3 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Cold and Flu

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3 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Cold and Flu

Virus Defense, Cold Armor, and CoxiFlu are three lactose-free homeopathic remedies helping you naturally relieve cold and flu symptoms and build resistance against viral infections. All three remedies are prepared in our certified homeopathic facility where homeopathic remedies have been made for more than 30 years following FDA and HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S.) regulations and our own high standards of excellence.

Virus Defense Homeopathic Oral Spray

Combining the principal homeopathic remedies for viral infections, such as Arsencium album, Gelsemium sempervirens, and Bryonia alba, Virus Defense is a powerful formula created by our team of natural health professionals for holistic support during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. It helps relieve harsh flu and other virus infections, including but not limited to fever, cough, difficulty breathing, chest pain, rashes, and body aches. Take 2 squirts 3 times a day when symptoms appear. Feel free to increase the dosage to up to 6 times a day during the first days of illness. Virus Defense is also recommended as a precautionary measure 4-6 times a week for virus protection during fall, winter, and early spring.

Virus Defense
lactose-free, sugar-free homeopathic flu and virus medicine by AnnaKare

Cold Armor Homeopathic Cold Medicine

Cold Armor helps relieve runny or stuffy nose, fever, headaches, weariness, and many more of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with the common cold. It blends the best known homeopathic ingredients for alleviating rhinitis, coughs, and the  swelling of the mucous membranes. A must-have during cold and flu season, Cold Armor is lactose free and sugar free and can help you shorten or recover from a cold gently and fully. It can sometimes stop the common cold in its tracks.

homeopathic cold medicine Cold Armor
Cold Armor
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CoxiFlu Homeopathic Flu Remedy

CoxiFlu's lactose-free oral drops help provide excellent acute flu relief. It contains Anas Barbariae in the 200C potency, the leading homeopathic flu remedy (also called Oscillo or Oscillococcinum) for sudden, strong signs of a flu infection. HomeopathyStore's CoxiFlu is liquid, lactose-free, and quickly absorbable. It helps fight and reduce flu symptoms and combines well with Virus Defense and Cold Armor for maximum natural support during cold and flu season. Use 10 drops at the onset of symptoms and use it 3 times a day. Reduce frequency upon improvement.

CoxiFlu by Anna's Remedies, compare to Oscillo
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Homeopathic Cold & Flu Bundle

All three remedies are available as Cold & Flu Bundle, a homeopathic cold and flu kit offering natural relief and helping you build up resistance against viral attacks. Plus, save and get free shipping when purchasing the Bundle.

Cold & Flu Bundle
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