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Different Types of Dr. Schuessler’s 12 Tissue Salts

Different Types of Dr. Schuessler’s 12 Tissue Salts

Homeopathic medicine is seeing a recent rise in popularity, but it’s far from a new concept. In fact, one pioneer of this field, W.H. Schuessler, made a groundbreaking discovery over 150 years ago that fast-tracked homeopathy into the diverse holistic healing market we know today. Find out about the different types of Dr. Schuessler’s 12 tissue salts and how this discovery influences modern homeopathic remedies.

Calcium Fluoride #1

Calcium is the dominant mineral in our bones and tissues. When working in tandem with fluoride, the Schuessler salt calcium fluoride—often called by its Latin name, Calcarea Fluorica—restores elasticity to all tissues and strengthens your bones, muscles, joints, veins, and skin.

Calcium Phosphate #2

Calcium phosphate is more suited for sustaining the deeper layers of your cells. This could mean healing fractures, contributing to bone development in children, and restoring healthy bones in adults. However, it can also support the immune system and regulate and protect the digestive system. This tissue salt is often called Calcarea Phosphorica and used as a key overall wellness tonic.

Calcium Sulfate #3

Calcium sulfate, or Calcarea Sulphurica, helps with purifying the blood and reducing infection. This makes this salt a great option for people looking for ways to reduce the appearance of acne or even manage a sore throat or other cold symptoms.

Ferrum Phosphate #4

Otherwise known as iron phosphate, or Ferrum Phosphoricum in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia, this mineral has anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for managing a series of different ailments. As a supplement, this salt can help with fevers and accelerate the overall healing process for physical injuries.

Potassium Chloride #5

Another type of Dr. Schuessler’s 12 tissue salts to familiarize yourself with is potassium chloride, English for Kali Muriaticum, as this healing salt is often called. This is among the most popular cell salts on the market because it can assist with persistent cold- or flu-like conditions. Some examples include easing mucus congestion, coughs, and digestive disturbances.

Potassium Phosphate #6

Potassium phosphate, or Kali Phosphoricum, is an important mineral for the brain, facilitating neuron connectivity and affecting our mood. Because of this, this salt is a great option for people managing their depression or irritability. It also helps with nervous tension and the resulting headaches.

Potassium Sulfate #7

If you’re dealing with regular skin troubles—including dry patches, dandruff, and inflammation—potassium sulfate, or Kali Sulphuricum, might be a good option for you. This mineral regulates the moisture and oil content of your skin, reducing the risk of scaly skin and itching.

Magnesium Phosphate #8

Magnesium phosphate can assist with nerve pain and relax the muscles. It’s most used to relieve muscle cramps, muscle spasms, and migraines. This is why Magnesium phosphate—or Magnesia Phosphorica in Latin—is important for the biggest muscle in the body, which is our heart. Getting enough magnesium is difficult with modern-day fast-grown foods, making magnesium phosphate an essential Schuessler tissue salt.

Sodium Chloride #9

Coming from the same mineral as “table salt,” the cell salt sodium chloride, or Natrum Muriaticum, is carefully prepared as a homeopathic remedy and plays an important role in the body. Used in food, this mineral can stimulate the taste buds and, therefore, reanimate the senses. The Schuessler cell salt Natrum Muriaticum regulates water levels in the body and deals with excess water or dryness, runny or stuffy nose, allergies, headaches, migraines, constipation, and slow digestion. It’s also useful for people who have lost their ability to taste and smell.

Sodium Phosphate #10

Sodium phosphate, or Natrum Phosphoricum, is a wonderful antacid that works to remedy indigestion or heartburn at its source, making it a great tissue salt to keep on hand in case you need it. As an acid balancer, this salt also alleviates rheumatic conditions and joint pain.

Sodium Sulfate #11

Sodium sulfate nourishes areas such as the liver and digestive tract, assisting with liver upsets, fluid retention, and diarrhea. Sodium sulfate, or Natrum Sulphuricum, is also the primary cell salt used for flu relief.

Silica #12

If you’re looking to improve the condition of your skin, hair, and nails, there’s a mineral for that, too—and it’s one of Dr. Schuessler’s most popular tissue salts. Silica, or Silicea, improves collagen production in the body, making your skin and hair more vibrant and resistant to damage.

We at HomeopathyStore use these fundamental minerals in many of our remedies to this day, and we are proud suppliers of Schuessler’s cell salt kits and all 12 individual tissue salts. For more information, visit our website or give us a call.

Download or print this one-page overview of Dr. Schuessler's 12 tissue salts:

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