can creep up on you during your summer fun time. You aren't eating your normal healthy fiber-filled breakfast cereal each morning, and your digestion is sluggish.

Or maybe you’re enjoying all the benefits of an all-inclusive resort and have become dehydrated. Many find travel in itself a cause of constipation as it involves a lot of sitting for long periods of time.

Once again, Natrum Muriaticum can be your go-to rescuer. When your metabolism is out of balance, try this cell salt to get your body humming along nicely again.

Don't let your summer or travel plans get ruined by pop-up ailments. Add tissue salts to your summer routine anytime your plans are derailed by unfortunate events for gentle relief every time you need it. 


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