5 Uncommon Remedies That Can Help With Your Allergies

5 Uncommon Remedies That Can Help With Your Allergies

Multiple substances can trigger your body’s immune system, giving you an allergic reaction. Allergens are constantly released into the air and cause many people to have runny or stuffy noses, difficulty breathing, and numerous other conditions that make basic activities challenging. Fortunately, there are some uncommon remedies to help you recover from your allergies — recommended by complementary and holistic health professionals.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors work on the musculoskeletal system to relieve stress and pain. Large amounts of physical and mental pressure can compromise our immune system, restrict the lungs and breathing apparatus, and make us susceptible to allergic reactions. Chiropractic care, especially of the spine and upper back, can assist in the necessary relief, allowing tension and trapped gas or air bubbles to escape and your body and organs to move and operate with more ease.


Our body has multiple pressure points, sensitive areas, that when touched or needled release chemicals which in turn relieve the central nervous system and open blockages allowing energy to flow more freely. Regular treatments help with recovery from pain and many other ailments, allowing our bodies to relax, get stronger, and regulate imbalances.

When we have an allergic reaction, our bodies will feel lethargic or sickly, and acupuncture represents a great way to boost our defenses and immunity. Acupuncture is an uncommon method that can help you relieve allergy symptoms by releasing pressure and triggering natural processes in the body that combat feelings of weakness and sickness.

Regular Exercise

Although you most likely don’t feel up to the task, exercise is an excellent way to counteract mild allergies. When seasonal allergies start to arise, you don’t feel as energized as usual, which is why this allergy remedy is uncommon. But by going for a run, doing squats, or lifting weights, your blood vessels will open up and allow better circulation throughout the body. This will help you breathe and loosen up congestion in your lungs and sinuses.

Allergy Sprays

When our noses are congested, our eyes itchy, and our heads sore from sinus pressure, it is often challenging to focus and complete our daily tasks. Luckily, there are natural allergy sprays that help soothe the mucous membranes and reduce swelling and itching. Natural homeopathic allergy sprays work with your body to regulate overreactions of the immune system. They are formulated so you can take them as needed. They won’t cause nausea, dizziness, and are not-habit-forming. They can also be combined with conventional allergy treatments.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils contain ingredients such as plants and flowers that may also help your allergies. Lavender, sandalwood, and frankincense oils, for example, can unblock nasal passages and help you sleep. Always dilute essential oils before using them and don’t ingest them. Diffusing them into the air and adding them to bath and spa products are the most popular ways of using essential oils

These methods of allergy relief aren’t the most conventional, but they can have a wealth of benefits. Trying these uncommon remedies can put you on a path of managing your seasonal immune system reactions and feeling well again.

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